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Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Adam & Eve
Cast: Nina Hartley, Mika Tan, Anna Mills, Angela Stone, Trent Solauri
Genres: Documentary, orgasms, sexual tutorial, masturbation, female ejaculation, squirting
Video language: English

I don’t know if she owes anyone money, but aside from that posibility it’s safe to say that it is impossible not to like Nina Hartley. She is sexy, kind, amiable, and knows her stuff. She also demonstrates on live, naked porn stars how to make a woman ejaculate.
Hartley’s various How To series for Adam & Eve are long on the theory but don’t skimp on the application. She explained the ins and outs of female ejaculation, admitting that she herself has never done it. “Ejaculation is something females can experience easily, occasionally, or never,” she says a little ruefully, noting that the distance between the G-spot and the urethra can be a deciding factor in whether or not a woman can do it.
Hartley demonstrated on the always-game Mika Tan (and later on Anna Mills, much more graphically and with a vertical speculum) just where everything was, providing an engaging lecture with plenty of visual aids.
That women can have harmless retrograde ejaculations that send fluid back toward the bladder; that female ejaculation requires both the pelvis and the G-spot to work in concert; and that ejaculation is not necessarily orgasm were all news to my viewing partner. I of course nodded “Yes, yes obviously” to each factoid because I’m, like, such an expert on the topic.
Now and then the banter between Hartley and her subjects was only a little better than awards-show patter. In the film’s only honest-to-God porn scene, Angela Stone and Trent Solauri have the following dialogue before she demonstrates a squirt brought on the old-fashioned way.
In Mills and Stone, Hartley and partner/director Ernest Greene have found two women for whom ejaculation is easy. Hartley repeats that not every woman has that ability, thus easing the minds of people confused by the porn world’s recent interest in squirting as a result of gushing virtuousos like Cytherea and Tiana Lynn.
Hartley says that one can’t be demure and ladylike while soaking the sheets, so why bother worrying? The movie is just as much about the mechanics of squirting as it is about relieving oneself of the pressure to do so.
Watching Mills ejaculate, as Tan remarked, “under laboratory conditions” and Stone squirt out in the field, as it were, with Solauri, is much more of a revelation after Hartley has explained the procedure.
I have watched instructional videos for everything from Microsoft Access to Microsoft Visio, and “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation” is by far the best one. And will no doubt prove to br the most useful.

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Duration: 1:19:15
Video: 720×480, XviD, 749kbps
Audio: 187kbps

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