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Impish Ezequiel could almost be mistaken for American porn star Brett Everett, although this passionately straight boy would never acknowledge a resemblance. Confidentially, we think he could easily pass for Bretts younger brother (but dont tell Ezequiel we said so!) Maybe they should be paired as brothers in a movie?

Punky, streety, and slightly tough looking, Ezequiel was only the second model we ever found and filmed for Buenos Boys. We found him sitting with his girlfriend of the time at a lovely park in San Telmo. I approached them, introducing myself as a modeling agent that was interested in both of them I didnt think she would let him out of her sight!

They both came to the casting call, but as in the movie Fame where the soulful LeRoy outshines the girl he came to support, Ezequiel completely eclipsed his female counterpart. I told them we were looking for swimwear models and would only be needing Ezequiel. So on the day of the shoot, he came alone.

He seemed to instinctively know that the swimsuit line was just thata line, and stripped without hesitation. He was a bit shy but open to doing whatever it took to get a good scene. He hadnt done anything quite like jerking off for strangers in front of a camera before. He has beautiful, smooth skin, and a tight little body with the kind of muscles you see on street kids who dont work out in gyms.

With his fine bubble butt and not-too-big, not-too-small dick, its certainly easy to imagine the good times he gives that girlfriend who thinks hes off modeling thongs.

He is so typical of your average kid-on-the-street in Buenos Aires, and yet once you get him alone and study him with a camera, you start to appreciate all the little things that make him his own person. Kind of macho, he nonetheless has an unusual little tattoo on the back of his neck of the theatrical masks of comedy and drama, spiky hair with highlights, and an overall more than meets the eye quality that makes you wonder what he will do in life, or who and what he could turn into down the road. Stay out of trouble, Ezequiel!

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