RopedStuds – Pretty boys roped and displayed – Part 9

Studio: RopedStuds
Genres: Gays bdsm

Blonde muscle boy Keith is beautifully tied in red rope, his muscular torso and legs highlighting by authentic Japanese bondage. Gagged, he works his cock feverishly, trying desperately to get it hard and please his master. Matt adds his fingers to the mix, caressing Keith’s balls, inner thighs, pecs and nipples, as the boy continues to work his cock, his whole body tensing and flexing under the ropes. But no matter how hard he tries, Keith can’t get hard; the ropes hurt him too much and his fear is too great. His punishment for failing to achieve an erection is even tighter Japanese bondage. Matt loves roping his muscle boy’s sculpted white flesh with black rope, highlighting the muscles of his torso, legs and ass. He lets Keith struggle and moan on the little bondage table for a few hours. Then Keith’s worse fears come true when he hears the click-click-click of the winch. He knows he will soon be dangling in mid-air. But that’s for another week.

Total size: 6.4 GB in 10 files.