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Kasimir der…

Release Year: 1977
Cast: Anita Andic – Dr. Isolde von Hein, Hans Billian – Passant im Treppenhaus, Sepp Gneissl – Kasimir Zwickelhuber, Jane Iwanoff – Rita Waldmann, Ginny Noack – Fraulein Sigrid, Angelika Reschner – Gerichtsschreiber Julia, Patricia Rhomberg – Larissa Holm
Genres: Classic Pron
Video language: German

Patricia Rhombrg stars in this very rare German, pornographic, in which Sepp Gneissl plays Casimir, balif court, who has his own way to raise money for the courts. Rather than remove the object from the staff of defaulters, he decides to ‘print’ their wives for the auction block. Of course, he must conduct a thorough inspection to make sure that they are worthy of the auction. Soon his unorthodox methods are put him in court where he must defend his actions in front of a female judge. Lost gem directed by Hans Billianom, which is the most well-known Patricia Rhombrg in one of its very few films.
It triples, X-rated comedy mixes gender (sex) and laughs in equal amounts, if you’re in the mood for a few swingers style of the seventies in Germany, which. If you prefer to watch a well-honed body (bodies) and the people who actually look good, please look elsewhere. Paintings Hans Billian show the kind of people you might bump into walking down the street (thirty years ago). Most of them can not recall much, but at least they are – real people involved in the actual gender (sex), and in general, they really seem to enjoy. It reminds me of like, soft core "Blutjunge Verfuhringen" series of films in which the only really good looking girl was Ingrid Stidzher, and all the men were fat and ugly. It used to bother me when I was younger, but the appearance of age has changed (replaced) my perspective. Now I see that here – ordinary, everyday people with an extraordinary amount of sex (sex). What makes Casimir stand out above the rest but – frankly silly and funny script (script) that works is the way to satisfying climax, combining (combining) the movie into something just screaming to be called a ‘cult classic’.
Sepp Gneissl, known to some as Dzherman Ron Jeremy, has the time of his life playing Casimir Tsvikelhubera, Herra Casimir, the debt collector. His nickname, ‘Kukuckslkleber’ comes from the fact that any item (product), which he confiscated, stuck with a picture of a cuckoo. Being a sensible man (man), Casimir allows its debtors (all female, of course) to settle their debt in Natura. The point – for it to auction yourself off and to settle all the costs without their husbands ever find out. All participating women naturally checked by Casimir personally and receive his seal (mark) the Cuckoo’s approval for them behind, ‘a place of their husbands will not notice it. " Der Kakakskleber enjoys his work so that he is willing to work Saturdays, feeling timid Frau Ursula Berger, followed by semi professional Larissa Holt (Patricia Rhombrg, original ‘Josephine Matzenbaker’ itself), then finds himself unable and not ready to do it any justice horny wife home.
After meeting his dirty minded wife with a house hold appliances (this scene (place) on the border in order to be more disturbing than funny), it’s back to work for the Big K. He knows how to win a pair of lesbians Sigrid and Heidi (who knows that his penis responds favorably their rubber Gummi Knuppels) and rounds off its comprehensive clientele for large scenes (places) of the auction, where four of them are trying to take eight wealthy donors. Unfortunately, Ursula’s husband finds out and crashes the party (party) to bring it near the end. Normally, this would be the end of it all, but Billian has another ace up its sleeve: the offended husband tried to Casimir female judge (what a surprise (surprise)), played by Anita Andica wearing the most fashionable haircut to complete the painting. Qazi says that he was only doing his job, confiscating property instead of female flesh, and Lariza suggests that he showed his techniques, using the referee as a victim. In an instant, the full court and the whole audience (witnesses) are joined, clear High Point full picture. Note that of these five gifts (real) men in this scene (place), everyone has a go in all four participating women. Must have been other manufacturers

Format: avi
Duration: 1:23:16
Video: 512×384, DivX 3, 992kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 688.6 MB

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