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Huge Studio – Bare Huge Dicks #4

Bare Huge Dicks 4 brings you a selection of sexy young twinks who open up their tender rosebuds so they can take huge dicks for a ride. A young lad, who looks like he works in a laundrette as he has clothes drying all over the place, gets his dick cleaned by his lover’s mouth, then slides it deep inside his brown star and pokes away at him until spunk is spewing from his shiny helmet. Next, in a slightly Arabian concept, two boys enjoy some suck and fuck fun on a rug. One lad gets his hoop stuffed with dick and taken for a magic carpet ride until the spunk is flying. A blonde cutie, with a meaty cock, gets his piece licked and sucked from the balls to the tip and then goes on to slam his member in and out of his boyfriend’s tight sphincter until he whips it out and wanks himself to a creamy explosion over his boy’s mouth. A rather pretty young lad delivers an intense performance as he enjoys a solo masturbation session. A dirty duo embarks on a sexy suckathon and bareback butt fucking, using their big cocks to good effect. And finally two horny boys make full use of a table as they suck and fuck themselves into oblivion. One lucky lad even gets his battered butt hole tongued as he wanks himself to an intense orgasm. If you like horny, pretty young boys with large cocks and tight arseholes just ripe for splitting in two, then Bare Huge Dicks 4 is the dvd for you.

Cast: Jerry Harris, Tom Kent, Mark Taylor, Lazlo Ungry, Others.

File size: 1.4 GB

Bearish gangbang (18 movies)

Year: 2010
Country: Spain
Genre: Hunks, Dads, Bears, Muscules, Big cocks, Group, Duet, Solo, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Cumshots, Leather
Description: A bareback three way with Emilius, Daddy Bull, and this sloppy bottom They love fucking hot young boys. On this video they show the world the best way to keep a son happy.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Video: Windows Media Video 7 640×480 (16:9) 24.00fps 1368kbps
Audio: Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
Total size 2.9 GB in 18 files

Raging Stallion Studios – Afternoon Delights

Country: US
Studio : Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: R.C. Ryan, Marcos Pirelli, Fred Faurtin, Brendan Austen, Dominic Pacifico, Luc Bonay, Marc LaSalle, Mario Cruz
Director: Ben Leon
Producer: Chris Ward, Michael Brandon
Videographer: Ben Leon

Raging Stallion brings you sex in the afternoon, with eight dick-hungry men. In four scenes and a solo, this movie brings you real hardcore action filmed with Raging Stallion’s skill and style.

Somewhere on a rooftop, Mario Cruz is looking for love… or at least a nice piece of cock. R.C. Ryan comes along with plenty of dick to share. Without words, Mario follows R.C. inside and goes straight for the gold. Mario is a beautiful man with tattoos, well-defined muscles, and an eager mouth. Mario works R.C.’s cock with skill. As R.C. undresses, we get to take in the full spectacle of his well-defined body and long cock. Mario swallows the whole length of it while stroking his own dick through his pants. After a nice full service blowjob, R.C. is ready to suck. Mario sits back with his big dick straight up and into R.C.’s throat. R.C. sucks like a pro, working Mario’s big uncut brown cock and jerking it with his hands. Mario wants a taste of R.C.’s ass. R.C. bends over for Mario’s probing tongue. R.C.’s big dick is perfect for fucking and it slides easily into Mario’s hungry asshole. Mario takes it from behind first then flips for a final position on his back. R.C. literally fucks the cum out of Mario, and then shoots his own load straight into Mario’s mouth.

Framed by an amazing San Francisco skyline, Marcos Pirelli and Marc LaSalle begin a hot sex session. After a nice kissing warm up, Marcos whips out his cock for Marc to taste. Marcos loves the cock worship that Marc dishes out and puts his hands behind his head while enjoying the ride. Marcos has a nice fat cock with a big bulbous head covered slightly by foreskin. He bangs his dick into Marc’s mouth, against his face, and down his throat. Marcos gives head as well as he gets it and wets Marc’s cock with his tongue and lips, spit dripping down. The real action starts when Marcos penetrates Marc’s hole with his condom-wrapped tool. Marc spreads ’em and Marcos climbs right up on the couch with him to fuck him hard and deep. The penetration is incredible as Marcos slams his dick deep into Marc’s crack. Marc’s butt can’t get enough. He throws himself on his back and takes another few rounds of Marcos shoving hus dick as far up inside as it can go. Marcos fucks until he’s gotta shoot. He pulls out and covers Marc in cum, causing Marc to shoot a creamy load.
DVD covers

Painting walls is usually an aggravating job but when you are as beautiful as Brendan Austen you can’t be bothered with such tasks. Through his apartment window, Brendan picks up Luc Bonay and brings him inside for some dick play. This scene has all the energy of an on-the-street pick-up: two strangers who just go at it for what it’s worth. The chemistry is palpable in the kissing and then in the cock sucking. (There’s nothing like having a new dick to play with.)

Luc Bonay is a short muscle stud, built from the ground up for sex, with a round bubble butt and fat cock to match. Brendan is a taller, more lanky and muscled version of an Australian dream with a large uncut cock. These two trade blowjobs and move eagerly on to fucking. First Brendan lays flat on the floor and Luc straddles him. Luc rides the thick cock enthusiastically, bouncing up and down so every inch hits his insides. Once Luc wears out his legs, it’s Brendan’s turn to do the work. Luc bends over as Brendan slides his dick in and begins an energetic fuck. These two strangers end their meeting with cum covering the floor.

For a second look at R.C., we find him in the shower. As he washes, the camera pans slowly over his muscles and big soft cock. This is truly a chance to see him in all his glory. When he’s finished in the shower he dries off and sits on the stairs for a slow stroke-off session. R.C. is as much a fan of his long cock as we are, and this jerk off is a chance to watch him as he pleases himself. Each shot shows a different part of this boy’s beauty, and by the end it’s overwhelming – he blows all over the stairs.

The final scene in this scorcher takes place in a gym. Fred Faurtin is working his muscles when young pup Dominic Pacifico enters. At first both men feign disinterest but that quickly disappears as the two men tear at each other. Dominic is first to go down and when he pulls Fred’s shorts down he is greeted with a truly fat dick. Dominic is pleased with what he finds and pushes it down his throat. He struggles to fit the fat thing into his mouth. Dominic stands up, takes his shirt off to reveal his tight muscular chest, and then whips his dick out for Fred to see. But this is just a tease because Dominic wants more dick in his mouth.

After more service, Fred is ready for some dick and he spends some time licking the fat head of Dominic’s cock before fucking him. The fucking reveals the true animal nature of these two men. Fred fucks with abandon and Dominic loves it. Bent over a lifting bench, Dominic offers his ass up to Fred’s excellent fuck skills. Dominic’s ass is stretched right before our eyes as Fred pounds away with his big fat dick. Fred is a bottom’s dream come true – he fucks hard and fast until he pulls out and sprays his load. Watching Fred shoot pushes Dominic over the edge, and he covers his abs in cum.

Length: 860 MiB Duration: 2h 11mn 43s 464ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 775 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 404 (1.782) at 29.970 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 124 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 859.6 MB

California Summer

A good film from the early career of William Higgins with his first use of grown men. Related loops with a wet outdoor California theme. Features underwater sex photography, young white surfer clones, enthusiatic sex, unshaved privates and dubbed dialog.

1. Mark Scott Solo nonsex, Chris Thompson OgrAbtRr, Brent Woods OrgAbtRg
Mark Scott Solo, Brent Woods and Chris Thompson do some skateboarding, including bare chested handstands with loose shorts. Mark leaves and Brent promises Chris a lift to an interview but has to go home for a shower and a change. Chris takes a shower too and parades around wet and naked until Brent make a grab for his dick. They trade sucking, kissing and groping until Chris rims and fucks Brent with Chris getting slapped in the ass for encouragement. Brent then top Chris doggie style until they both cum on Chris. The sex is more mechanical than passionate.
2. Mark Scott Solo OgrAbRr, Ricki Benson OrgRg, Sergio Canali OrAtRg, Tim Richards OgrAbt
Ricki Benson, Mark Scott Solo, Sergio Canali, and Tim Richards can’t get any girls over so they go swimming. To keep the neighbors from complaining they wear their underwear. In underwater colors, they romp in the water, pulling at their shorts and grabbing for dick. Eventually everything comes off and two suck each other under water. Lots of underwater photography. Moving back into the house they have a 4-way where everybody sucks and is sucked but Sergio and Tim due the fucking and Mark and Tim get fucked. Actors are hard to see in the dark photograpy.
3. J.J. McCarthy OgrAbRgr, Larry Richards OrgAtRrg, Sean Williams nonsex
Larry Richards promises his brother, Sean Williams, not to bother the newest poolboy. JJ. McCarthy shows up to clean the pool and Larry coaxes him into the water with promises to help later. Horsing around they strip each others trunks off and proceed to suck each other off including a long underwater 69. They get out of the pool, suck and rim each other and Larry tops JJ. Back in the pool the roles are reversed with underwater fucking and cum shots.
4. Joe Reeve OrgAt, Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson and Joe Reeve have an hour at Jason’s before Jason leaves for Hawaii. They trade blow jobs and then Chris gets reamed and fucked. Both lovers cum on Jason and then Jason flips over to his knees and gets slap fucked again until they both drop another load.
5. Sean Williams OrgAbt, Ken Kerns OgrAbtRr, Jason Lloyd OgrAbt, Tim Richards OgrAt
Sean Williams shows up to house sit for Chris, promises not to have visitors and promptly calls a party. Ken Kerns, Jason Lloyd, Tim Richards, and Sean Williams have a hot 4-way in the house. Most everybody gets sucked and fucked and everybody cums twice.

Genres: vintage, oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: mpg

File size: 911.8 MB

The Boys from Oz (2007)

Year: 2006
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Uncut Cocks, Swimming Pool, Masturbation Solo, Outdoor Sex, Piercings, Rimming, Threesomes
Duration: 03:03:03
Director: Mike Esser
Studio: Alpha Male Home Entertainment
Cast: Rick Chester, Jake Harvey, Kristian Winter, Andy Stone, Spikee, Jeremy Klein, Jayden Cox

The Boys from Oz features seven beautifully filmed, highly erotic and red hot sex scenes from critically acclaimed director Mike Esser. Jake and well hung Kristian wake on a gorgeous New South Wales, Spring Sunday to have their plans of a romantic day shattered when their voice mail tells them that they’re going to be inundated with package deliveries. First up hot little Spikee turns up from Sydney Water to read the meter – Jake doesn’t take long to get him naked, wanked, fingered, rimmed, blown and fucked in a high pressure scene. When Rick Chester turns up with some important publicity pictures, there’s no way horsehung Kristian Winter is going to miss out on opening Ricks other urgent package. After some high voltage foreplay Kristian reckons he’s going to fuck the unbelievably hot Rick – but soon gets flipped over and fucked senseless by the hot spunk. In the meantime Fuxtell arrive to install the guys Cable TV, only to become distracted by the couple’s gay porn. Andy Stone gets to roughly fuck the guys out of Jayden Cox who just can’t get enough of Andy’s battering-ram fucking. Pool boy Jeremy Klein interrupts only to get a hot blow job from the well fucked Jayden who’s still getting pumped senseless by Andy. Jake is still recovering from his awesome encounter with Spikee when he catches Rick leaving his boyfriend’s bedroom, naked. Kristian still needs more dick and his boyfriend Jake is on hand to take his massive tool – but his boyfriend wants a bit of his just fucked arse too, so Kristian lets his man fuck him stupid. Fuxtell boy Jayden and messenger Rick, still amazed by their unexpected sex, get it on with Jayden’s ever hungry ass getting more hard fucking from the hard pumping Rick. You may need to turn the volume down here as Jayden’s a real screamer! The other Fuxtell engineer Andy, finds super cute Spikee having a wank in the pool. Not wanting to miss out on the boy’s hot bod dives right in to the pool and Spikee’s ass! The howling wind and dramatically changing weather intensify this hot fuck session as Spikee takes more dick up his hungry hole. Exhausted Kristian can’t miss the chance of a go at Andy. They fuck well into the night, with the supposed top Kristian getting to fuck Andy but soon getting flipped over and taken by the younger hottie.

Format: AVI
Video: AVC at 455 kbps avg, 640 x 360 (1.778) at 25.000 fps
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 777.8 MB