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Tokyo-Hot n0088 – A model slut – Asuka Shima

The woman who belongs to the model production has been fall a prey again. ASUKA SHIMA who has appeared to the fashion show and etc is sexy slut who is tall, slim and has long leg. This time, we have made very attractive video that including raw fuck, anus fuck, gangbang party, cum shower and so on. You might surely be desire in ASUKA who writhes to pleasure and the delight. It is not easy that the model also takes work. Exclusive model Asuka of the fashion magazine that boasts of the popularity that fully becomes a college woman and young girl is also similar, therefore her manager ask to ASUKA to make entertainment for sponsor in order to get the job. It is defeated at the manager’s pressing though it is a woman who disliked it. Though ASUKA denied it, she gives in to his enthusiasm finally and went to suit room of the some hotel. But the entertainment that waited to her is not drinking one but it is entertainment to use her body. Three naked sponsors welcome ASUKA, and they play her body as toy while what not being understood somehow. ASUKA is under manager and sponsors’ thumbs though she withstand. The crotch is touched while being massaged the tits, and cock is licked when she squatting down. The cock is pushed into the interior of the her throat and keep sucking sponsor’s smell and dirty cocks while drip down slaver with the expression that makes a sour face. The sponsor who is delighted to her suck appoints ASUKA to their CM girl and bring electric massage machine. The panty stocking of ASUKA who became M-leg posture on the sofa was slashed and her pussy taste violent vibration of massage machine. The pussy which the hair is beautifully shaved appears when the panty is cut and the pussy is exposed. Due to recent information, most of the model shave the under hair due to put on the T-back panty. The sponsor who gets excited is overjoyed intend to appoint her CM of their subsidiary company, and they bring big vibs toy and insert it into her pussy. The female ejaculation condition is inspected in the place where the pussy gets wet by her love juice. A different sponsor checks the tight condition of pussy of ASUKA who just passed female ejaculation test splendidly. Raw cock inserts and vaginal cum shot was made at once. Next, fellatio service was made to the other sponsor who has not excited much yet. But he can make mouthful cum shot easily due to her splendid technique. ASUKA should pass many examinations in order to appoint campaign girl. Then Pussy condition was checked by the toy and the raw fuck is a waiting as final examination to ASUKA who cleared a lot of toys. The manager voluntarily begins raw fuck in front of the sponsor. Sponsors who are looking on also enter and the gangbang party is started. The fucking escalates, and another sponsor inserts his cock into her anus hole. Two holes are closed with the cock, and ASUKA utter the pant voice to groan. The cock is held in an upper and lower mouth of ASUKA and sponsors delight to ASUKA who serves by turns. Finally, continues vaginal cum shot party was held at the missionary posture. The excitement cannot be concealed for semen that dripping from pussy of ASUKA that was made 4 vaginal cum shots and one shot to the anus hole. The cum shower party by fan club member is made after this. In order to become first of model, fun should be importantly entertained too. She should not forget appreciative words even if the smell and dirty semen is poured in the body. It is necessary to clear a lot of obstacles like this to become a first model. The model who active with a magazine and TV recently also may have done the same thing !? I want to become a sponsor, too.

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