Sissy-Loser Mind Warp!!!

Cast: Lena Nicole
Genres: Cocksucking
Video language: English

And the award for most amazing, hypnotic, mind-warping sissyloser video of the century goes to mmhmm, you guessed it, povhumiliation!!! You losers don’t even deserve to see such an incredible clip!! Unobtainable goddess lena has one simple, sweet objective – to destroy you!!! Not just physically but soulfully, psychologically, emotionally! The goddess is about to utterly liquidate any weak semblance of manhood you have! It’s for the best. Face it. You with your small dick, weak sissy personality, and an ugly face to top it off! Yuck, yuck, and tripple yuck!!! A transformation is loooong overdue! Goddess lena is just the temptress to do the job, and she’s gonna use every weakness and vice you have. Your pathetic need to stare at pretty girl’s feet, your shortcomings as a man, your embarrassing addiction to porn and your need to watch girls suck other men’s cocks, and of course your secret and growing urge to suck on something nice and hard yourself while the goddesses laugh at you! She makes fun of you for giving up on trying to even meet girls anymore, let alone fuck them! She shows you her amazing feet and applies babyoil as you stroke helplessly. She makes you get a mirror, so you can see exactly how small and pathetic you are. Then goddess lena diabolically uses your own body against you! She makes you yourself in the most shameful and mind-warping way!! It’s the ultimate mind fuck and after following her cruel instructions, you’ll never be the same, which is a good thing! As she entrances you, goddess lena shames you for having such a small pathetic dick, while power you to stare at her massive dildo! She makes you weaker and weaker, as she shows you how she worships real cock! The hypnotic rhythms slow you down, then build you up again, until you’re just a blithering moronic jerkoff, completely entranced and living for nothing but your next stroke as lena zaps your brain over and over with her evil, consuming commands! The hypnotic video effects will have you dumbfounded! Is it a toe? Is it a dick? It’s you being turned into a cocksucking sissyboy!!! She you, asks you questions, makes you repeat commands, working you over until you’re a blinded sissy bitch! There’s a yummy sissyboy snack at the end too, to consummate your sissification! By the end of this clip, you’ll be wanting to worship men like we do!! It will be your honor to stay alone at night stroking like a loser while you watch real men fuck girls! You’ll live to watch us suck big hot cocks while you jerk your mini meat in shame, not even thinking about fucking anyone but yourself! Lol! Awww what a shame that all that delicious healthy man meat of yours will be wasted! So many women will be sad!!! Ya right! Lol! It’s your destiny to be nothing but a worthless sissy dick-sucking masturbator for life!! Say it with me loser – "this is my fate, i am powerless to resist it. I am here to make the pov princesses laugh!!" good little sissy! Now step right up, you wimpy cocksucker, and take your place in lena’s sissy mind-warp circus of freaks!!!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:36
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6886kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 960.7 MB

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