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Inverted Lotus – Nakedgord

We always have fun with Bondage Master Lew Rubens and his muse Maria Shadoes. Lew was kind enough to let us torment Maria and we felt it only fair to let him join in on the festivities. Maria stands obediently while Lew begins to arrange the ropes around her gorgeous body. In no time Lew has Maria suspended nearly upside down from the ceiling in a very convenient and exposed position.

Genre: BDSM, Hardcore, Extreme, Bondage, Spanking, Domination
Studio: Nakedgord/Houseofgord
Duration: 00:11:19
Starring: Maria Shadoes, Gord

Quality: SiteRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720*480, 25.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 319 kbps

File size: 107.8 MB

Russian students: XXX Sample DVD

In the studio everything upside down. Bright light and greedy camera lens. Explicit scenes. Frank answers to provocative questions. This is done casting of finished all young actresses …

File size: 567.0 MB

Suspended Torture

Description: Brenda Bound showed up at the Hunter’s door with her husband wanting to see if she could endure on of his strict evil bondage sessions. He asked them what they would like and they agreed that they wanted him to tie her in inverted hogtie and get the whole Hunter treatment. So Brenda hangs upside-down in the Hunter’s basement in an inverted hogtie. Her tits are bound brutally tight with thin wire until they are rock hard and bulging. The Hunter comes in and asks her one more time if she really wanted to go through with it and she agreed. So he stuffs a large red ball gag into her mouth and straps it in tight. He allows her to struggle a bit anticipting what is coming next. She screams into her gag when he attaches some heavy super tight nipple clamps to her already sensitive nipples. Brenda starts to cry and sob as he show her a pair of handcuffs and asks her what she thinks what they are for. She realizes that they are added weight to her nipple clamps. She screams in pain as he drapes the cuffs over her nipple clamp chain. Then he tells her that she asked for it and wanted the whole enchilada as he ties a rope to her hair and then ties her head back. Brenda is now near her breaking point as her drool starts to choke her and run up her nose and sinuses. Her eyes well up with tears as she hangs in the brutal bondage praying for it to end.

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:05:05

File size: 60.0 MB

Upside Down 1

Today I was completely swept off my feet!…no really, I was literally swept off my feet and was suspended from the ceiling upside down.

While wearing my black catsuit, gloves and black and white hood, I was strapped into some hard core ankle restraints which attached to a bar that hoisted me up, where I hung upside down hovering a few feet above the bedroom floor. Sounds complicated?…We made sure to show you the entire process, giving you some really steamy behind-the-scenes footage…with of course lots of obligatory butt shots 🙂 So here I am hanging upside down…whatever will happen next?

File Size: 436 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Length: 00:17:11
Format: WMV
Studio: FetishKitsch

File size: 436.4 MB

Reform School For Teens: Raven Drops Out

Description: Bad-schoolgirl Raven decides to drop out of school! The Schoolmaster gives up on reforming her to stay in school, and punishes her at lenght for dropping out! It’s hogtie bondage, nipple and clit clamps, 3 thermometers in all holes, enema (hogtied) with colonic tube, foot-job mid-enema, and enema expulsion on toilet. Then, while Raven is suspended UPSIDE-DOWN by her ankles, she gets anal beads, tickling, paddling with riding crop, whipping, and dousing with a jet of cold water!

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:56:52

File size: 474.9 MB