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Hard Tied – Wenona April 11, 2007

A favorite at Insex because of her athletic flexible body, Wenona takes intense bondage in a series of complex scenes. Toes tied to thumbs, firelube, copious drool, tickling, and nipple pullers quickly lead to her first orgasm. Then with knees tied together and mouth cranked open with the pear gag, she’s pulled by the tits back and forth along thick manila rope, rubbing her sensitized clit raw. In a final heavy pussy flogging scene, she’s bound with her ankles over her head and lashed down so she can’t move. Inflatable cock, vibrator, and bright red pussy make for one hell of an orgasm, shooting out the cock and squirting all over the floor.

Format: rm
Video: RealVideo 4 640×480 15.00fps 350Kbps
Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz stereo
Length: 00:39:36

File size: 128.3 MB

Wenona Hairpinned – Nakedgord

Wenona is back with a few new tricks to show us along with some help from Gord and Lydia… But first she limbers up. Now here’s an interesting view my friends! What a lovely little rear-end Wenona has! And, as you can see, there are a few electro devices being attached to give Wenona a better, more “electrified” experience…

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: Nakedgord/Houseofgord
Duration: 00:13:32
Starring: Wenona, Lydia McLane, Gord

Quality: SiteRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720*480, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 319 kbps

File size: 129.2 MB

PerfectSlave – Jan 06, 2011 – Cherry Torn

I can never see enough of Cherry…Her lovely body, amazing breasts, just everything about her…I take particular joy in seeing her struggle and today is no exception…We have her bound tightly to the cross and Cherry takes awhile to come to terms with her situation. The pole mounted vibe reminds her of her role however… Cherry is ours today and she will cum…

File size: 110.9 MB

WP – Dec 30, 2010 – Nika Noire and Victoria White

It’s always fun to watch a sweet and innocent looking blonde get completely destroyed by a fierce brunette dominatrix. Nika Noire plays Victoria White’s body like a fiddle, shocking her senseless, slapping her back to reality, and making her squirt cum all over the floor. Update includes electrical predicament bondage, face slapping, rough lesbian strap-on sex, zappers, electric dildos, a zipper, foot worship, ass worship, squirting, and good chemistry between two smoking hot babes!

File Size: 820 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 01:02:24
Format: WMV

File size: 836.2 MB

InfernalRestraints [2007-05-04] PRANCING PARADE featuring Wenona

Step 1 The Setup
She looks confident, maybe a little smug, strapped the length of her body to a metal grate. It’s an easy position for a bondage pro like Wenona, known for her muscular, flexible physique. But this is PD we’re talking about. He starts with a thin wire cane on her ass. Wenona’s a screecher. It’s girls like Wenona that lead one to appreciate tape and a muzzle. He lectures Wenona on the means of inducing terror as he tapes her eyes. Embedded within the of terror, one finds terror itself. A singular example of the merging of cause and consequence.
Step 2 Over-stimulation as Preparation
Start with a car jack, two pipes, and stainless steel anal beads. Add Mr. Pogo and a vibrator. Strap the girl’s head upward to restrict movement. Use a heavy cane on her ass. She comes with a howl. He slides her over to the side as though bored. The lights go dark.
Step 3 The Payoff
The Hackle, a PD creation. Wenona rests within its grip delicately, afraid to move. A metal bar connects her neck, wrists, and the sensitive flesh of her inner ass vis-a-vis an ass hook. The Hackle – perhaps the ultimate posture collar, transmitting every movement of the spine directly to her inner ass.
Steel spring clamps dangle bells from her nipples. A gag screws into her mouth to keep down the noise. She’s made to walk, lifting each beautifully sculpted thigh high. The strain is clear. She moans and groans. A film of sweat dampens her skin. She takes on a blush. A string of drool hangs from mouth to floor. A vibrator hums in her pussy. She comes, barely able to stay on her feet. But of course, she must. The Hackle won’t let her off that easy.
Locked in the Chinese cangue, we see only a head, two hands, and two legs from knee to toes. She’s lifted this way and flogged. He sets her swinging. . .

File size: 96.5 MB