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Tokyo-Hot n0174 – A Doll To Drink Cum 2 – Erina Mizuki

This is the second series of ERINA MIZUKI who drink semen deliciously contrary to pretty appearance. It is understood by the way of talk as calm and lisp, ERINA is young miss in fact. Today, ERINA took off the clothes on the bed of room of boyfriend and greatly open the leg. She is really lascivious slut. However, after lovers mode play with boyfriend, it rush into the devil mode at once. The appearance of a slut who is falling by consecutively of powerful insult is so attractive. Let’s expect it of the reckless driving of TOKYO HOT this time, too. Boyfriend’s friend intrudes into to the place where ERINA and the boyfriend are enjoying playing. The boyfriend and the friend begin to grope ERINA together. Pussy of ERIAN is already wet in violent finger fuck and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes, too. In addition, the attacks of the rotor and vibs toy make pussy wets with a large amount of joy juice. ERINA ejaculates when pussy and clitoris are stimulated with the vibs toy at the same time. A white solid is cling to the vagina wall when it peeps into the interior of the vagina in Cuzco. The boyfriend who saw it rages to say “it is the semen inside, you might have an affair”. And juniors who save up a large amount of semen are gathered and make ERINA to suck their cocks. Juniors who gather are six people and fellatio party starts. ERINA make fellatio juniors’ cocks holding it in her mouth one after another. ERINA starts masturbating further. While two juniors watch the masturbation, semen splashed it in a palm of ERINA in succession and ERINA takes semen by scooping it licking by the tongue. Inside of her mouth is pure-white by the semen and it is so lascivious spectacle. The boyfriend and juniors may be satisfied and leave ERIAN in the room and go to Karaoke afterwards. The big brother of boyfriend appears there. He suddenly groped pussy of ERINA with the appearance that masturbated on. The cock is inserted at the woman on top posture after compulsion fellatio. The lewd sound is made at the joining part at the moment of insertion and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy. Violent piston at the bending posture is made in the sofa after standing back posture. ERINA violently resists a word of “Make a vagina cum shot”. However, he carries out vaginal cum shot. The semen that flows backward doesn’t fall immediately dripping, stay at the entrance of the vagina, and agglomerate. Though ERINA is amazed for a shock of vaginal cum shot for a while, the boyfriend and 1 of the juniors comes back there. The second elder brother of boyfriend is also there. The boyfriend is youngest brother of three brothers and has another two big brothers. The second son immediately thrusts cock into pussy that is made dirty by the vaginal cum shot and starts fucking. The boyfriend also joining and 3P play begins. Boyfriend’s cock pierces from the under at the woman on top posture after second son’s violent piston at the missionary posture. It gets greatly excited by 3P play that sucks cock while being fucked by doggie back posture. They are real busters who are famous as three cruel brothers who were playing when the woman was caught. The second son made vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture and boyfriend insert his cock immediately afterwards. The semen of the second son that blew the bubble and flowed backward was pushed with the cock again in the vagina. The junior also inserts cock continuously and made vaginal cum shot immediately at the missionary posture. Last is cum shower party by the residents in apartment houses who have hard the rumor of ERINA who favorite semen. The semen pure PET bottle of special made by TOKYO HOT is thrust into pussy of ERINA. The semen of eight total people is poured and the end is compulsory excretion of customary of TOKYO HOT. A large amount of semen drips and drops when pussy is stirred by the finger. The last ends by a large amount of PISS SHOT scene to which the pussy is greatly expanded by the finger. The boyfriend goes to meet the lover of the favorite after this. She was easily thrown away after a large amount of semen being injected. When throw away slut, let’s put it on a specified place. The person in charge of the collection of TOKYO HOT collects and it throws into the sea. It is easier and is more inexpensive than the personal computer abandonment.

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