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Pussy Torture: The Wooden Pony

It is apparently from the defunct site bdsmandbondage Laura is a curly dirty blonde MILF with probably fake boobs who acts as a very submissive slave housewife to her master.

For 30+ mins you can see her leg, stomach and arm muscles strain to take the pressure off her clit and the pony riding is said to take place over an entire workday. Within 12 mins. she is begging her master to her (with a weird echo effect). Supposedly the temperature can get up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the garage where Laura is forced to ride the wooden pony so there is a sheen of sweat covering her body after she has supposedly been riding the pony for hours.

Breakdown by section:
The first 12 mins or so is just previews for other seemingly amateur style videos starring Laura including filling a bucket hanging from her pussy, being hogtied and fucked, and an interracial gangbang.

The setup afterwards is that Laura has been lazy around the house while her master works and thus she is punished with a long ride on the wooden pony. Supposedly the action is watched by her master at work via webcam (though there is plenty of zooming in, switching angles, and close-ups).

The horseriding action doesn’t start until 34:51 in. Throughout the video cuts to her master giving his thoughts interview style.

Duration : 01:04:39
Resolution : 576×432
Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 1 871 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 928.8 MB

Rick Masters & B&D Pleasures – Tape #3 DVD

For over a decade, ZFX has been a fan favorite. What started as one wildly popular amateur video has grown into a formidable production company. We are proud to present the original ZFX and two more masterfully crafted tales of torment from the twisted mind of Rick Masters for the first time on DVD. All fully restored and digitally re-mastered. These three uncut, uncensored, full-length bondage extravaganzas are a must have for any watcher of the bound and bizarre. Extreme tortures, duct tape wrappings, electrical shocks, whippings and more await you…

File size: 559.9 MB

DeviceBondage Feb 11, 2011 – Pussy Punishment

Sergeant Major is back, this time to fuck with Sloane Soleil. Sloane is a sexy little cock-tease, and the Sarge hopes a little rough handling will help straighten her out. If that pussy wants attention, that pussy’s gonna get it. Lots.
The Sarge straps her arms and hands together with leather, cuts off her trampy clothes, and whips her ass and tits. He gags her with a rope tied to a cold metal hook shoved deep in Sloane’s tight ass. Sloane cums hard, whimpering on the floor like the whore she is.
Sloane gets strung up by her ankles, arms belted tight to her sides. She is gagged and helpless to stop the brutal flogging that colors her pussy and ass red. Sarge clothespins her sweet little puffy tits, fills her wet cunt with dick, and chokes her while she cums hard upside-down.
Sloane’s pussy gets more punishment on the wooden horse, with her weight pressed down on that sore little clit. The Sarge flogs and vibrates
Sloane’s oversensitive cunt. Sloane drools all over herself while clothespins are clipped up and down the front of her body, then whipped off one by one. The Sarge rips a couple more intense orgasms from that poor little spent pussy.
Sarge pushes Sloane’s puffy red cunt over the edge by binding her on the Sybian. Sloane helplessly cums again and again, while Sarge continues to overwhelm her with breath play and pussy flogging.

Studio: DeviceBondage / Kink

File size: 524.8 MB