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Tokyo-Hot n0207 – Fan Thanks Day – Saori Mizusawa

A new sacrifice SAORI MIZUSAWA who is RACE QUEEN and has enthusiastic body was caught. It gets excited by the appearance to smile with the leotard that sticks to the body. It is a customary fan thanks day today. It is a day to grant request of all fan who always assists. Fan of SAORI is people who do not satisfy it with the handshake and the autograph session. There is no refuge place in fans’ extreme demands anywhere though the SAORI is driven in to the limit. SAORI smiles in front of fans on that day of fan thanks day. SAORI holds out and satisfies demands that escalate gradually of fans who asking “Show smile, show tits and show hip”. Though the first stage is ended in the place where it strips SAORI naked, the second stage is begun immediately. Fans who gather surrounding SAORI with the erected cock and compulsion fellatio is made. The president of belonging office tries also to achieve fans’ extreme demands. Fans’ cock are thrown in to mouth of SAORI who is made sit on the sofa and turned one after another and finger fuck is made at same time. In the next scene, SAORI is taken to another room and has one of the fans fingered the pussy at the backing style. The president also joins there and the vibs toy attack starts. The toy is inserted on at lift hip up posture and SAORI is at the mercy of extreme unbelievable development. After the vibs toy attack at open leg pose, clitoris is violently stimulated with the vibs toy and she is made acme by force. Then, the original toy that installed vibs toy on the head of the electric drill appears. It is a dangerous article to which the pussy might be destroyed. However, funs curry on the attack mercilessly. A high-speed piston of the electric drill attacks the pussy and SAORI ejaculates much. When peep the pussy by the Cuzco immediate after, the opening of uterus keeps greatly open the mouth. Then, president inserts the cock at the standing back posture. It is fan service to show the fuck to the fans. The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the pussy and fucking continue at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The appearance that the pussy is violently poked by the cock and a large amount of joy juice drips down of shame is exposed in front of fans. Though SAORI opposes to say “Don’t put out inside”, president injects semen into vagina deeply at the missionary posture with saying “It is safe because it is a physiology”. When the cock pulled out, semen flows backward and the blood of a large amount of physiology mixes with semen. However the thanks service to fans continues without any interval. And next is fucking with funs. Fans who get excited insert their cock alternately though SAORI seriously opposes as saying “I don’t hear” and she is violently piston at missionary, side and back posture. The cock closes her mouth immediately after she was made to say “I love cock” compulsorily. The piston is violently made at the many posture as standing back, backward woman on top, woman on top and lift hip up posture and SAORI is really exhausted. Even if it is said by the president, “Receive the vaginal cum shot of the fan” as the following fan service, she can barely be said, “I don’t like” in a small voice. But first vaginal cum shot is made after violent piston at the missionary posture and other cock insert in at once. After fucking at the bending posture for long time, another cock made vaginal cum shot at the back posture. In addition, another cock inserts at missionary posture without rest and vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, semen is raked out by the finger. And powerful finger fuck makes SAORI to get acme compulsorily. Last is group cum shower party, all the funs are gathered. SAORI who is made lift hip pose has been expanded her pussy right and left by the finger and semen is poured to there. SAORI is made to say “Thank you. Please pour it more” compulsorily. A large amount of semen of total 15 is splashed one after another and SAORI gradually loses the voice and the expression stiffens, too. Then the compulsion excretion of semen in vagina is made at the end. The appearance that exhausts the mass of semen while making a disagreeable sound is so exciting. Fan thanks day is decided to doing every day by managing the president of the office. SAORI will immediately become a splendid meat urinal due to making vaginal cum shot every day. A high-quality meat urinal is manufactured by effectively using the material of woman. An advanced technology of the TOKYO HOT is super.

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