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Four-Layer Rubber Encasement (2011)

Starring: Mistress Minax, Mummification Ed, Mark, Dalton
Categories: BDSM

In this video, Mistress Minax, Mummification Ed, myself (Mark) and our cameraman Dalton were able to encase our friend ‘Rubberbug’ in four layers of heavy-gauge latex. Two of the layers were inflatable. This gallery contains a video of our experiment. The video shows every detail of the encasement process.
The first layer was a molded ‘dry suit’ diving suit from Hydrogl0ve. The second layer was a one-piece heavy black StudioGum latex suit. The third layer was an 8-bladder inflatable suit from StudioGum. The fourth layer was an inflatable sleepsack from Regulation.
The 8-bladder StudioGum suit was incredible. The arms had two bladders each, allowing separate inflation of he front and back of each arm. The remaining four bladders allowed the front-left and front-right of the torso and legs to be inflated separately, and the back-left and back-right of the torso and legs to be inflated separately. If you look closely you can see the four parts of the torso and leg bladders. What an amazing suit.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720×480
Runtime: 63 min.

File size: 843.0 MB

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