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Sex/Life in L.A. (1998)

Categories: Documentary, Porn Stars Off-Camera, Interview/Talking to the Camera, Softcore, Erotica, Freshmen, Daddies, Masturbation, Piercing, Tattoo
Starring: Tony Ward, Ron Athey, Rick Castro, Cole Tucker, Matt Bradshaw, Kevin Kramer
Studio: Strand Releasing

It’s not easy making a buck. But if you’re young and beautiful and willing to use your body, then Los Angeles is the best place in the world to ply your wares. With that in mind, German filmmaker traveled to L.A. in search of the men who make their living by using their body as an object of desire or the subject of art abd thus – Sex/Life in L.A..
The men he interviews include successful sex workers, sex worker wannabes, models, a photographer, and performance artist. There is rough trade actor, model, and former Madonna boyfriend Tony Ward (Hustler White); body piercing performance artist Ron Athey; photographer Rick Castro (who picks up a Santa Monica hustler for a nude modeling session); and several gay porn stars including daddy top-man Cole Tucker, hunky Matt Bradshaw, and dreamy blonde bottom Kevin Kramer.
Of particular interest is Ward, a former street hustler, whose cocky sexuality propelled him to modeling and a fling with Madonna, only to see it all destroyed, leaving him alone, masturbating in the tub while the camera coolly gazes. While certainly not hardcore gay porn, this is a fascinating, stimulating, and at times, erotically funny documentary. Enjoy!..

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Duration: 01:29:52
Resolution: 720×544
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Lito and Jesse

Consummate topman Lito Cruz gives Jesse the full works, kissing, rimming, and fingering the horny bottom before pounding him six ways to Sunday. Jesse’s smile makes it obvious that he’s loving every second of it; when Lito fucks the smile right off his face, Jesse’s desperate moans are even better proof of his pure pleasure. After Lito shoots his wad all over Jesse’s perfect ass and up his well-used fuck chute, the bottom is left utterly satisfied and too worn out to move, except for one last grin.

Genres: bareback, oral, anal sex, cumshots
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File size: 192.7 MB

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