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Sexual Fantasy Kingdom IV – Futanari Kingdom

Welcome back to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!

In this volume, girls around the kingdom are transforming into futanari, with big insatiable cocks!
-An adventuress becomes a futanari while out on a quest.
-A peasant girl learns how to satisfy her long, new cock.
-The pregnant Princess transforms, to the surprise of her handmaidens.
-A barmaid and customer feel the side effects of ‘elf-milk’.
-A holy knight changes during combat training.
-A vampire’s hunt is cut short when she turns into a futanari.
-The Magistrate transforms in her private chambers after a bath.
-Bonus scene: A magic shop witch attempts to create a cure by gathering sperm samples from all the new futanari.

8 scenes with 20+ characters, 30+ animated positions and 300+ CGs, featuring futanari, breast sex, double-penetration, internal cumshot, bukkake, and more!

File size: 191.9 MB