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British Skater Boys / 2009

Year: 2009
Country: UK
Genre: Twinks – Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Cum eating, Kissing, Live Sound, Oral Sex, Pierced Body Parts, Rimming, Snowballing (Cum Kisses), Threeways
Length: 02:10:33
Starring: Kai Cruz, Duncan Lee, James Allen, Alex Steele, Reece Hutton, Dakota Sky, Troy Bolton, Kallum Ash, Jake Smith, Kaiden Adams
Studio: Load XXX , Rentboy UK Platinum
Directed by: Adam Bailey
Description: Fans of European twinks and skater should get ready to watch this one over and over again. There’s a dynamite double-penetration threesome, and just about everything else is equally flawless.
Skating around shirtless, Kai Cruz, with his pierced nipple and platinum blond hair, looks like a bad fucker who would bend you over and have no mercy. He and buddies Duncan Lee and Karl Thomas head back to his flat for a pint, and his buddies’ tongues soon begin to tweak his bare nipples and tease his boner through his underwear. A daisy chain of sucking on uncut banana boners follows. With no music playing over the action, the audio is perfectly captured, allowing the viewer to savor every slurp and groan as these boys become increasingly fired up. Sensational blond Lee buries his face between Cruz’s buns as Cruz, on all fours, goes down on fuzzy brunet Thomas, who stands beside the bed. Lee is sensual and skilled in his ass eating, simultaneously reaching around and teasing his subject’s erection.
Excellent as that is, it’s a mere appetizer for the main event, in which Cruz, it turns out, is not a badass top. Lee mounts our blond hero doggy-style, sliding his dick all the way home in deliberate but calm strokes until Cruz utters, “Come on, fuck me,” unleashing the animal in Lee. He pounds like mad, and it’s the best ass drilling I’ve seen in some time. Later, Lee withdraws and lies flat, allowing Cruz to straddle him as Thomas also enters Cruz from behind. Whereas so many double penetrations disintegrate before they ever really get going, this one is masterfully executed from the start and manages to reach an improbable tempo of ass pounding. Not surprisingly, Cruz is first to cum as these three bring their stellar performances to a climax. I want to see more of all three of them, stat.
Four other scenes await, all of them arousing. In the following encounter, creamy-slim Alex Steele displays one of the hottest underwear boners you’ll ever see as his log points to the sky. Underwear is, in fact, used to highly erotic effect in just about every scene. Steele rims his cute buddy, James Allen, who puts his legs in the air, but it is Allen who does the fucking in an enthusiastic missionary position that highlights his magnificent ass. As Steele switches to riding, note the strand of precum on his bobbing cock. They engage in cum swapping after the loads fly.
The opening scene’s Kallum Ash and Troy Bolton keep their beanies, silver necklaces, T-shirts and socks on as Ash gets down to the business of licking Bolton’s pretty hole. He wastes no time slipping into Bolton’s behind and then easing him into a super-hot sidesaddle. Of the two remaining scenes, the better finds Kaiden Adams pounding horse-hung Jake Smith until they flip, with Adams bouncing on the monster cock. Overall, it’s a movie that consistently exceeds expectations and, simply put, twink fans shouldn’t miss it.

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