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Tokyo-Hot n0115 – A Lovely Girl – Momo Kitagami

Moreover, we have scouted the wonderful slut of MOMO KITAGAMI who has the lovely face. Such a slut having still remained, world is still so wide. Anyway, our devil brute make punishment to this MOMO. Well, what will be happen to MOMO?? The teacher calls student council president MOMO who neglect study recently and preaches. MOMO seems to cry with distressed face because her promotion is in just borderline. The teacher who saw such MOMO starts sexual training that called education. When masturbation is compelled, MOMO responds obediently. When the panty is taken off and the pussy is exposed, yes, she has no under hair. When major labia are opened, the oral of the pink color greatly opens the mouth. MOMO gets wet little by little while panting when just touching clitoris only. Though it was thought that MOMO was a virgin, however it was proved that MOMO is little lascivious girl. The enlarged clitoris swells when the finger is put in the vagina and it begins to move it violently. The lascivious sound is sounding and she got the acme. Next, other teacher appears and fellatio play starts. The erected cock is grasped dearly and MOMO lick it from head with her skillful tongue. The scene that MOMO suck the cock till root is excitement level 95%. Why do you sometimes feel the guilt with a smile of showing toward the screen? Then it is mouthful cum shot after violent piston. The teacher who cannot conceal the color of the excitement calls other teachers and it rush into group fellatio party. Three cocks are sucked and push into the interior of the throat and slaver dripping down from her mouth. It is hard teachers’ cock attacks to MOMO who requests permission. It is excitement level 100%. Devil teachers who get the switch on mode do not satisfy only fellatio and starts pussy training to use toy. At the first, split bar inserted into her pussy at the lift hip up posture and juice bottle and vibs toy inserted afterward. They insert toy into vagina without mercy at the lift hip up posture and clitoris is attacked emphatically at the M-leg posture. MOMO keeps enduring teachers’ severe attacks though she faints in agony. However, when MOMO is attacked with the electric massage machine, she ejaculates and reaches acme. Then cock attack is waiting after female ejaculation and transparent cuzco play. At the first, raw cock is inserting at the standing back posture. When the cock is inserted in the pussy, MOMO made a sweet expression unlike the toy play. It goes in and out so that the cock may run over and tear the pussy and is very erotic. Two more cocks rush into and they occupied her both hand and 4P play is started. They treat MOMO as their toy and enjoy her as like as they want at the back, banding and lift hip up posture. And then, the end of the fucking is continuous vaginal cum shot. Each one splashed semen into vagina of MOMO at the missionary, doggie back, modified side and monkey back posture. The scene of the continuous vaginal cum shot that seen by the non-stop is must see. Hat is taken off to cruelty that stirs the semen by the female ejaculation afterwards. Someone who does not think it is satisfied by this, yes, there is some more. Of course, it is cum shower party. Cock is squeezing and semen makes MOMO to become dirty as bedaub to the face. MOMO is intoxicated with semen packing that contain much protein might have the silky skin and becomes a beautiful skin nymph. It is only semen packing that creates beautiful skin after all.

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