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Faith’s friend, Amber, is throwing one of Her Famous “Cock-Jerking Parties”!! Faith loves Amber’s Cock-Jerking Parties, because Amber always supplies lots of cocks to Jerk…and lots of snacks. Faith has gone into one of the un-occupied rooms at the party to Jerk-Off a cock. In Her Formal Gown….Faith Jerks his cock. At one point, Her cell phone rings, and Faith has to tell Her Girlfriend…”I can’t talk now…I’m at a Cock-Jerky Party…I’m in the middle of Jerking someone Off…can I call you back later?”. Faith finishes off the cock She is working on, by Pulling a MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE CUMBLAST out of him. Faith leaves him there with his pants down, and says…”I hear Amber is working on an 8 incher in the kitchen…I’m gonna go help Her finish!!”.
File name: wmc0128_hi.wmv
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Duration: 7 min 4 sec
Video: WMV3, 856×480 (1.783:1), 30.000 fps, 1 372 /
Audio: WMA2, 44100 Hz, CBR 128 /
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