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[Active Duty] A Night in the Army

Sam and Lorenzo are straight friends who swear about the gay things they won’t do. That is, until director Dink gets his hands on them… literally! Will one night be enough to get these Army boys cumming back for more?

1. Sam and Lorenzo Bond
This scene starts out with me telling both of the guys that we are about to do something “different” and that they are going to help each other experience something new. I leave the room (with the camera recording) and the two guys begin laying down the law about what they will and won’t do. Lorenzo says he “aint sucking no dick or fuckin’ no ass” and Sam agrees. They then explore the options of what they will do if a “whore” is brought into the picture, but Sam quickly dispells this possibility by telling Lorenzo that a “whore” would not come to the house because there are too many guys there. With this option dead, Lorenzo returns to his lines of how he wont touch a cock, etc. He even says at one point that the “bottom line here is I aint leaving this house gay” and then as the two lay there on the bed together in their boxer shorts, Lorenzo says “In fact, I don’t even know what I’m doing laying next to you on this bed in my underwear.”

To the viewer it quickly becomes apparent that all this talk back and forth is a example of “one’s scared and the other one is glad of it” syndrome. Here you have two friends that have been hanging around with each other for about a year now. They’ve gone out together, done all the normal guy things together and have now found themselves in a situation quite new to the both of them. Before I return to the room, Sam decides to go into the bathroom to allow Lorenzo to jack off and then Lorenzo is supposed to return the courtesy, but I come back into the room just in time and coax Sam back out of the bathroom and next to Lorenzo who is holding a very large hard-on. The two of them finally get into doing what guys do when they watch porno. I tell Lorenzo to watch Sam jerk off and I leave the room again. And boy does Lorenzo watch (even at one point comapring the size of their cocks). Writing a description for this scene is very hard so I’ll leave it to your own judgement when you watch it of how much of a bonding scene it was.

2. Sam, later that night
After Sam and Lorenzo complete their double jerk-off/bonding session, Lorenzo and I go back out and join a buddy of theirs in the bar while Sam stays behind still watching porn, this time playing with a jock-strap. Amazingly, while left alone he puts on another very good show for the camera (it’s obvious he’s enjoying being the star). Someone is standing outside the door peeping through the crack watching Sam. Sam notices this and at first covers himself. Then the mystery of who it is overtakes him I think and he goes for it full force as if he is doing it for an audience and blows another load. Who was outside watching? Was it Lorenzo? We’ll never know and neither will Sam.

3. Dink jerks off Lorenzo while Sam mans the camera
Sam and Lorenzo have returned for another visit. This time I bring Lorenzo into the room where I have several spanking devices laid out on the bed. Riding crop, leather paddles and restraints. I tease him and tell him tonight we are going to do something extremely different. Lorenzo smokes his cigarette fast as he looks the stuff over and says “hell no I aint doing that shit.” I just laugh at him and tell him I am playing with him. I get him in postion on the bed and we start bantering back and forth. He pulls out a nice hard-on and starts teasing me with it. Showing it proudly to the camera and asking me if it’s big enough and if I want to touch it. I pull out a dildo from the drawer and give it to him to compare with his. He asks me which one I’d rather play with and I quickly tell him his. I call Sam into the room (almost at Lorenzo’s suggestion) so he can film the scene and I jerk Lorenzo off to a nice explosion as his best friend films the whole episode.

4. Sam makes a solo visit and Dink jerks him off
Sam calls out of the blue and wants to know if he can come over by himself. Of course I agree. He comes over looking like a million bucks and I turn the camera on and sit it on the coffee table in front of him aiming right at his crotch. I go about doing things around the house and all the while we are chatting back and forth and I tell Sam that I have to be “good” tonight because he wont let me be bad. Eventually after his huge cock is out and hard I tell him he should go with the crowd and let me be bad. He teases me with his hard-on and asks how bad I will be if he lets me. I tell him that I am a “professional cock jacker” and that I know how to really jerk a cock good. He says he knows this from watching me jerk off Lorenzo. Finally, he holds his big cock at the base and tells me to “Come give it my best shot.” I go over and latch onto the huge pole and jerk it to a nice completion. Sam and I have bonded!

Lorenzo has to back up his words and get sucked by Dink
Lorenzo is as much a master at talking shit and teasing as I am at getting a guy to take off his clothes. ÊHe strips down and starts his usual teasing with his huge cock. I tell him how bad I want to suck it and he tells me that it’s “right here come get it.” I tell him to move forward and he says “no, you come get it.” I tell him he’ll have to hold the camera and he motions for me to give it to him. I hand him the camera and tell him to scoot forward and he moves forward to postion me between his legs. My editor put a block circle around my face so you can’t see me completely (you know how shy I am) but you can see my mouth and you can see it go down on Lorenzo’s huge manmeat as I deep throat his cock. In the excitement of the moment Lorenzo lets the camera focus off into the wild blue yonder … somewhere on the curtains, but you can hear clearly the sucking action going on and Lorenzo asks me if I want him to cum in my mouth. I suck his cock for a long time then I hop up and tell him to give me the camera so I can get his cumshot. He blows a big load all over himself and I beg for him to let me lick it up. But being the tease that he is, he says NO! But the bonding has already taken place. Lorenzo has had to put his cock where my mouth is.

Year: 2007

Studio : Active Duty, Dirty Bird Pictures

Cast: Sam, Lorenzo

Director: Dink Flamingo

File size: 1.1 GB