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Beefed Up Jerk Off (2010)

Categories: All Solo Sex, Compilation, Uncut Cocks, Muscle Men, Big Cocks, Hairy, Horsehung, Latin
Starring: Bruno, Leandro Silver, Andreas, Pedro Andreas, Pierre Sias, Antonio Cavalli, Vinnie D’Angelo, Sebastian, Robin Franteira, Marco de Brute, Daniel Marvin, Carioca, Nathan Price
Studio: Alphamale Media

It’s a spunk covered collection of solo sessions from some of the hottest Alphamale fuckers, as they jerk, wank, tug, rub and stroke themselves to climax and spurt bucket loads of cum across their huge, rippling physiques, from huge meaty pecs to thick, powerful thighs. With names like Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Nathan Price and Vinnie D’Angelo, how could you resist Beefed Up Jerk Off?
Kicking off the cum soaked madness, we meet gorgeous black stud Bruno, who invites us to join him with some very special exercises that involve working off the tension in his thick ebony member! Watching the pearly white cum drip off his cocoa colored skin makes this one very hot scene! Next we have a gorgeous Latin stud Leandro Silver getting wet by the pool in more ways than one and Brazilian hunk Andres who reveals his awesomely muscled and tattooed body, before his meaty cock springs out of his pants, getting him wanking furiously in his office chair! The scenes finish off with the first of two appearances by the gorgeous beefcake from Rio, Pedro Andreas who treats us to a massive helping of his thick, hot spunk!
We meet stubbly stud Piers on a private balcony, where we get a spectacular view of his hairy chest and stomach, as he slowly and seductively displays his meaty arse and big, thick cock as he brings himself to a creamy climax! Hope the spunk doesn’t get stuck in his fur! Then we’re in the gym for a full body workout with Antonio, who gives cameraman Trojan Rock a good, hard look at his rippling physique while he plays with his cut cock in the mirror before blowing his load all over it! Next, Vinnie D’Angelo rubs some baby oil all over himself, across his meaty chest and thighs, before using it to lube up his deliciously thick cut cock. Finally we take a shower with hairy bear cub Sebastian, who is covered in a gorgeously thick layer of fur and has a cock you could feast on for days!
Robin Fanteria wakes up with morning wood and has to alleviate it with a long, hard jerk off. Sock lovers will be in for a treat in this scene as Robin keeps on his thick white gym socks as he jerks in just the socks and a cock ring! Then we’re back with the beautiful Pedro Andreas as he rubs some lotion into his enormous chest, and then bends over to display his huge bubble butt and delicious hole, before flipping over to play with his long, thick cock all over again! Next is hyper masculine Marco deBrute, who rubs down his cock with spit, before wanking hard and playing with his big, erect nipples and very hairy chest! Last, but by no means least, we catch up with the stunning stud Daniel Marvin, who shows off his huge chest and strong thighs on a staircase, before spunking all over the steps!
The last scene is definitely by no means least, as we meet up with black stud Carioca who takes off his hard hat and gets out his hard cock to prove he’s a workman who knows how to work a tool! Then we’re in Rio with Big Roger who invites us to take a shower with him as he rubs down his massive (and I mean, massive) body before coating himself in cum, what’s the fun in getting clean if you can’t get a little dirty first? And finally we have hairy hunk Nathan Price who cruises the streets of Soho until he gets so turned on he has to head to his office for a good hard wank! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:49:06
Resolution: 848×480
Size: 1.23 GB

File size: 1.1 GB