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Gayracula (1983)

Year: 1983
Genre: Adult Horror, Anal/Oral, Bareback, Pre-Condom, A plot, Group Sex, Orgy, Costumes
Duration: 01:22:47
Director: Roger Earl
Studio: HIS Video
Cast: Tim Kramer, Steve Collins, Rand Remington, Randal Butler, Michael Christopher, Ray Medina, Max Montoya, Doug Weston, Douglas Poston, Davin Mcneil

One of the last great porn films, opening with monks in robes carrying Gayracula’s coffin, and Tim Kramer turning into a bat and flying away just before the monks are able to put a stake through his heart! Part of the action takes place in 1783, with Kramer having sweaty sex with Steve Collins (as the Marquis de Suede); but, afterwards, Kramer notices something on his neck that isn’t quite a hickey! Then in Los Angeles, they meet up again. While a corny, it’s conciously so, making it a fun film that has some great sex.

1. Tim Kramer
In about the longest non-sexual section in the video, hooded monks with torches carry a casket into a cave. Just as they are about to pound the proverbial wooden stake through his heart, Gaylord Young (Tim Kramer) wakes up, turns into a hokey, fanged bat and flies outside. There Gaylord transforms back into a human vampire, spreads his cape and flashes his naked dingaling at the camera.

2. Steve Collins, Tim Kramer
Gaylord then proceeds to tell how he got this way. The innocent young man delivers an unwanted package to the Marquis de Suede (yuck, yuck). The Marquis (Steve Collins) hipnotizes the poor thing and sucks his unsuspecting cock. They make love, 69 and Suede fucks Gaylord’s face. Gaylord fucks the Marquis who cums with dick in his ass. The Marquis sucks Gaylord until he cums and then sucks the life out of Gaylord’s neck. Gaylord wakes to find he can’t see himself in the mirror, he has wounds on his neck but the Marquis has (kindly?) turned him into a vampire instead of just killing him.

3. Michael Christopher, Tim Kramer, Rand Remington
200 years later Gaylord ships himself to present day L.A. (where all hip vampires go) to seek his revenge on the Marquis. Michael Christopher (this time in blonde hair) delivers the casket to Gaylord’s manservant Boris (??). Michael helps the tattooed bearded aide carry the casket into a very messy house. When the manservent makes a pass at the much bigger lunk, they quickly strip and suck each other while mice play in sideshots. Boris cums and then bends over to get fucked by Michael. Michael cums in slow motion on the sweaty back of the manservant. Recovering from his orgasm Michael anounces that “…we have company” as Gaylord rises from his coffin. Michael offers him some “hot fuckhole” but Gaylord declines “schloppy sheconds” through his fangs and bites the unfortunate delivery boy on the ass, sucking his life out.

4. Tim Kramer, Doug Weston
The Marquis is running a strip club when Gaylord drops by in his quest to hunt down the Marquis. Gaylord is invited to visit the back room where one mustached brunette (Doug Weston?) is unoccupied and ready for cock in both ends. After cumming on the guy’s back, Gaylord helps himself to a drink from the guy’s neck, drops the limp body to the floor and disappears.

5. Tim Kramer, David McNeil, Ray Medina
Gaylord goes back for the sex show with three guys who start out masked. After a few suggestive moves between them, the big dark muscular mustached one with tit rings and a big tattoo on his deltoides does his own dance showing off his big uncut dick that has a cap under the foreskin that pops off. He also ejects metal balls from his ass before beckoning the blonde dancer Davin back who gets fingered, rimmed and fucked. While sitting on Davin’s face, Muscles comes over his partner.

6. Steve Collins, Tim Kramer, Rand Remington
Gaylord invites the Marquis to his apartment for some “sport fucking” with the manservant. All dicks get sucked by all mouths and Boris gets fucked by both vampires. Gaylord pulls out of Boris’s mouth just in time to show us the cum and Boris jerks off his own load while the Marquis is still pounding. The Marquis jets his own seed over Boris. In revenge Gaylord is about to pound a stake through the Marquis’ heart when desperate vampire says he knows of a ceremony to Gaylord from his eternal death: Make love to a virgin without drinking his blood. Gaylord decides to take the chance and locks the older vampire in a coffin.

7. Tim Kramer, Rand Remington
Gaylord has a waiter from the night club in mind and with a snap of his fingers he brings the bewildered young virgin [called Randy in the narrative (Rand Remington?) ] to a rug before a fireplace. The long haired virgin is at first but soon he is out of his clothes and chowing down on Gaylord’s stiff cock. They 69 as Gaylord falls in love with his target. Gaylord pulls his new lover’s hips in the air as he fingers and licks the exposed hole. Gaylord stand as he fucks the bent over partner then places the young guy on his back for some firm pounding. Gaylord pulls out and dribbles a load of semen on the youth who adds his own to the pool of love juice on his stomach.

8. Max Cooper, Doug Weston
As dawn comes Gaylord wakes to his naked sleeping lover and is torn between his thirst for blood and his desire to leave the young man alive. Instead he goes to a blood bank and drinks the blood from a donor’s blood bags (hung up instead of down!). The donor say “Un-fucking believable” as he flees.) Gaylord invites (in a lame excuse for another sex scene) a mustached light-brunette donor (Doug Weston?) and the doctor to have fun. The two are suddenly naked with the doctor sucking on donor-dick and getting his ass poked with fingers. They switch to 69 on the table and then Doc is on his back with a hot rod pulsing in and out of his hole. Blonde piddles a load on Doc’s stomach and invites Gaylord to take a turn. Gaylord asks for a rain check because dawn is coming.

9. Rand Remington, Tim Kramer, Steve Collins, Randall Butler, Douglas Poston
The next scene starts with an invite from Gaylord to the Marquis to dine at 2:00am and celebrate the ceremony to him. The ceremony begins with a naked guy (looks like the blond dancer from the night club) chained down on a round table as the Marquis kneels over him with his dick in the guy’s mouth and Boris sucking him on the other end. In the background, the unknowing but trusting Randy goes down on Gaylord. All clothes disappear and Gaylord returns the blow job. Then Gaylord takes over face fucking detail while the Marquis fucks the restrained victim and cums over the guys upraised balls. Boris is sucking his master’s dick and then Gaylord takes a turn fucking the blonde’s ass as the Marquis lets off another load over blondes face and then blonde cums himself. As the exhausted group recovers, the Marquis makes a move for the jugular of the blonde but Gaylord stops him. The Marquis again tries to save himself buy suggesting they turn Randy into a vampire so that the three could be free from their loneliness and ‘travel together.’ Gaylord will have none of that and drives a stake into the Marquis. By a pool, having learned the truth Randy offers to become like Gaylord who refuses the deal, instead planing on dying in the morning sun. When the sun rays don’t kill Gaylord, Randy says “You see, love does conquer all.” When asked what he will do with his new freedom, Gaylord says “I think I will work on my tan line.”

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