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Fill ‘er Up + Bonus

Release Year: 2016
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Cast: Billy Blanco, Cody Winter, Eli Lewis, Ray Diesel, Deep Dicc, Exclusive Prince, Mr. Cali, Seduction, Sean Duran, Marcus Isaacs, Hunter Williams, Anthony Grey, Sam Bridle, Aussie Justin Girth, Govner, Jacob Powell, Billy Warren, Dolf Dietrich, Saul, Draven T
Genres: Muscles, Tattoos, Big Dicks, Masturbation, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Group Sex, Cum

Fill ‘er Up is about taking as much jizz as you can in your manhole. And what’s more fun than taking or giving a load? That’s easy. Doing it with other horny sluts. My dick is hard. I need a hole to fuck. I just took a load. I can’t stop until I take another – and then one more after that. You’re climbing-the-walls horny and want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you nice and deep.Fill ‘er Up has something for everyone. Billy Blanco Uses Cody Winter’s fine hole and cums deep inside his ass. Eli Lewis gets gang by 5 black tops: Ray Diesel, Deep Dicc, Exclusive Prince, Mr. Cali, and Seduction and begs for more.Sean Duran, Marcus Isaacs And Hunter Williams in a sling 3-way fuck train, swapping dick and loads. Anthony Grey gets gang by 5 white tops: Sam Bridle, Aussie Justin Girth, Govner, Jacob Powell And Billy Warren. Billy then gets bred by Dolf Dietrich And Saul.Cumsummate whore Draven Torres takes on Sean Duran And Samir Hott and just when he thinks he is done, Jacob Powell shows up to breed him.And in the end, a free-for-all 5-man orgy at NYC’s famed Cock Bar with Sam Bridle, Eric Hassan, Mica Medina, Oliver Wilde And Hunter Williams.for You Sean Duran fans out there. Enjoy this, the final 2 scenes Sean shot before he decided to stop doing porn. Well. Now I hear he may only be on a break. Maybe if I talk real nice to him, I can get him toe out of "retirement"? Scenes Scene 1: Fill Him Up BILLY BLANCO is one of my all time favorite breeders. You know the type. He wouldn’t think of using a rubber and once his cock is inside a hole, it is staying there until he cums inside. Billy Blanco does not pull out. And Cody Winter would not have it any other way. This is a ridiculous honest cum dumping presented in real time. Hypnotic and mesmerizing as Billy’s cock plunges deeper and deeper, harder and harder until he plants his Puerto Rican seed in the grateful young man.Scene 2: Eggplant This is a truee-to-Jesus experience for ELI LEWIS as he takes on five heavy-hung blackmen. The big black bucks line up and gut-ram ELI’s sweet li’l hole. The boy’s hole whimpers at first, saying “ELI, why? These dudes are tearing me apart!” But then, as it gets used to big-league world-class dick, it hungers for more and more. And just as the tops think they’ve worn him out, ELI demands they ram in harder, deeper, longer. The gang of dawgs — Ray Diesel, Deep Dicc, Exclusive Prince, Mr. Cali, And Seduction — egg each other on in an epic pounding of Eli’s once-tight hole. They stretch it wide and they stretch it deep. Amazingly, Eli services the entire group and wears ‘em all out. The bottom boy is left with a pouty gaping, cum-oozing hole and a face covered with nigga-nut juice.Scene 3: Sling It’s no surprise that putting these studs alone in a room resulted in one intense three-way fuck chain. Marcus Isaacs’ And Hunter Williams’ holes are worked open and filled before rotating to take and service more of Sean Duran’s thick raw meat. Marcus is no novice at being fucked hard, deep, and long. And newcummer Hunter has no trouble keeping up either, as SEAN goes on double-duty to show both these guys’ asses how to take dicks like men. These three share an energetic chemistry that concludes with sperm being fed and fucked out of each other. One of my all time favorite tag-team train scenes.Scene 4: Milk Shake Anthony Grey’s milk shake brings all the boys to the yard and he’s like, it’s better than yours, damn right, it’s better than yours, he could teach you, but he’d have to charge. Sam Bridle starts things off right by making sure Anthony gets his first load early on, lubing the way for the rest of the group lining up to fuck their loads into his bare ass. JACOB POWELL (who reminds me so much of a young Lee Ryder), Govner, and Billy Warren churn load after raw load in the bottom as he moans hungry for more. And just when he thought he is done, the incredibly fat juice can cock of Australian Justin Girth shows up to give him one thicker creamy load of jism. Anthony is left sloppy wet with the group’s seed deep up his satisfied fuck chute.Scene 5: Poppers Sniff Sniff. Sniff Sniff. The rush. The heat. The euphoric intoxicating hunger to feel the skin of another man’s leaking raw cock slide inside you. Frat boy Billy Warren is in the middle of it all. Taking Saul’s monster uncut dick down his throat while Dolf Dietrich rims and wets his sweet ass getting it ready to be stretched over his fat cock. What few inhibitions may have been there, melt away with each deep rush of poppers. Billy is spit roasted in rapture by the two top studs. With both his holes getting constant attention, he is free to show his true self – a cum hungry slut looking to take loads.Scene 6: Bar Stool Last Call! — At least for Sean Duran. This is the last scene the charming stud agreed to do before hanging up his jock strap and take a break from porn. From start to finish Draven Torres is bent over, spread open, willing, and ready to be used at both ends. This little piggy wastes no time encouraging Sean And Samir Hott to take charge and work him over. He truly is an enthusiastic, sexy man. They don’t take it easy on him. Taking turns, the two alpha pigs pound his ass till it is leaking a mixture of their thick flowing pre-cum (although, I am pretty sure DRAVEN showed up that day with a load or two already inside his ass). It’s not much longer before SEAN and SAMIR get their nut off and pump Draven full of their cum loads. Waiting for his turn to have Draven’s jizz filled hole all to himself is Jacob Powell. Happy to take another dick, DRAVEN gives it up without a second thought, eagerly accepting even more semen in his belly.Scene 7: Cock I let five guys loose in the basement of Nyc’s infamous Cock bar and the place lives up to its name. No instructions other than it’s time to get a load out. The room is charged and quickly fills with the kind of primordial energy you only get when letting go of your hang ups and giving in to impulses governed by lust and desire. Mica Medina And Hunter Williams be the designated beef and Sam Bridle, Eric Hassan And Oliver Wilde are happy to take turns. Couplings and groups happen and then break. Sam is fucking Mica. Oliver is cock fucking Hunter. Eric is fucking Mica. Taking turns swapping orifices, spit and cum.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:07:52
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264), 2441kbps
Audio: 161kbps

File size: 2.4 GB

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