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Caned to Tears (2011)

Release Year: 2011
Cast: Mistress Eleise de Lacy
Genres: Femdom

The maid has forgotten to collect the dry cleaning, which means Mistress de Lacy’s evening has been ruined. Now Mistress de Lacy is going to ruin the maid’s evening with a good hard caning to the point of tears.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 21:08
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1311kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 228.4 MB

This video has been removed.

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Caning Castings – Claudia Hansen

Another lovely lass who had no what she was letting herself in for

Duration : 00:09:30
Resolution : 658×576 @ 720×576
Video : VC-1 (WMV3), 1 500 Kbps, 25.000 fps

File size: 109.9 MB

Caning Castings – Monica Matos

This model has been through it all before with Elite Pain. Doesn’t stop the screaming though.

Duration : 00:10:10
Resolution : 658×576 @ 720×576
Video : VC-1 (WMV3), 1 500 Kbps, 25.000 fps

File size: 117.6 MB

Caning Castings – Mya Gruber

One of the best in the series. Mya gives great reactions as she struggles to cope with the atrocious pain.

Duration : 00:16:48
Resolution : 674×576 @ 720×576
Video : VC-1 (WMV3), 1 012 Kbps, 25.000 fps

File size: 134.4 MB

Pub Side Punishment – CSP

Three barmaids: Katcha, Tammi, and Michelle have been left by their boss to clean up after an all night party. However, it’s not long before sexual shenanigans ensue. Harry unexpectedly returns and fins these naughty girls. There is no alternative but to issue spankings and canings, as this is a well respected club. Only when Harry is satisfied that their behavior won’t be repeated does he allow them to go home!

Genre: BDSM, Spanking, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore, Extreme
Studio: California Star Productions
Duration: 00:59:46
Starring: Katja Kassin, Michelle, Tammi, Harry

Quality: DVDRip
Format: WMV
Video: 640*480, 29.976 fps
Audio: WMA, 128 kbps

File size: 409.7 MB

Caning Casting – Andy Iron

The girls, wishing to act in film in films Mood Pictures, come on a casting where they are waited by check on presence though any actor’s abilities and a severe flogging a cane – 50 strong blows. Refuse continuation of a flogging of the girl can at any moment. Naturally, pass such casting not all.
Studio: Hungary Mother Productions

File size: 142.9 MB

Suzie – Hardtied

Slim and seductive, Suzie even surprises PD. She’d done a shoot at the notorious Insex, so we knew she could take anything Hardtied threw at her. Bound tight and gagged, Suzie sails through her first shoot with us, tickling, caning, a twenty-five pound weight hanging from a pussy rope, and a hard fucking. Suzie looks great in rope and cums so nicely, even when strange men show up and paw at her pussy.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: Hardtied
Duration: 00:25:24
Starring: Suzie

Quality: SiteRip
Format: AVI
Video: 1280*960, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps

File size: 211.9 MB

Caning Casting – Annie Lawton

Annie Lawton is a 25 year old native of Budapest she’s a sexy book-keeper that answered our casting call by way of the internet. Annie’s sexually adventurous and driven by curiosity. When Betty instructs Annie to remove her clothes for the caning she reveals a hot body and hard nipples. Once the canning is administered by the hands of the lovely Betty the strokes upon Annie’s bottom are swift and painful, so much that another cane had to replace the one that got broken. Annie Lawton carries on and takes her brutal punishment like a trooper with. As a result from her caning red welts protruding from her ass cheeks appears, Annie’s one tough chick!
Studio: Hungary Mother Productions

File size: 111.2 MB

A Caning Matter (2011)

Starring: Mistress Eleise de Lacy
Categories: Femdom

Mistress Eleise likes to make sure her slaves wear her mark at all times. After a brief back thrashing and a warm up for his arse with the crop, the cane is employed. He’s lacking a bit of colour in his cheeks, but it doesn’t take long for the cane to remedy that.
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Runtime: 29 min.

File size: 310.8 MB

Intense Fetish #898 – High Voltage Interrogation

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Masterlen Productions
Cast: Master Len, Olivia Rose, Angel Licks, Colonel Knowledge
Genres: APPEARANCE -> Tattooed / Pierced, APPEARANCE -> Blondes, ETHNIC -> Black Women, INTERRACIAL -> Ebony Girls, GROUP SEX -> Threesomes -> FFM, CLOTHING -> Military, CLOTHING -> Uniforms, FETISH -> BDSM -> Electro, FETISH -> BDSM -> Domination – M on

The cute blond is a sadistic evil witch. The big black girl is scared to death. The redheaded guy goes from a tough interrogator to squealing like a girl. Master Len never stops coming up with ideas to torment them all. Each one is taken to their limit. Whipping, spanking, caning, bondage and 20,000 volts of electricity are just a few of the methods used. You get over 90 minutes of drama, laughter, pain and raunchy perversion. This video and the people in it are unique, fun and real.

Format: asf
Duration: 1:21:47
Video: 480×320, Windows Media Video 9, 463kbps
Audio: 15kbps

File size: 276.7 MB

Nina Hartley – guide to spanking

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Adam & Eve
Cast: Audrey Hollander, Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley, Otto Bauer
Genres: Spanking, Instructional, sexual guide, sexual tutorial
Video language: English

Whether you’re curious about erotic spanking and don’t know how to get started or love to give (or receive) but want advanced tips such as bringing a female submissive to orgasm during a spanking, this great movie is for you.
Sometimes you have the need to be naughty. Increase your naughtiness factor when you learn the erotic expression of spanking. Watch and learn from industry veteran Nina Hartley as she shows how spanking play can enhance your intimate engagements. This is a video that will both amuse and arouse. No matter the case, it’s sure to add creativity to your libidinous adventures.
Nina first explains how spanking is sexy, fun and consensual, and demonstrates on Kylie Ireland; then real-life couple Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander combine naughty-girl role-play with hot spanking and intense sex in a delicious climax.

Nina Hartley’s guides to sex are a staple in American sex ed. They are the most often recommended; the easiest for consumers to get, and Nina has a widely recognized, trusted name. She is really the “America’s Sweetheart” of explicit sex ed videos, in part due to her training as an RN, her comfort with talking about sex, understanding about sex-positivity (and negativity), her lack of gender bias and her strong female perspective on pleasure. Plus, she has a great ass and lots of sexy friends.

One of the things I love about her ed videos is that they are always full of authentic female orgasms. *Real* ones, and viewers can tell. This film, a spanking film for beginners, is no exception.

First, the disk frustrations. It wouldn’t play in one of my DVD players (the good one), but luckily I’m the kind of porn fiend that has 5 options available in her own house. It worked in the crappy Sony. Then, four minutes of BS I couldn’t skip through, which makes me cranky. The menu was a yawn. The bonus scene was one of the more boring scenes I’ve ever seen, had no spanking (!) and just plain didn’t belong on the disk. Add that to my list of pet peeves.

On to the feature, which regrettably only contains two scenes. This is a surprise considering how into it Nina is, and what an oft-requested topic spanking is for consumers to have more info about. The good news is that for beginners, this is a stellar disk — especially for couples (of all orientations). The first scene has Nina and Kylie on a couch, dressed in sexy rubber fetish wear, lounging and flirting while Nina explains the finer points of spanking for beginners. Her explanations are lengthy, and she imparts a lot of mush-needed info about whether spanking is “normal,” if it’s related to other issues, and how to get started. She gets Kylie all revved up and begins to demonstrate the many different ways to spank, hand vs. implement, gloves, and a variety of thinks to spank with. She goes through everything step by step, spanking the writhing Kylie and showing us some very useful techniques, both for spanking, and for stimulating a woman with one hand while spanking her with the other. It looks so good to me, I want to try it, too.

Next is a full-fledged kinky scene between Kylie and Nina, where Nina tops Kylie, pushes her around, spanks the rosy-cheeked hell out of her (while she gushes wetness all over herself), and takes a strap-on to her. While Nina fucks her with a dildo, Kylie uses a Hitachi on her clit until she comes like a banshee. It’s a pretty satisfying scene that nicely shows spanking in the context of other sexual activity.

Next, and last, is a scene between Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander. They like to role-play their spanking, and for folks looking to see what a naughty schoolgirl scene would be like (or how to make it better themselves) this is a fun scene. Audrey flounces into an office setting in her Catholic schoolgirl outfit and sees a list of rules — which she hilariously breaks one by one. Then she gets busted by Otto, her real-life lover, and punished in a hot over-the-desk scene that gives us spanking, corporal punishment, schoolgirl ravishment, on-the-desk fucking, oral sex and a nice come shot. The chemistry is great between these two, and you can tell they really do this in real life, and it turns them on a lot. Audrey is a saucy red head, and Otto looks like a pale San Francisco artist.

What’s nice about the way everyone looks is that they have pretty normal bodies, so it’s easy to identify with the players. No one is too skinny, and the asses are nice and round (I’m sick of pancake ass teenage porn girls, and a Buttman fan). Otto may not be the kind of porn guy many are looking for, but he fits a male look that is missing in modern porn — and many women rent gay porn to find male variety (among other things), so this is not so bad, and the scene was really, really hot.

I have to say however that this, as a Nina sex ed flick, was less than the others. Nina’s Anal Kinkster’s Two had several different scenes and a large variety of activity — and a riveting final scene between Nina and Aria that had me realizing my things were glued together watching it. Think there’s no such thing as anal orgasms? Watch that scene. But do you wonder if a woman can be spanked to orgasm? She can, but Nina’s Guide to Spanking falls short of that mark. I’d also like to see some boy-ass spanked. In the meantime, recommend this one for beginners.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:20:16
Video: 624×464, XviD, 1753kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

This video has been removed.

ElitePain – Case 01

Studio: ElitePain
Genres: BDSM, Spanking

A sexy young girl….accident that was her own fault. She needs money to pay her fine and she also faces jail time. … Hands of the Elite Club…even to the judges and save her from going to jail. … Brutal canings on different parts of her body, tit whipping with the cat-o’-nine-tails and much more… Be warned!!! … Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Format: avi
Duration: 41:30
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1270kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 427.4 MB

ElitePain – Case 03

Studio: ElitePain
Genres: BDSM, Spanking

The arrogant young girl doesn’t know what big trouble she is in. She borrowed money from the Mob. When she could not pay them back and the mobsters threatened her, she committed the mistake of going to the police. Now she really needs help, but in exchange for this she has to suffer in the Club… Single-tail whipping, tit caning, cunt nailing, breasts caning, severe pizzle strokes and lots of tears….

Format: mkv
Duration: 33:06
Video: 720×544, DivX 5
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 338.5 MB

Elitepain – Case 07

Studio: ElitePain
Genres: BDSM, Spanking

Two young girls with rich parents (who went to Thailand for vacation) organized a party. But they chose the wrong guys and the house got burgled. The two chicks are in trouble, their parents should not know about the party. They want help from the Elite Club. Sure, they will get it, but in exchange they need to present their naked bodies for a humilating torture. Frontal whipping with single tail, cunt nailing, pussy whipping, thigh and buttom caning; and tit torture… Poor sisters… if they knew…

Format: mkv
Duration: 50:58
Video: 352×288, mpg1
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 501.7 MB

ElitePain – The Competition 1

Studio: ElitePain
Genres: BDSM, Spanking

The rules of this competition are simple. There are six forms of torture: Butt caning, Tit whipping, Frontal whipping with single-tail, Back whipping with single-tail, Needles in the bottom, and Candle wax drops. The number of strokes, needles, or drops (as well as the implements of torture) are drawn by the competitors themselves. The one who stays in the game until the finish wins the main prize. (Those who say STOP must quit the game.) The losers are sent home naked without anything… This is going to be a big event…

Format: mpegps
Duration: 1:12:32
Video: 352×288, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 722.3 MB

The Spit And The Speculum (2011) DVDRip

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Evil Angel
Cast: Diamond Kitty, Juelz Ventura, Dana DeArmond, Kelly Divine, London Keyes, Phoenix Marie, Lyla Storm
Genres: Gonzo
Video language: English

With “The Spit And The Speculum,” twisted director Mike Adriano explores two of his favorite fetishes: asshole-stretching speculums and drooling, salivating girls who enjoy slathering each other with gooey spit! Each of four hot scenes match Mike’s POV camera with two lovely ladies doing incredibly unladylike things. These crazy anal threesomes all include sloppy ass-to-mouth antics, lewdly gaping buttholes and cum-swapping climaxes. First we meet sultry whore Dana DeArmond paired with the gigantic talent of Kelly Divine’s enormous ass. Dana lubricates the blooming rosebud of Kelly’s lewdly gaping rectum with warm slobber she sucks back up through a straw! Blonde babe Summer Daniels and slender brunette Lyla Storm are next; both ladies show off their deep-throating skills, get their sphincters cranked open and make a big ol’ mess with the girl-drool! Two dark-haired sex queens, tattooed Juelz Ventura and big-bottomed Diamond Kitty, give the director’s sturdy cock a round of sloppy head before training their salivary glands on Diamond’s large booty. Juelz fills Diamond’s colon with bubbly spit before Mike pumps his dick in the baby-faced bitch’s overflowing ass. The girls toast each other with cocktail glasses of Mike’s cum! Finally, busty Asian superslut London Keyes and bomb-ass Phoenix Marie paint the town with spit, expectorating into each other’s fucked-to-gaping rear ends. “The Spit And The Speculum” is extreme porn for the discriminating pervert. When these horny, anal-oriented bitches start drooling with lust, things are bound to get messy!

Format: avi
Duration: 3:19:18
Video: 592×336, XviD, 1244kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 2.0 GB

This video has been removed.

My passion as it is!

Year: 2010
Genre: BDSM, Whipping, Caning, Forced orgasm, Humiliation
Country: Germany
Duration:17 min
Studio: german-dungeon
Actresses: Cool baby
Description: The version of the beautiful quality BCM. A lot of knitting, torturing her clitoris, ass, vagina. Everything you love! Must see this video, you’ll appreciate the quality and actresses!
Video Quality: SiteRip
Video: RealVideo 4 640×480 25.000 fps 638 Kbps
Audio: Cooker 44.1 KH 16 bits 1 channel 64.1 Kbps

File size: 82.8 MB

Cassandra Michelle in BDSM!

Year: 2010
Genre: BDSM, Whipping, Caning, Forced orgasm, Humiliation
Country: Germany
Duration:45 min
Studio: german-dungeon
Actresses: Cool baby
Description: Beautiful blonde with a super figure gets the best orgasm of they life! She was tied to the bed and turned fuck machine! All. Orgasm is guaranteed!

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video: RealVideo 4 640×480 25.000 fps 638 Kbps
Audio: Cooker 44.1 KH 16 bits 1 channel 64.1 Kbps

File size: 225.2 MB

Caning of Justine!

Year: 2010
Genre: Spanking, Uniform, School, Teen
Country: USA
Duration: 8 min
Studio: Xerotics
Actresses: Beautiful girls
Description: Caning of Justine! A good slap young ass! It turns pink, the pain revives feelings! The best quality videos for you!
Video Quality: HD 720p
Video: VC-1 1280×720 (16:9) 25.000 fps 5 933 Kbps
Audio: WMA2 48.0 KHz 2 channels 64.0 Kbps

File size: 327.1 MB

TsSeduction Oct 26, 2011 – The Mermaid: The Siren of Seduction

Release Year: 2011
Studio: TsSeduction / Kink
Cast: Yasmin Lee and Micah Andrews
Genres: Shemale
Video language: English

She is the most famous siren with a myth no mortal can confirm or contest. Her powers of seduction are so strong all she needs to do is sing softly, and her prey is lulled into complete submission. She keeps the mysterious depths of the ocean buried in her heart and in this fantasy update we see what would happen if you were caught in Yasmin’s net. What happens under water….stays there.

Yasmin is not the cuddling type – her sexual appetite will not be satisfied until she devours her man’s cock, ass, throat and…Happy Halloween.

Format: asf
Duration: 34:00
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 1464kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 406.9 MB

Disciplined Boy Slut

Release Year: 2004
Studio: London Enterprises Video
Cast: Mistress Persephone, BIP, Bart
Genres: Femdom, Humilation, Domination, bdsm
Video language: English

He was the runner and the boss said cash was missing. The boss calls in a pro to make him talk. Mistress Persephone has her way with him through flogging, caning, cock torture, waxing, and electrical play. Watch the bad boy get punished hardcore!

File size: 590.8 MB

Caning Casting – Holly Turner

Holly Turner likes to be controlled and dominated so caning is right up her alley. She’s only 21 years old but she knows what she likes and how much she can endure so the fifty strokes she’s given almost comes easy.
Studio: Hungary Mother Productions

File size: 134.7 MB

Cherie DeVille (18 Oct 2011) SocietySM

Release Date: 18 October 2011

Cherie is not your typical adult model… for beginners, she has a PhD… an obviously mature and learned woman, and in Cherie’s case, it only adds to her beauty and beautiful nature… and she truly is a beauty… she scores perfection with every silky curve… she is very new to adult modelling and I believe this was her 5th day in the business… a last minute replacement and a first time bondagette… on a SocietySM shoot with Damon Pierce rigging and domming… at the very least, she was in for a very challenging day… she is tied, gagged and blindfolded on the floor… she moves around anxiously as Damon enters to toy with her… she ends up naked, with one leg tied in the air… then Cherie is rigged bent over… perched atop a box, she struggles just to stay on her feet… electric insertables plug her pussy and ass… then TENS pads on the ass and caning… in the 3rd scene, she is bound on the floor with her hands pulled behind her… Damon cranks her legs wide open and stuffs her pussy with a dildo and vibe… by the time he is done, she is dripping and breathless… one more test for our maiden… a back breaking suspension… her pussy is sensitive now and reacts much sooner… she endures multiple inescapable orgasms and is left hanging limp and spent.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: SocietySM/DungeonCorp
Duration: 00:49:51
Starring: Cherie DeVille

Quality: SiteRip
Format: MPEG
Video: 1280*720, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps

File size: 552.3 MB

An Eye For Talent Cody Cummings Mason Star

Cody Cummings has brought his personal video camera to capture an interview with up-and-cummer, Mason ‘Rian’ Star. Mason’s prepared for a standard, run-of-the-mill conversation with Cody, regarding his prospects for appearing on Cody’s site. What could possibly be out of the ordinary? Well if you know Cody, you know to expect a little something extra!
Watch this reality-style scene as Mason recounts what happened during the ‘interview,’ and tells you exactly what he thought of Cody’s massive cock! As a model, Mason thought he was prepared for a first-time sit down…a little chat, maybe take off his shirt, possibly even show his dick to the talent scout. But as Cody tells you in a candid, post-shoot interview, he couldn’t help but shove his hard boner in Mason’s mouth. See this casting couch session turn intense when Cody gets behind the camera and cranks up the action!

File size: 533.2 MB

Perfect Curves

Cherie is not your typical adult model…for beginners, she has a PhD…an obviously mature and learned woman, and in Cheries case, it only adds to her beauty and beautiful nature…and she truly is a beauty…she scores perfection with every silky curve…she is very new to adult modelling and I believe this was her 5th day in the business…a last minute replacement and a first time bondagette…on a SocietySM shoot with Damon Pierce rigging and domming…at the very least, she was in for a very challenging day…she is tied, gagged and blindfolded on the floor…she moves around anxiously as Damon enters to toy with her…she ends up naked, with one leg tied in the air…then Cherie is rigged bent over…perched atop a box, she struggles just to stay on her feet…electric insertables plug her pussy and ass…then TENS pads on the ass and caning…in the 3rd scene, she is bound on the floor with her hands pulled behind her…Damon cranks her legs wide open and stuffs her pussy with a dildo and vibe…by the time he is done, she is dripping and breathless…one more test for our maiden…a back breaking suspension…her pussy is sensitive now and reacts much sooner…she endures multiple inescapable orgasms and is left hanging limp and spent…

File size: 553.1 MB

warning extreme

Today Pa1nGate prison inmate Dany and her female warden are subject to a rigid penalty administered by HAGEN X.
Bound to the whipping post the naked girls receive a severe caning till it’s broken.
But not enough a rigid pussy whipping is part of the punishment, too!

File size: 105.8 MB

Hard Tied – Calico – June 25, 2008

PD puts beautiful, sensual calico through a set of highly sexual bondage scenes. A canvas bag smothers her upper body. After roping her neck upward, PD starts whipping calico, slowly stripping her until she is naked. Then he sits her on a bench with her big toes lashed outward, caning her feet, training her not to make a sound, and vibrating her to orgasm. Laid out along a beam, she’s in a painfully tight hogtie, her tits tied downward, her hair bound to her wrists, and her tongue piercing tied to the post in front of her. PD vibrates and fingerfucks her, choking her with Mr. pogo deep in her throat.

Format: rm
Video: RealVideo 4 852×488 15.00fps 681Kbps
Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz mono
Length: 00:33:49

File size: 182.7 MB