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Tokyo-Hot n0146 – An Obedient Slave – Sena Egawa

However, it is embarrassed that the woman is saucily recently. Because I am man of the old-fashioned temperament and therefore I am very anger for the woman who doesn’t neatly put up a man. For instance, if my superior is a saucy woman, I can not think what I should do and might put out the cock to the woman’s presence. In this time, saucy woman superior who just think that staff is just tool to make up business is appears. I will believe that it is TOKYO HOT to knock down and dump such a woman as like dust cloth. Please satisfy the desire of a melancholic man so that work from tomorrow may hold out. The snarl of a saucy woman superior of SENA EGAWA sounds in the office. The subordinate of a useless man who has only little hope in the future has been scolded at the meeting. However, subordinates are not keeping silence and not endure it. Subordinates who have collected dissatisfaction from usually lose their temper and gradually approach and surrounding SEAN and force fellatio. She is frightened due to an unexpected event. The scene that the woman who is always looking down on the person fill her mouth with cock while tremble with fear is so wonderful. After all, it is a woman, SENA is in a flurry for power of five subordinates. She should be submission to man from the beginning, but she got such treatment because she is arrogant due to misunderstand. The pussy of saucy SENA is played violently. However, subordinates’ anger is not calmed down only by the pussy and finger thrust into her anus hole. It is the most effective in such a woman that the body and the spirit are gradually destroyed in a disgrace way. She is blamed the vagina and the anus by the subordinate who was looking down on and feels extraordinary disgrace. In addition, fat wood and the toy are inserted to anus and superior’s dignity is blown off. Anyway, insult of subordinates to vagina and anus is persistent. It seems to tell how dissatisfaction had accumulated up to now. A translucent liquid appears in the vagina when pussy and anus is violently played by the rotor toy. Then, rotor toy that was put in the anus is pulling out as like bowel movements. SENA shows the expression that seems to cry because of shamefulness. I am sick of woman because of this. When she becomes disadvantageous, she changes radically from a saucy attitude and it begins to weep suddenly. Such rotted character was disliked. Such a woman should give damage as it is not possible to crawl up by fucking. She congests the pussy in red and ejaculates for the fucking on the sofa at the office. An expression that seems to be great vanishes completely and she turns into slut pig that is pierced with the cock and raises the pant voice. Then, it is the vaginal cum shot mercilessly though SENA entreats as say don’t make cum shot inside” while crying. The vaginal cum shot is special in the life to a saucy woman. However, subordinates’ anger has not been calmed down yet. A further attack is begun in order to train thoroughly and to make SENA to the slave. Fucking party continues and the cock is inserted even in her anus hole. The lower half of the body of SENA who is receiving hard attack as two and three holes simultaneously and cum shot into anus that causes abnormality to spirit is full of semen and love juice. Finally, it is the cum shower festival, the large amount of semen is collected into the pure machine of our original and it is injected into vagina. The end is PISS SHOT on the desk.

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