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Cool Sheets (1989)

Street Date: 1989
Title: Cool Sheets
Runtime: 1:17:14
Category: Feature, Anal, Oral
Company: Plum Productions
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Jon Martin, Randy West, Victoria Paris, Tianna, Cheri Taylor

Cool Sheets is a porn movie of the old school, i.e. there is a plot of sorts, beautiful women who look natural and a cast who at least try to act. It could be said that this movie belongs to that era described as the Golden Age of Porn, although to my mind, Golden Age of Porn is like saying High Class Hooker, it is a contradiction in terms. I wonder how many porn actresses would describe having sex every which way with streams of men as the golden years of their lives. Readers will notice that I have not mentioned the male actors, but they would have enjoyed it wouldn’t they?
The plot, such as it is, concerns Buddy (Jon Martin) who cannot attract a girlfriend and who wishes he was more like his friend Mickey, played by Randy West who is a hit with the ladies. Mickey is the luckiest guy in the world, having the gorgeous Victoria Paris as his girlfriend and Buddy imagines what it must be like being Mickey.
This being a porn movie, it goes without saying that the women are stunningly attractive. Randy West struts his body-builder physique and Jon Martin looks the typical athlete although it would be difficult to imagine a guy like him unable to attract girls. The acting and delivery of dialogue between sex scenes could have been more convincing but ultimately, this movie belongs to Victoria Paris who, with her taught body and toned complexion is showcased at the peak of her career.
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Format: AVI
Video: DivX 5 640×480 29.97fps 1499Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 905.6 MB

Night Trips

The size 700.36 Mb
Year of 1989
The country: the USA
Genre: All sex
Duration: 01:13:02
Transfer: No
The director: Andrew Blake
In roles: Tori Welles, Porsche Lynn, Victoria Paris, Tanya Devries, Randy Spears, Peter North, Ray Victory, Marc De Bruin

The description: the Debut film of the leading stylist of a frank genre of Andrew Blejka. This tape it as if has erased former borders and porno possibilities from abc-books, having created a film as much as possible different from all predecessors both bewitching actor’s game, and unprecedented hitherto technics of shootings. In itself this film has created new standards, to fall below which henceforth became impossible. He and until now throws down a challenge to other directors: if cannot make better – at least be not in the way. «Night dreams» not simply best seller, it till now the most sold pornofilm in the world. And after all has passed 18 years since that moment as it has been made!

Short plot: the Main heroine of a film, Tori, suffers from frigidity. Any man cannot satisfy it, and even does not bring pleasure. With this problem it goes to the psychotherapist who suggests to find problem roots in its dreams. By means of the special car of dreams it immerses the patient in the world of uncontrollable dreams, where to its services any carnal joys which only can be desired. But now Tori are frightened by thought on returning in a reality …

File size: 700.3 MB

Last Rumba In Paris (1989)

Categories: Classic, All Sex, Feature, Parody
Starring: Bionca, Christina Bell, Porsche Lynn, Stephanie Rage, Victoria Paris, Jamie Gillis, Jon Dough, Mike Horner, Roberto Malone
Studio: VCA

The Hottest Thing Since the Horizontal Mambo! What happens when you take a handful of America’s hottest erotic superstars and fly them to Paris for some Unadulterated action, European Style? You don’t need a Master’s Degree to figure out that it adds up to a whole mess of sex- with a little intrigue thrown in for good measure. Last Rumba in Paris… No dancing lessons required. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:21:31
Resolution: 624×480
Size: 0.732 GB

File size: 696.3 MB