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Studio: Studio 2000

File size: 462 MB
Fucked (Studio 2000): Fucked is like nothing you have ever seen from Studio 2000. Exclusive Rod Daily delivers a star-making performance that will leave your dick drained. Fucked proves that Studio 2000 is willing to take chances, to spread their wings, to bring you sensational scenarios that are always on the cutting edge. In an industry where everyone is always looking for the next new and big thing to entice your erection, Studio 2000 proves, once again, to be the leader. Fucked will shock your senses and stimulate your sex drive.
Scene 1:
Fucked opens with a mentally messed up Rod Daily having a session with his doctor. He is a sobbing, emotional wreck. Doctor Park Wiley announces that they are going to try memory regression using psychotropic s to see what is going on in Dailys dreams. The s kick in and we are transported to a dingy alley where Daily is being dragged to an abandoned, or is it, warehouse by Franco Santoro and Ross Stuart. In one corner of the warehouse is a huge bed. Daily, Santoro and Stuart strip and get busy sucking dick. Daily is on his knees sucking Stuarts stick as Santoro is standing on the bed feeding Stuart his slurpie. Daily squats down on Santoros face offering up his tasty asshole as an appetizer. Stuart jerks off a thick load and leaves Daily and Santoro to their own devices. These two voracious cocksuckers land in a sensational sixty-nine and virtually inhale each others hose. Some ball chewing and a bit of finger fucking set the stage for a fantastic flip-flop fuck. Santoro piston-plows Daily gie and then Daily slams Santoro in the side-saddle and then missionary positions. Santoro cums while being balled and Daily follows splashing his white hot load of lava all over Santoros belly. So far everything seems sort of normal. Just a couple guys picking up a trick and having fun. End of scene? Not even close. Things are about to take a very kinky turn in the road, a turn that you the viewer are going to beat your meat to again and again.
Scene 2:
Stuart appears back on the scene and he and Santoro lock Daily up in a cage suspended in the air. Daily, horrified, tries to escape but there is no exit. The camera shot widens to reveal that they are in a dark dungeon with a whole lot of activity going on. In one corner, Ja Crew is impried in a cage. As a special treat for Crew, Santoro whips out his hose and pisses on him before releasing him to perform his duties as a good sex slave. In another corner, leather-clad CJ Madi has black-jocked Dallas Adams chained to a Saint Andrews cross. Adams is being whipped roughly with a cat-o-nine-tails. In yet another area of the dark dungeon, cute Tony Bishop and dy Adam Faust are busy groping and gagging on cock. This three-ring circus of corrupt carnality is the strongest erotic episode Studio 2000 has ever presented and will leave you erect and enthralled throughout.
Scene 3:
The astounding action cuts back and forth between the three scenarios leaving you gasping for breath. Stuart is power-fucking Crews crack, pumping all the way in and out with almost sadistic strokes. Later, Crew feasts on Santoros uncut sausage and then fucks him long and hard. Meanwhile, Madi is rimming and fingering Adams ass with Adams still chained to the cross. The tattooed Faust is shoving a very large dildo up Bishops hairy hole and that is soon replaced by an even larger dildo. All the while, the mortified Daily watches from his cage. Suddenly, his dick begins to grow from the overload of visual stimulation. Madi slides his big boner up the helpless Adams ass and fucks him very hard and deep. Crew continues to slam Santoro who laps at Stuarts asscack. The tension, the energy, and the sexuality are so strong you can almost smell it. Faust drips hot candle wax over Bishops chest and this only makes Bishops bat bigger. Rubber-gloved and ready, Faust slides his fist up Bishops bum and powerfully punch-fucks him like he was a rag doll. This puppet master controls his prize with total power and precision. Santoro rides Stuarts stick as Stuart sucks Crew, who shortly creams on Stuart, who cums on Santoro. Are you keeping up? Bishop lets fly with an unbelievable blast of boy-batter while impaled on a gigantic dildo. Faust shoots his spume on Bishops black boots. Madi pulls out of Adams orifice and sprays his spooge as Adams releases his own gobs of goo. Daily, still caged, whacks off. He is shocked, spent, and totally freaked out by what he has witnessed.
Scene 4:
We now return to the perceived calm of Doc Wileys office. The session turns violent as Daily attacks Wiley. Well, Doc you wanted to see whats inside my mind. Apparently, he also needed to see whats inside his pants. Roughly, Daily feeds Wiley his big bushy boner. Wiley gets with the program fast as he deep throats the prize prick, all the while stroking his own thick tool. In rapid order, Wiley eats Dailys ass and Daily sucks Wileys wood. These two have very definite chemistry and travel the hills and valleys of each others bods with prurient pleasure. Wiley plows Dailys dark ditch gie atop a wheel chair and later sits on Dailys dick and wildly rides. Wiley is a sensational bottom and shoots his nut-juice while being plowed. Daily creams on Wileys bush. This doctor patient slam-bam suck/fuck session is full of erotic tension and is one of the all time best.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:28:49
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 580kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 462.0 MB

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