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Gayhoopla – Jonas…

Jonas Drift’s first scene today… with Roman Tate. He’s a bit nervous about it, but Roman and Jonas have been hanging out for a couple days, so the guys are already comfortable with each other. That’s always the magic ingredient in a good scene. The guys haven’t just walked onto a set and met each other, they’ve been hanging out, staying at the same house and getting to be “Bros” before a dick goes in a butt.

After just a bit of kissing, Roman pulls off Jonas’ pants and a big hard dick pops out in his face. Jonas doesn’t take any time to start telling him how he likes his dick sucked. Jonas has a smooth, ripped body but we get a bit of a glimpse of his hairy pits. It’s not long before Jonas wants some dick and he’s down on his knees getting off Roman’s pants. Roman is in that “hanging heavy” stage but 10 seconds in Jonas’ mouth, and he’s at full mast.

If Jonas is still nervous… we can’t tell.

Roman and Jonas have similar bodies. Both long, lean, compact, ripped and smooth.

“You wanna taste this ass before you fuck it?” asks Roman.

Yes. He does.

Jonas buries his tongue in Roman’s very hairy ass crack while gripping his butt. He can’t wait to get that dick in his hole. “Get me nice a wet before you fuck me… spit on it… go deep.” Roman takes charge here. “Fuck me… I want that cock.”

Jonas is one of those guys who goes into a bit of a trance when he’s fucking. He started slow, but pretty soon he was slamming his dick in and out of Roman’s hole. Jonas fucks Roman and then out of nowhere he slows down and says “you know what… you wanna fuck me?”

We weren’t planning on that. But Roman is up for the job. His dick gets rock hard and he slides into Jonas’ butt and let’s him have it. As Roman slams in and out, Jonas grabs the side of the bed and holds on. This was a ride he wasn’t planning on taking but he’s clearly enjoying it.

Third position… Jonas riding Roman’s dick. The smile on his face is BIG. It hurts just a bit but in that “good” way. Slow at first… but then Jonas did that thing we call “the Jack Rabbit” while he bobs up and down on Roman’s cock.

“Can’t wait to hit it from behind… I just wanna bend you over,” Roman say…

Fourth position… Roman gets Jonas on all fours, fucking him hard and fast. Jonas has that “barely hanging on” face but Roman isn’t slowing down. Looks like our bottom has become a top.

“Gonna cum soon,” Roman says… his dick swells cum thickness and he pulls his dick out and cums on Jonas’ butt. Jonas seems to be just catching his breath while Roman’s huge load shoots far up his back… but once he feels it… that huge smile is back.

Roman lays Jonas down on his back and sucks out a load. He lets Jonas cum in his mouth and lets it drip down the sides.

And that is where we find out that Jonas has never bottomed. He was a bit nervous is was going to hurt but he clearly liked it (and so did Roman in his new role as top).

“It felt like a virgin’s ass, that’s for sure.”

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