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[H-Video] Magical Girl Isca vol. 03 – Falling Into Prurience

Release : Aug/26/2011

Genji, having blown off by Isca, goes deep into the womb of the Lucus trapped in a spiderweb and regains his magical power.
On the other hand, Isca fights against Bugs who is disguised as Tear. By the spiritual attack from Bugs, Isca is finally captured by tentacles that make her depraved…
The story is heading towards the bad ending of the total defeat…!!

Highlights of the third and final volume
The magical girl falls into corrupting pleasures by tentacles!
Pregnancy, egg-laying and worm production, futanari… The sexual discipline ruins the friendship between Isca and Tsumiki!

File size: 614.3 MB

Tokyo-Hot n0132 – A Slender Model – Rio Sakaki

The slut who fall a prey in this time is RIO SAKAKI of slender model. The dream of RIO is to become a Race Queen and to give everyone the dream. It is photo session of Race Queen today. RIO is enthusiastic because she wants to become a famous when making one’s name a household word by the photo session. She answers the supervisor’s lascivious order with a smile. However, our brute team surrounding her with put out the cock before she is aware. She thinks that it is important to make everyone is pleased and therefore RIO fits in our trap and suck cocks. Such a serious girl becoming the saucer of semen, TOKYO HOT, there is limit for the villainy! Moreover, the final human urinal of our new weapon is dared this time. Hat was taken off to the act that looks down dignity of human in the hell. RIO is surrounded by four cocks during photo session and begins compulsion fellatio. The cannon cock is inserted in the interior of the throat and making fellatio while a large amount of saliva is dripped. The play of puzzled for the unexpectedness situation gets excited. In addition, RIO is ordered that entertain an active racer now and is compelled fellatio service. Even if she receives a large amount of semen on the tongue, she doesn’t root out the smile. Then, various vibs toys are inserted in her pussy by the continuing scene. There is the length of 1m or more and the ostium of the vagina extends surprisingly greatly. RIO ejaculates when the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine while the toy put in the vagina. The pussy after the toy is taken out keep to open greatly and joy juice that becomes cloudy has dropped from her pussy. The cloudiness joy juice overflows further in the vicinity of the womb entrance when it peeps compulsorily into the inside of the dripping vagina. The scene is changed to the sofa and raw fuck start at backward woman on top posture. RIO utters the pant voice to ejaculate by insertion at the standing back posture for a long time and vaginal cum shot was made as it is. At the moment when semen flows from the pussy, her ejaculation stops and RIO stares into vacant space in the expression made a blank surprise. It is a momentary event that RIO falls from beautiful slender Race Queen to the slut of saucer of semen. The race queen costume may unnecessary for the slut of saucer of semen, they moved to the bed and start fuck with nothing on. In addition, the villainy of two brute joins and her mouth is closed with the cocks and it is three continuous vaginal cum shot. The ability of her pussy exceeds a critical point by the continuously of violent raw insertion. It seems that the muscle in the vagina lose power to shrink while expanding, a large amount of semen injected in the vagina keeps staying in the vagina. The pussy loses the function to exhaust the semen besides the vagina, and RIO became to slut only of the acceptance of any splashed semen. RIO gets to know herself who falls to the final human urinal of new weapon only for semen at the same time as studying road of the slut of semen saucer thoroughly. Last is cum shower party, RIO is covered genuine urinal on her head as like human urinal. The toilet has already turned into a part of body though RIO tries to smile at the disgrace situation. Semen of total 13 is splashed on the face of RIO in the urinal. The final human urinal utter the word “Thank you”, “Please make me beautiful” every time semen scatters to the face. The lid of the urinal is closed with the face made dirty by semen and it ends. Though I often think in the rest room, I do not know why but the cock is erected only at such time. If it is this final human urinal at such time, semen is immediately processed. Though it seems still to be a prototype, everyone might be pleased if it is completed. It is more useful than the Race Queen.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:11:54.768
File Size: 727.5 MiB
Video: XviD 1 306 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: 80.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
File size: 763.9 MB