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Black Neighbours (2008)

Year: 2008
Genre: Gay Porn, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, rimming, black, group, big cock, cumshots
Duration: 1:52:15
Director: no info
Studio: Citebeur – Universblack
Cast: Malik and more…

These black muscle hunk neighbours have a great sense of hospitality and entertainment. A nice blowjob on a terrace, a good long-drink and a fuck, any excuse to get their big black dicks out of their trousers!
BLACK NEIGHBOURS, the fourth one of a series from EbonyD, takes you in a friendly neighborhood full of deep interaction. Those Black muscle hunks have a great sense of hospitality and entertainment. A nice blowjob on a terrace, a good long-drink and a fuck, any excuse to get their big black dicks out of their trousers. You also get to see some really dedicated workers, a plumber and some builders who don’t hesitate to geo the extra mile…or inch should I say? This is the perfect neighbor! BLACK NEIGHBOURS!

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ExtraBigDicks – The Disappearing Act: Aiden Lane & Chris Cox (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots
Duration: 00:19:32
Studio: ExtraBigDicks

Chris Cox is back in the house this week and he’s in for a real treat as we welcome a fan favorite on our brother site CircleJerkBoys, Mr. Aiden Lane. Aiden is 22 and from Ft. Lauderdale. Miami native Chris is 25 and we’re really glad to have him and that hung cock back. We asked these two if they could open a restaurant what would it serve and what they would name it. Aiden would want to open a beachside grill and probably name it “Wet Willies”. Chris would open a Cuban restaurant but isn’t sure what he’d call it. We then asked them if they were to find $100 on the floor in front of the mall what they would spend it on. Chris would want to buy shoes with it while Aiden admits that he’d jump in his car and head to the Hard Rock Casino. We then turned the focus on things of a naked nature. We wondered if they preferred a rim job or a blow job. They both would rather get a blow job. We asked them to describe their man and Chris turns to Aiden and says “Right here”. Aiden loves a tall guy with a big dick that has an ass that won’t quit. Well, let’s get these two started so that they can get their requests met…Blow jobs and more in store.

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Raw Power (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Bareback, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cum Eating, Black, Big Dick, Interracial, Creampie
Length: 2:29:22
Directed by: Marco Paris
Studio: RawStrokes
Starring: Remy Mars. Ass Professor. Antonio Biaggi. Mario Costa. Hot Rod. Robby Mendez
Description: Our movie called Raw Power has some real power in it. As you can always expect from rawstrokes.com First scene starts with our popular bottom Lil ‘Papi getting pounded by “his professor” Ass Professor. Both guys are freakingly into the sex they have and you can feel real chemistry. Ass Professor busts his nut on Lil ‘Papi’s ass and then shoves his huge dick inside him again to get some extra milk inside this bottom boy. Second scene is all about our popular bottom Robby Mendez who gets satisfied with 24 inches of pure dicks. Yes, he did it again. Another sizzling 3some where he takes Maseo’s and Hot Rod’s dicks and we are talking about some extra big ones!!! Watch Hot Rod seeding his ass at the end and Maseo shoots his load in his mouth. Next scene is between Derek Reynolds and our cubano hottie 11 inches dicked Mario Costa. If this name sounds familiar, you are right. He performed for such big studio like Falcon and a few more. This is his first bareback video and the only one he’s done for anyone! Watch this fucking hot boy with thick meat slamming it into beautiful bubble ass of Derek. Both mainstream porn models going raw for us. Scene four is all about Remy Mars taking Antonio’s Biaggi’s uncut meat. This is another hot scene from Antonio for rawstrokes. And as Remy proves it again, he’s one of the best bottoms out there today and has no problem with Antonio’s extra size. This scene is sizzling hot and you just can feel that those guys had really fun having sex in front of my camera. Last scene is between Hot Rod and Lil ‘Papi. As you can expect, Hot Rod is taking care of his cute bottom boy and he does it well with his monster. Papi gets Rod’s creamy load right on his face and mouth at the end of scene, like nasty boy suppose to. this is another great hot sizzling powerfull title from rawstrokes.com which shouldnt be missed by you, who either adore monster dicks or watching those sexi hungry bottoms taking em all

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ExtraBigDicks – Cole Harvey & Mario Costa "Blonde Ambition"

Year: July 6, 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots
Length: 00:19:13
DescriptionThis week we have our favorite Cuban cock in the house, Mario Costa. Mario is in for a treat. He’ll soon be getting his hands on, and dick in, 22yr old, Cole Harvey. For those of you unfamiliar with Mario, Mario is originally from Cuba; is 25 years old and packs a thick 9 “cock. We asked these two if they could have any car they desired what car would they pick. Mario has his heart set on a black Maserati with white interior. Cole would want an all black Lamborghini. We then asked Cole to describe the perfect cock. Cole looks to his side as he admits he may have just found it. We’re guessing Cole isn’t a size queen after all; but he can be impressed. We’re sure Mario won’t be letting him down any time soon. We then asked Mario to describe the perfect ass. Mario says the perfect ass is not too big or small but compact enough to grab on to as he plows inside. We then asked them to ponder the possibility of being invisible and getting to spy on whomever they chose to as they did the deed. Mario would want that to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Not a bad choice at all. Cole couldn’t think of one so he just jumped on the Brangelina band wagon. Luckily he’ll be jumping on a lot more than that in a minute …

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Mario Costa & Dylan Roberts

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: BigDicks, Kissing, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Length: 00:16:34

The Man, the Myth, the Cuban Legend is back on ExtraBigDicks.com with that 9 “uncut, monster python our members cant seem to get enough of. We, of course, are talking about none other than Mario Costa. Mario is a 24 year old local boy; and he brings an awful lot to any table. This week Mario helps us welcome a new face to EBD, Dylan Roberts. Dylan is 21 years old and from San Francisco, CA. Dylan was a huge success over on our brother site so we figured it was only fair to share. They break the ice by kissing as their hands start to roam. His shorts come off as we see his tight jock strap struggling to contain its content. Dylan drops to his knees for a closer inspection and soon has a fat Cuban cock in his hands as it throbs for more than a handshake. Dylan obliges and takes that delicious meat in his mouth. Dylan then stands up and drops his own drawers and he isnt skimping on portions either. Dylan has a rock hard, uncut cock thats damn near 8 “. Go White Boy! lol Mario takes to it like a calf and sucks that rod like theres candy on it. Dylan just watches as he gets his cock spit-polished by his Caribbean consort. Mario then puts Dylan on his back as he slowly starts to push his huge cock inside. Its not going in without a struggle as Dylan tries his best to He finally gets his knob inside and slowly but surely he manages to slide more and more in with every thrust until hes fucking that hot ass deep. Dylan can only groan and say his prayers as he moans and groans. His hot ass is stretched around that fat cock thats now pounding his hole. Mario braces himself on the back of Dylans thighs as he pumps away at that tight ass. He bends Dylan over and starts to fuck him doggy style. His fat cock now slides in with less resistance and now Dylans not groaning in pain but in ecstasy. “Oh, that feels good” he moans as Mario continues to pump away at his ass. Dylans ass is getting a proper fucking, but wait-theres more. Mario sits back and has Dylan sit on his cock. He bounces on that cock as his eyes roll into this head. This position gets them both close to climaxing sooner than they wanted to as they dismount and cum all over themselves. Leche all around, Boys.

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This video has been removed.