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PainGate – Regular Discipline

A very severe whipping of a young inmate on the whipping post
At least once a week every inmate at the PainGate Prison has to endure a corporal punishment.
In many of the cases the whipping post is used to fix the young delinquent.
Witness such a long latsing regular discipline. Different whips and singletails are used with full force on the naked body.
Even if it looks very cruel, think about what these girls have done – they are criminals!

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PAIN GATE – Josephine’s initiation

Sweet Josephine is bound tied to a whipping bench. To lift her head and to inflict more pain a rope is fixed tied from the hair through her pussy. Now it’s her own decision: with every single move the poor girl cuts the rope deeper into her pussy, rubbing her clit. And than the beating starts.
Enjoy merciless lashes with the bullwhip across the beautiful open ass and her hips. Finally the cane will dance on the already sore bottom.

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