Altar Training – Gallo & Dakota Lovell

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Gallo, Dakota Lovell
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Kissing, Rimming
Video language: English

For Catholic young men, nothing is more important than making happy. They will do anything to please the priests they serve. Given how submissive these altar boys are, it’s no surprise the older men often take advantage of their trust. For a gay priest, there’s nothing finer than hearing his boys say, This religious porn series showcases all the dirty secrets the Church doesn’t want you to see… Find out what happens when gay Christian men are alone with honest altar boys and young religious males at the nation’s most notorious Catholic school.

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Karl & kyle wyncrest

Studio: chaosmen

Karl was a little nervous about getting his dick sucked. he had it done once before back in high school, but it sounded like a incident. so, we stuck with the traditional serviced video where he just received head. kyle really throws his best into it, and does a great job of keeping karl turned-on. karl does rely on the video a bit, so i can’t say he magically discovered the joys of head from another dude. he sure does look handsome with his sea green eyes, and he does eventually let go of just watching the video, and enjoying the sensations. he’d never been rimmed before, and i think it tickled him at first. that didn’t last and i think he had an epiphany about how good it felt. we didn’t think kyle’s cock-sucking and jerking action was going to make him cum, so karl takes over and tries to stripe kyle’s face with his dna. most landed on karl’s stomach but kyle does suck the last of his load from his cock!

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Outdoor Dp Experience

Cast: Candy Alexa
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Kinky Candy Alexa oils up her big titties while horny Charlie Dean and Lutro get hard watching. After playing with her crystal dildo in her tight ass, Charlie and Lutro pull out their cocks for Candy to suck on. She sucks on both of them, then bends over for both cocks to fill her tight holes. Download and enjoy!

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SlowTeasingHandjobs Sam Bridle – Teasing Fingers

I had Sam Bridle tied to the rack, slowly stroking his big, hard cock with my finger tips, making him moan and gasp softly and sweetly. I licked his neck and sucked on his sensitive nipples, inching him towards orgasm but not quite getting him there, telling him I didn’t want to work too hard, that he would have to get off to my slow, gentle touch. His verbal reactions became more desperate and agonized as I prolonged the torturous pleasure. Then I increased the pace slightly, but not my grip, still using only my finger tips, making him whimper and whine, until his body stiffened, he started to moan loudly and popped a nice big load into the air.

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Big Blow Out – Trystan Bull And Alec Leduc

Studio: Nextdoor

Alec Leduc has nice full lips and a great smile, but today hes using his mouth for something different. Seated with his new friend Trystan Bull, he first unzips Trystans shorts and then begins to feast on his meaty cock. Trystan grows and swells between Alecs lips as he puts his hand on the back of Alecs head and pushes him deeper onto his cock. Alec slams Trystans dick against the back of his throat as Trystan throws his head back in ecstatic fits of pleasure. And as Alec bobs up and down in an attempt to drain Trystans meat stick, he strokes himself off, his own dick growing in his own hands, before they both erupt all over the living room in a cum spattered afternoon mess.Enjoy!

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Miranda Miller Suffers The Cruel Torments Of Her Captor.

Release Year: 2019
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Miranda Miller is trapped in a dungeon. She knows not where she is. Her captor has dressed her and applied her makeup, but he hasn’t been seen for many hours. Her legs are tired and the drool just keeps pouring from her gagged mouth.

When he returns Miranda finds out just how cruel he is. Each new position holds a new torment. All her weight is put on her labia. She has to endure genital torture in many forms. He hits her and her sexually. It’s her worst nightmare.

She wears the marks of her torment. Bright red lines criss-cross her ass and legs. Sometimes she gagged, but other times he likes to hear her scream and beg. He knows no mercy and Miranda knows only suffering.

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Caged When Not Working

Sex and beatings are not enough … The slaves must be worked and exercised.
Her dirt was in my hole, so I watched her dig it out by day and caged her by night.
Yep, she was caged when not worked last week, just waiting to be useful was the training objective.

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Natalia And Table

Cast: Natalia
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A sexy lady named Natalia loves to be immobilized while the vibrator is working. Download and enjoy!

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Sex And Ice Cream

Cast: Shrima, Vanessa
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New model Vanessa has the most beautiful natural breasts and Shrima just cannot resist the opportunity to get up close with them. Watch these two hot brunettes touch and lick each other until they are both having amazing orgasms… Download and enjoy!

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Alterna Dudes Boys vol. 64

Release Year: 2019
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He wasted no time in going down on that rock hard cock and when he was done Marcel was more than happy to go down on him.

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Rhyheim Shabazz And Michael Boston

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