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Down For The Count [Catalina 1987].wmv

Studio: Catalina
Cast: Kurt Bauer, Chad Johnson, Danny Russo, Dave Phillips, David Dabello, Eric Manchester, Joe Fuller, Kyle McGyver, Matt Forrest, Ricky Rhodes, Sven Erikson
Director: Scott Masters
Screenwriter: Scott Masters
Genre: pre-condom, jocks, bareback, vintage, wrestling
Year: 1987
Runtime: 78 min
Country: USA
Right up there with All Worlds’ Rassle, here another good – not great, but very good – wrestling-themed flick. Whole there is some singlet fun, it’s not a full-on grappling movie, just know that in advance. On the plus side, this one features plenty of pre-condom era buttriding – there’s nothing like watching uncut donkey-donged Chad Johnson whip that crazy-big tool of his around. The rest of the cast is up to snuff (sniff?) as well. The thin plot centers around wrestling team star Eric Manchester and his horny teammates.

You won’t care too much about the story, but the sex is more than eye-opening. And you have to love the new cover art that Channel 1 Releasing created for this puppy. Take it down and slam it home!
-Rick W. Ski



File size: 560.7 MB

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