InCase Patreon

Release Year: 2018

I organized the comics into their own folders and the rest of it is all in the miscellaneous folder (Images are mostly organized with their alternate versions.) I believe that many of these images are already out there, but these are super high resolution and only available from patreon. The horizontal resolution varies from around 7000 to around 3000 (Trying to give a rough estimate on how massive these files are.) Many of the comics are missing text (Noted below).

If you are unfamiliar with InCase, you can expect the following:
-lots of traps/futanari/transsexuals/crossdressers/sissies
-straight/bi/gay/femdom also
-alien and fantasy (elves, halflings, orcs, ogres, demons etc.) creatures
-blowjobs/vaginal sex/anal sex/gangbangs/cunnilingus/cumshots/bukkake/masturbation/toy play
-Any combination of sex acts/participants aforementioned
-Lots of alternate versions of pictures (clean/cumshot/trap/hairy variations usually)
-comics (Alfie is especially long at around 2.3 GB)

Comics Included inside:
-Alfie up to Chapter 9,5 (text missing from chapter 1-6.)
-Choose Your Own Adventure (supporters choose what happens) (some text missing)
-Good Old Times (text missing)
-The Invitation (text and textless versions)
-The Mess 1 (text missing)
-The Mess 2 (text missing)
-Plus 467 miscellaneous pictures

File size: 4.3 GB

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