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Alien Swamp Sex – 36" alien cock all the way in (2011)

The powerful and distant race of Hebruces came to help the dying race of Trimons prevail in the everlasting war with the undefeated Galactic Girls. The Hebruces have figured out a growth serum that combined with interracial breeding will make the Galactic Girl grow a huge alien penis and turn against her own. The green sexually driven aliens have captured the tiny but strong in the faith, galactic girl Audrey Lords. The 36” cock Hebruce brought Audrey to his alien swamp to execute the important task. Audrey put a big fight, but she was 3 times smaller than the Alien Breeder. The Hebruce injected the serum and Audrey felt helpless. He put her inside the sex swamp and started the sexual game. The alien covered the girl with slime, which triggered her basic sexual instincts and made her pussy The alien new that Audrey’s pussy is too tight for the 36” fat green dick, so he had to probe her with slimy sex toys first. Check out this exclusive alien sex episode and find out if the kinky Alien was able to penetrate the Galactic Girl with his 36″ long dick?! Stay tuned to the next episode and find out if the Galactic Girl grew a huge Alien Penis?!
Format: mpg
Resolution: 1920×1080
Runtime: 19 min.
Filesize: 787 Mb

File size: 755.7 MB