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Broke Straight Boys – Bobby & Mark

Bobby and Mark on the futon today, looking as hot as ever. Bobby is looking forward to doing some fucking and experiencing how well Mark can deep throat while Mark, who has bottomed a few times before, is eager for the money. The boys stripped off their clothes in record time, throwing them every which way before sitting side by side on the bed. Wrapping a hand around their cocks, Bobby and Mark jerked themselves off, getting rock hard in mere moments as they watched some straight porn. Once Bobby was hard enough, Mark leaned over and slid the cock into his straight boy mouth. Bobby, head thrown back and eyes closed, was obviously enjoying Mark’s efforts and was quickly moaning for more.

Mark gave the thick shaft a couple of firm pumps even as he concentrated on just the head of Bobby’s dick. Bobbing up and down, Mark pulled out all the tricks and showed Bobby just how well he had been paying attention during his previous visits to the studio. Suddenly, Mark went all the way down, deep throating the long dick and held it for a few seconds. The new sensation surrounding his dick caused Bobby to giggle a little, which in turn, made Mark chuckle even with a dick halfway down his throat. After fisting the shaft once.. twice.. three times, Mark flipped onto his back while Bobby straddled him in a 69 position, except that Bobby was about to show off his athleticism. His dick all the way down Mark’s willing throat, Bobby started doing some push-ups. Up… down… up… down, Bobby kept up a steady pace, his arms trembling from battling with the too soft mattress. As Bobby worked hard, Mark concentrated on not choking too much as the cock brushed the back of his throat, however, he couldn’t help but gag once or twice. The boys got into a good rhythm, Bobby’s dick dipping in and out of Mark’s mouth even as Mark played with his own cock.

All too soon, it was time for Mark to get plowed. Mark and Bobby got themselves prepared then Mark got down on his hands and knees on the bed, Bobby kneeling behind him and slowly working his dick into Mark’s ass. Once all the way in, Bobby was able to set a cracking pace, his hips pistoning back and forth as he fucked some straight boy ass. As Bobby worked hard, Mark reached between his legs and started fisting his own dick. Moaning on each thrust, it was clear that Mark, even if he didn’t admit it, was getting used to the feel of cock sliding in and out of his tight ass hole. The sound of flesh hitting flesh rang out as Bobby drove his hand down hard on Mark’s white ass, leaving a bright red hand print for all to see. Bobby was so impressed with the clear hand print, he couldn’t help but point to it when I zoomed in for a closer look.

Switching it up, Mark shifted over onto his side, Bobby spooning him from behind. Leg up in the air, Mark tugged on his dick as Bobby slid right back in in one hard thrust. Holding Mark’s leg up, Bobby was going hard and deep, making Mark groan in pleasure. Stating that Mark’s ass felt ‘tight’, Bobby sped up, fucking like a jack rabbit even as Mark gasped. By now, it was obvious that Mark was really getting off on being fucked and wasn’t holding back anymore. As Bobby suddenly switched to slow and deep thrusts, Mark couldn’t help but swear as he felt every inch of Bobby’s thick dick. Another few minutes and the boys swapped positions once again. Mark, on his back and legs spread wide, moaned loudly as Bobby worked his dick back into his ass. Bobby rode Mark’s ass hard and steady, all the while, Mark jerked himself off. The more Mark got turned on by being fucked, the harder his dick got.

As he tugged on his dick at a furious pace, it was clear that Mark wasn’t far from being able to cum while being fucked like a bitch. However, it was Bobby who was ready to shoot first. Pulling out, Bobby tore off the condom and, kneeling next to Mark, wanked off hard, spilling cum over Mark’s chest, stomach and the bed. Now it was time for Mark’s money shot. His hand flying up and down like lightening, Mark jerked himself off and only a few minutes later, he shot up onto his chest, his cum mingling with Bobby’s.

Length: 197 MiB Duration: 17mn 13s 707ms
Video: VC-1 at 1 500 Kbps, Aspect: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA at 96.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

File size: 197.3 MB


Year: 2011
Country: UK
Genre: Rimming, Natural tits, HD Movies, Tits fuck, Fingering
Length: 1:28:15
Language: English
Directed by: Kendo
Studio: Daring!
Cast: Valentina Cruz, Cherry Stone, Loz Lorrimar, Holly D, Daisy Rock, Andy Mann, Peter Oh Toole, Pascal White, Monty and Kai Taylor.
Description: A splintered dreamlike state separates five young couples but still pulls them together to combine sexual pleasures and lustful desires they all have for one another.
Welcome to a new beginning, join Kendo and his team as they take you deeper down the rabbit hole than ever before and deliver you to an all-new sexual experience of art, lust and desire.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio: MP3
Video: Xvid 640×360 29.97fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
File size: 690.1 MB

Catherine De Sade

Year: 2010
The name of the actress: Catherine De Sade
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Length: 00:59:06

Description: Catherine de Sade joins us at The Attic. We sit down with her and find she is sexy, lively and energetic – ready for bondage. First we get to know her. Learn about her loss of virginity and when she started to actually enjoy sex. How she learned cock sucking skills and whether she likes women or men exclusively. We discover when the first inkling of bondage appeared in her mind’s eye and what she did with her Barbie dolls as a child. The basic stuff.
It’s time for the Luther Meet & Greet. She told us she likes to suck cock & swallow. She also mentioned something about Luther being sizable. After placing her in an elbow harness and securing her wrists to her waist she was ready for the get-together. I let her know if she did a good enough job sucking him off he would cum. When she got on her knees the room grew silent and she took him in. After working him back and forth to the 3.25 mark I asked her to choke on him. Sexy red hair fell around her face as I heard Luther hit the back of her throat – that deep sort of gut sound, a distressful sound. And then she started working him in a deliberate fashion. Luther filled her entire face hole up. She got enthusiastic. Slobbery. She’d work it vigorously and then stop, holding him deep in her throat and then she’d wiggle her head back and forth trying to nudge it a little deeper. After awhile of heavy face fucking she grew fatigued. But with encouragement she would get right back to the machine like face fuck she was giving Luther. So much slobber was present it left a high water mark on Luther’s shaft. As she grew tired again she was directed not to stop. Not to slow down. She would whimper at times as she kept up the pace of that big shaft going in and out of her face hole. She grew more and more fatigued as the pace she was keeping was indeed high. But I didn’t want her to stop. She was only now getting really distressed. I have her yell out while not removing Luther and not stopping the face fuck – “I LOVE TO SUCK COCK!!” Repeat it over and over …. don’t stop! Speak the words clearly! Her whole face is covered in slobber. Trust me, it was awesome.
As I do every morning, I watch and sing along with cartoons. It just so happens I have Elise roped to my bed with a strap-on dildo. After finishing another sing-along song on my favorite cartoon I flip the TV to the video feed from the old out building. Its Catherine. She’s bound to the Bang Bike. Ring gagged, completely spread open and waiting there, alone. After watching her live video feed its back to the cartoon and more fun singing along. After my morning routine I visit with Catherine. I ask her whether she likes women. She lets me know it isn’t her preference. That servicing one would be humiliating – kind of like making a guy who isn’t gay suck a man’s cock. ELISE! Get out here! In walks Elise wearing red panties, black heels and a strap-on. She is instructed to place that strap-on in Catherine’s mouth so she can get it wet enough to go into her cunt. While Elise is stuffing that strap-on dildo through her ring gag and deep down her throat I have Catherine carry on a conversation with me like nothing is even happening. After she sufficiently lubricates the dildo Elise is instructed to get behind her and fuck her like a man. Which she promptly does. She lays into Catherine sending her abruptly forward with each down stroke. A line of drool swings back and forth from her upper palate. Then I have Elise fuck her slow and hard. Pulling that cock out to the end and then stuffing it home like a battering ram. One jarring motion. She’s given a short break where nipple clamps are added with heavy two pound weights and her thumbs are tied up to the ceiling from her already bound wrists. Then it’s back to the jack rabbit style hard fucking. Her heavy weights swing like pendulums from her nipples as Elise rams her home from behind. After several minutes of vigorous fucking Elise is instructed to have Catherine clean off that dildo she been fucked with. Elise shoves it past her ring gag and Catherine gets busy with clean up duty. Afterward, Elise is told to go right back to fucking her. And to do so as hard and as fast as she possibly can. Without any mercy. And that’s exactly what she does. When the hole in Catherine had been properly used I had Elise stick her feet in Catherine’s face, shoving her toes past the ring gag, so that Catherine could lick each and every toe of Elise’s foot. All of this activity left Elise and her red panties quite wet and soiled. I stuff those panties into Catherine’s face hole and taped them in with clear tape. Only then was she allowed a vibrator onto her cunt.
We find Catherine in a chair. She’s nude. Her ankles are pulled up higher than her head and tied off. Tied to the ceiling and then again outward. Her wrists and arms are also drawn upward and tied off. Her breasts are bound until they show a bright red color. They too are bound to the ceiling. Soon two bowling balls are sat before her. She asks what they are for but she doesn’t get an answer. She’s just left there for a while, exposed. We can see that her cunt is swollen. Occasionally she shakes her feet as though she’s nervous. A gas mask is tightly secured to her face. One that has three tiny holes for her to breath. She’ll have to work for each breath she takes. And as she breathes, on each intake we can see the mask collapse a bit inward, she sounds like Darth Vader. A thick stream of cunt juice is making its way out her hole and into the seat of the chair. Suddenly she ejects a hot stream of urine from her cunt that washes out onto the floor beneath her. It shoots out in a stream that arches well past her body. The smell of urine fills the air around her as the last of it runs off the chair seat and splatters onto the floor. Just as unexpectedly, I take the White Boy fuck stick and stuff it into her cunt. Then I vigorously fuck her with it. At a very fast and hard pace. The abruptness of it all alarms her. It’s like it is trying to fuck her as quick and as fast as possible. It works every corner of her orifice as it is shoved in and out. She pulls her ass off the chair to deal with it. Then after several minutes, just as abruptly as it started, it finishes. It pulls out and leaves the hole with a void. We see the lips recede and return to their original positions. Her cunt is wet and messy now. And still she has to try hard to draw each breath. It sucks to have to work so hard for what the rest of us can get so easily. A 16lb. bowling ball is tied off to her big toe and hangs there now. The pace of her breath, the sucking, the collapsing sound grows much quicker. She’s in her own little environment behind that mask. The weight of that bowling ball leaves her moaning out. She’s made to tell me what her holes are good for as the Hitachi hits her cunt. It doesn’t take her anytime before she is screaming behind that mask for permission. She rocks the chair about, the bowling ball swinging. I swing it harder as she yells out. She literally begins to beg for that permission. Desperate in her voice and need. But she is denied. She pleads to me with demeaning statements about herself in an effort to persuade me to let her cum. I love watching her try to draw that breath.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 160kbps [Raw Audio 0]
Video: WVC1 960×540 29.97fps 1412kbps [Raw Video 1]

File size: 666.9 MB

MenOver30 – Brenn Weismann & Drake Jayden

Making the Yuletide Gay will not be a problem at MenOver30. When ripped and ready Brenn Weismann took one look at hairy, hung, and oh so sexy Drake Jayden, he did some immediate rearranging of his Xmas list. Brenn takes control immediately announcing to Jayden, “I’m gonna make you my bitch today!” Brenn is tweaking his nips and pulls his shorts off, almost ripping his tee. In no time, Brenn has him naked and on his back—perfect. He goes down on Jayden’s meat as it comes to life, before moving to Drake’s most fuckable, and beckoning hole. Brenn switches between his hot tongue and his index finger, which are driving Jayden crazy. He forces his dick deep in his throat in anticipation. Brenn then has Jayden get on all fours before he starts to take that ass. He finds his target and slides in without hesitation. As Jayden groans, wincing in pain Brenn taunts him “Take it”, he teases, “you’re gonna have to, Boy”. Jayden does his best to accommodate Brenn’s extra thick cock as his ass gets a pummeling. Jayden impales himself on that meat for more as Brenn bounces his tight ass up and down on his thick dick. Brenn then stands up, picking up Jayden as he literally bounces him, jack-rabbiting into his ass. Brenn then goes back to rough fucking that man hole til he can’t hold back any longer. He beats them both off as they both explode all over Jayden’s chest and abs. DAMN! It was a White Christmas after all!

Length: 434 MiB Duration: 16mn 34s 92ms
Video: VC-1 at 3 500 Kbps, Aspect: 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 434.1 MB

CorbinFisher – Cory Fucks Kurt (2005)

Year: 2005
Genre: Anal, Oral, Facials, Masturbation
Duration: 00:24:30
Studio: CorbinFisher

When you watch this video, do not adjust your volume. Your speakers are working just fine.
Kurt actually IS moaning, screaming, groaning, whimpering, and panting that loudly. Thank goodness he was, too, because all the noise he was making drowned out Corbin’s own heavy panting as he stood off to the side holding the camera!
The site has had countless requests to get Kurt back since he blew people’s balls and speakers away when he bottomed for Julian awhile back. Corbin has been working to get Kurt back when it became so clear people wanted to see more of him, and he finally agreed and was able to get away from the fiancee for a weekend to come down and try his luck at getting fucked again. This time around, however, CF was sure to team him up with a guy that had a bigger dick than Julian so Kurt could really get his hole worked over. Cory was the perfect candidate to open up Kurt a bit more this second time around.
This video is special twice over! Kurt returning to get fucked again, and Cory getting it on with another guy for the first time! And the chemistry between the two guys turned out perfect, with Kurt taking the lead and Cory happily following along. For a first-timer, Cory had no problem getting straight to business. He was so horny and eager to get off that he had no problem sucking dick like a champ and pounding Kurt’s ass like a bunny rabbit, so long as it all brought him closer to getting his nut. CF actually found himself freaking out while filming this scene, wondering whether he had to activate some special setting on the video camera in order to make sure all the rapid-fire hip thrusting didn’t show up as just a big, flesh-colored blur!
Kicking off the holiday season on CF, they also decided to share some behind-the-scenes footage on this video, taken immediately after the guys had blasted their loads and Kurt was soaking in that post-fuck glow.

Format: WMV
Video: 640×480 30.00fps 1368kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 261.5 MB

Trapped In Ihe Game (2010)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Daddies, Uniforms: Suits/Tuxedos, Muscle Men, Finger Fucking, Big Cock, Cumshots, Double Anal Penetration, Rimming, Sex in Public, Tattoos, Theme: Abduction/Held Captive/Kidnapping, Theme: Drinking/Drug Taking/Partying, Theme: Mystery/Thriller, Threesomes/Threeways
Starring: Jonathan Agassi, Giuseppe Pardi, Aaron Mark, Adam Killian, Carsten Anderson, Harry Louis, Hugo Martin, Rob Nelson
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Trapped in the Game is this year’s heart and dick throbbing blockbuster! Follow Jonathan Agassi in his true-to-life move to Berlin as he is seeks a new of intensity in the gritty city. But all is not what it seems when he wakes up drugged and stripped in a downtown plaza. Jonathan is thrown into a race against time by a maniacal puppet master who is playing him as a pawn in a game of life, death and sex. Featuring four explosive sex scenes with the aggression and passion of an all-star cast. Filmed entirely on location.
Gay adult superstar Jonathan Agassi decides to give it all up to move to Berlin and see what sort of trouble he can get into. When he wakes up stripped and shivering next to a fountain, he realizes quickly he might be getting more than he bargained for! He finds a mysterious package filled with clothing and a note with an address. He arrives to find the strapping Adam Killian on all fours with a special message: “We’re going to fuck.”
Adam pins Jonathan to the bed and force feeds him his armpit. They strip and go at it like wild animals. Jonathan spits on Adam’s big strong cock and deep throats it with abandon. Adam spits in Jonathan’s face and Jonathan grunts and oinks like the pig that he is, and then goes on a rimjob rampage in Adam’s Adonis-like ass. The studs 69 and enjoy each other’s cocks and holes until it’s time to put both to use. Jonathan mounts Adam and pounds his big muscle jock ass until he cries like a bitch. Adam flips Jonathan over and Jonathan shakes his booty until Adam has no choice but to plunge inside. He fucks him like a bucking bronco and Jonathan explodes like a geyser of cum before taking Adam’s load to the face. One question remains – how did Jonathan get here?
When Adam cryptically refuses to answer Jonathan’s questions, he instead gives him a set of keys and sends him into the building’s parking garage, where Jonathan gets chased down by two knife-wielding blonds, Carsten Anderson and Aaron Mark. He narrowly escapes, leaving his two German predators with some time on their hands. They retreat to an isolated cinder-block room and immediately pounce on one another. Carsten descends to his knees to inhale Aaron’s engorged member and the two begin to strip off their black suits. Fair-skinned Carsten can’t get enough of Aaron’s tan torso and big cock and spits on his face. Aaron sucks Carsten until he’s face down in the strawberry blond’s ginger pubes. Aaron dives into Carsten’s freckled ass like a scuba diver and has a party with his tongue. He enters Carsten from behind, and plows him doggy style, spanking Carsten’s cheeks with his hips. They flip back to some oral and Aaron takes charge again, fucking Carsten on top of a table until his cohort is coming across his chest. Aaron finishes the day’s botched job with a big load over Carsten’s chest.
Jonathan drives around looking for the nearest police station, when he gets a phone call from a mysterious voice, who leads him through a terrifying game called “Discipline.” At stake is leading porn director Michael Lucas’ life. Jonathan has no choice but to obey his frightening digital captor, who leads him to an apartment plastered with Lucas Entertainment memorabilia, where the built Rob Nelson and the trim Giuseppe Pardi are waiting for him in nothing but underwear. They want him to fuck them like he fucked Avi Dar in one of his movies, and Jonathan has no choice but to oblige them.
Rob pulls out both a camera and his uncut cock. Jonathan strips for the boys and they enter into a hot, blood-pumping threesome of grave consequences. They suck each others cocks in a variety of three-way positions, until Jonathan flips Giuseppe onto his shoulders in order to plow the depths of his tight little ass. Jonathan fucks Giuseppe as Rob feeds the boy his cock, and then Rob fucks Jonathan while he’s deep in Giuseppe’s ass! A brutally hot fuck chain puts Jonathan to full use, and they continue this in a standing position. Rob plants his cock deep in Giuseppe’s ass, and Giuseppe rides the sculpted hairy muscle man like the stallion he is. Finally, Rob and Jonathan double-penetrate the horny Giuseppe, giving him more cock than he’s ever had in his life. Jonathan and Giuseppe both finish up their loads on Rob’s hot torso, and Rob completes the trinity with a huge globbing face full of cum for Giuseppe.
Harry Louis is reporting international news on the television when he begins to speak directly to Jonathan. He tells Jonathan to head to another location by foot, a restaurant in which he sits, waiting in fear for his next unpredictable instruction. Waiter Hugo Martin douses Jonathan with red wine and Jonathan follows him across the street. He finds out this was a diversion, and Hugo sends him to another address. Harry comes to meet Hugo and hands him a wad of cash. His next reward – some one-on-one deep dicking! Harry strips Hugo like a greedy sex fiend and shoves his cock into his mouth. Hugo pulls out Harry’s own monster cock and wraps his lips around as much of it as he can. He worships Harry’s big throbbing cock until Harry gives him a similar tribute in his soft, toned ass. Harry stands up and penetrates Hugo from behind with his big fat weapon, pounding him mercilessly just like the power bottom loves. He descends from on top, throws Hugo on the sofa, and reams him like a jackrabbit. Hugo flips Harry, showing off his versatility, and fucks him back like man. Harry cums quickly, shooting powerful rockets over his rock hard chest. Hugo continues pounding until he can’t help cumming across Harry’s pelvis. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:27:25
Resolution: 640×352
Size: 1.17 GB

File size: 1.0 GB

Battle Cry (2009)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Amateurs/First Timers, Freshmen, Muscle, Finger Fucking, Big Cock, Rimming, Rough Sex, Straight Men, Threesomes/Threeways, Group Sex, Theme: Military/Soldier
Starring: Thomas, DJ, David, Payme, Kaden, Thomas
Studio: Active Duty

Sometimes you just know you got a winner as soon as you turn the camera on and the boys start chit-chatting. Something about the air, the chemistry, the feeling you get deep down in your gut that what’s about to happen will become one of your best yet. Those were all feelings I got when I turned the camera on Thomas and Kaden. Kaden had agreed that he’d try bottoming for Thomas which was a major step for him and I was nervous that it might prove to be too much for our fair-haired boy, but he proves me wrong and what a great thing to be wrong about. Kaden came to the plate and took Thomas’s bat like a champ and together they hit a home run. The chemistry and passion between these two was amazing. They didn’t just fuck for the sake of fucking, they made as near love as anyone could make. Kissing, licking, sucking and coming almost in unison. This scene will certainly go down as one of the best for both them and me. To watch Kaden shoot his load with Thomas’ huge meat deep inside his tight, beautiful ass is something that could put me to warmly to sleep on many cold nights. Pure heat!
Getting these two together for this took some time. Kaden had to prepare himself for the task at hand, but when he did, he meant business. When the camera comes on the two of them are on the couch chatting back and forth. Getting them together for some one-on-one was the best I could have had. It set them at ease and gave them a chance to really get into each other. They are both aware of their popularity and they’re proud to get the chance to be alone. I talk with the guys a bit about what’s about to happen. Kaden says he came to try something different. Thomas says he thinks what’s about to happen is spectacular. Fireworks. I go to put some laundry in and bake a few pies while these two get things started. You can tell they’re both a bit nervous but I think it’s more nervous excitement. Both of these guys have worked really hard on their bodies and they know how to admire hard work. The glances start and they don’t stop until the hard cocks come out and then the glances turn to stares. Kaden is the first to latch on to Thomas’s hard meat as he starts stroking it and feeling it up for size. Kaden gets a good handful and says “lord, that’s going in me?” Thomas replies with devilish grin, “yep.” The verbal exchange between the two at this point is priceless.
After some banter back and forth about their bodies and how hot they are, the talk turns to cock and Thomas starts talking about how Kaden’s hot abs lead right down to his hot cock and Thomas says he’s ready to taste that hot cock. Kaden sheds the rest of his clothes and gives Thomas access. Thomas wastes no time moving in and taking Kaden’s cock in his mouth. I return from baking just in time to get some good shots of all the hot action as it starts to unfold. Perfect timing. While Thomas services his cock, Kaden feels all over Thomas’ muscled back and admires the beauty. Thomas really goes to town on Kaden’s rock hard cock, worshipping it like a true straight guy who has been starved for dick all his life.
As Thomas makes love to Kaden’s cock, he slowly moves up his chest, rubbing and worshipping his body and chest, licking his nipples, squeezing his pecs, licking his neck and then it happens. That first kiss. Long, deep and sensual. This is where that feeling enters your gut. The one that tells you this one is going to be a winner. You also feel feelings in other places if you’re like me. Thomas moves slowly back down to the task at hand and finishes enjoying the taste of true perfection as he continues his oral caress of Kaden’s cock. If I were an old romantic I might get misty eyed and claim there’s a love affair in the making here. But being the animalistic beast that I am, I just assure myself that this will be one hot fuck.
Kaden helps Thomas strip the rest of his clothes and out flops that hard monster just bouncing in Kaden’s face. Kaden wastes no time getting his hands and lips wrapped around it and Thomas is in for the ride of his life as Kaden returns the favor with just as much passion and poise. There isn’t many things you can watch in this life that are as mystifying as a hot, masculine man enjoying the hard tool of another hot, muscled stud. And watching Kaden make love to Thomas’ monster is a sight to behold. He uses mastery and skill and the two of them continue rubbing and admiring each others hot bodies. Thomas gets into his trademark dirty talk and talks shit to his cocksucker and Kaden responds with moans. By now, I’m lost in the moment and that feeling in my stomach keeps getting deeper and more present. All the while, Kaden strokes his own hard cock. I get some great underneath shots of Thoams fucking Kaden’s sweet mouth. He’s tamed this monster. They switch positions and Thomas makes love to Kaden’s cock again.
Thomas works his way back up Kaden’s body and they embrace for a second kiss, all the while Thomas is stroking Kaden’s hard cock again. The tongues are dancing and in my head the music is playing. Wonder what was going through their minds?
‘Man that felt good’ must have been what was going through their heads because they go for a third passionate kiss. Kaden goes back down on Thomas for a bit and then gives him his trademark tongue bath as he licks and tastes every inch of Thomas’ torso. Passion is all in the air as these two studs make love, not war.
All this passion and heat has brought them to that point where it’s now or never. Thomas asks Kaden if he’s ready to give it a try and Kaden whispers “yes”. Thomas says “Show me that ass” and Kaden does his trademark slow grinding tease that we saw in The Porthole. He’s teasing Thomas with that pretty round bubble butt and showing it off. Thomas and his cock are both responding well. Both of them are teasing one another. Kaden with his ass and Thomas with his cock. Thomas is stroking his hard massive meat as he rubs Kaden’s ass in anticipation. Kaden arches his back to show off a perfect bubble butt. Thomas reaches under and strokes and plays with Kaden’s hard cock. If Kaden aint ready now, he’ll never be. The heat is so intense you’d have thought the room would have melted by now.
And from there we watch Thomas’ massive cock squeeze it’s way into Kaden’s tight hole slowly, slowly and then it disappears and for the next seventeen solid minutes we watch that huge cock plow Kaden’s tight ass six ways to Sunday. And this isn’t some pussy fuck. This is a real man with a real huge cock fucking another real man who is taking it like a true champ. This is a passionate fuck between two men. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thomas takes on the dominate role he’s so good at and Kaden gives in to the good feeling and together they fuck like rabbits, each in total control yet wild abandon. They’re lost in the fuck and you can tell. Me and the camera are just along for the ride. This is their show. Their time to shine. That feeling in my stomach rumbles and I am numb.
From the time Thomas buries his cock in Kaden for the first time until they both cum, we are treated to one hell of a fuckfest between two chisled Gods who seem to love every second of it. Thomas starts out slow fucking then turns dominate and starts in talking shit, they go from fast to slow, to passionate, back to fast, deep, hard, pounding exstacy. This has got to be the hottest, horniest seventeen minutes of either of their lives. I know it was mine. I was speechless and all I could do was capture it. They go from kinky moments of dirty talk and ass slapping to slow and passionate lovemaking. I am still in awe even as I watch it again and write this. Words fail me on how great this scene is. Kaden tells Thomas to put him on his back and fuck his ass. Thomas agrees and Kaden gets on his back with his hard cock in his hand as he strokes it hard while Thomas re-enters him and fucks him fast and hard. Kaden strokes his cock and slaps it on Thomas’ stomach as Thomas plows him deeper.
Thomas literally fucks the cum out of Kaden as he pounds him deeper and deeper talking shit to Kaden all the while who is presently lost in the moment. Kaden blows his load all over himself as Thomas eggs him on. A huge cumshot lands all over Kaden’s stomach and he’s soaked. He tells Thomas he wants him to cum all over him and Thomas pulls out and obliges with a drenching outpour of pure manjuice, spraying Kaden’s chest like a gargen hose. The porn gods are watching in admiration as this scene comes to a close. Heaven.
We’ve all met David on the Active Duty LIVE Shows with DJ. These two hot ex marines are roomates and have been close friends for a few years now. It’s my theory that they are secretly in love, but don’t tell them I told you that. We’ve enjoyed many hot duo shows of these two on AD LIVE and now they’re here together for the first time. David is as sweet and beautiful in person as he is on webcam. Imagine my delight as I’d only seen him on webcam before he and DJ made this trip out. I decided that a hot pairing would be Thomas and Payne. Payne has come a long way fast here at Active Duty and I wanted to throw him in the mix with DJ and David to see just how much they could make him shine. Thomas takes a backseat in this scene, but that’s OK. What he did in the first scene pays his dues for awhile. We shot both of these scenes the same weekend so I didn’t get too upset that he stayed behind the shadows while David, and DJ take on Payne and bring him further along.
The boys and I chit-chat for a bit and I leave to do the rest of that laundry that I still hadn’t finished the day before. The pies are in the oven and hot sex is on the way. All the cocks get hard and suddenly spring out of their zippers. David is more than pleased with his company as he kicks back and just watches the boys play with their hard cocks as his own hard cock rests against his stomach. You can tell he’s happy with what’s on the menu tonight. Things kick off with David going down on Thomas’ huge cock first, taking it on for size and handling it like a champ. He doesn’t intend to miss a cock tonight and he quickly turns his attention to Payne’s hard uncut beauty to give it some attention as well. To watch David make love to such an uncut jewel is a true thing of beauty. DJ strokes his own hard cock and watches the show. I think the boys are comfortable now.
All the guys get their fair share of cock-tasting as they try each other out. DJ moves in on Payne while David goes back for some more of Thomas’ meat. Payne watches the cocks and decides which one he’ll suck first. At this point, David is oozing pre-cum and Payne grabs his cock and goes down to take a taste. He’s licking and sucking and tasting the pre-cum as DJ sucks him and David sucks Thomas. A nice daisy chain of cocksucking is going on as these four enjoy some oral expertise. Things switch up and Payne gets him some of DJ’s cock while Thomas takes a taste of David.
Payne and DJ embrace in a hot, slow and passionate kiss as they stroke their cocks. DJ heads south for another taste of Payne’s uncut wonder and Thomas keeps sucking David. Everyone is into the moment as all the cocks are serviced. They switch teams and Payne and Thomas pair up while DJ and David embrace in another kiss. You can tell these two have chemistry and passion for one another. Payne joins DJ eventually to share in the wonder of David’s impressive meat. Payne and David go for a kiss of their own as DJ services David’s cock. Payne leans over and grabs onto Thomas’ hard cock again and takes it for another round. Thomas is hard and ready.
David finds himself behind Payne while Payne has his hot ass in the air and Thomas’ cock in his mouth. David really gets into this straight boys virgin pink hole as he licks it, sucks it, spreads it and shows off the pink as he slaps it with his two fingers and teases it. Wonder what was going through Payne’s head right about now? David can’t resist and starts fingering the tight virgin pucker as he asks Payne how it feels who responds with a sweet, low, “it feels good.” By this time, DJ is feeding his cock to Thomas who is keeping Payne’s mouth busy while David does the honors at the backdoor. A circle of hot sex is happening as we watch.
David is ready for the main course and hops on top of Payne’s hard cock to take it for a ride. Payne is hard and ready and David sits right down on it. DJ comes to the rescue and puts David’s hard bouncing cock in his mouth as David rides Payne’s dick. This is one hot thing to watch as DJ deepthroats David’s cock while David takes Payne’s cock deep in his hungry hole. You’d have thought David found a coin operated horsie outside the five and dime with a pocket full of quarters as he bounces on the uncut gem like he’s going to ride it all the way into some cowboy movie and play hero as he saves the day.
David and DJ are very competitive when it comes to men. They can’t stand for one to have more fun than the other and when DJ sees that David is enjoying himself maybe a little too much, he tells David to let him get some of that cock. DJ positions himself doggie-style and gives Payne the reins. Payne dives in and plows him deep as David feeds DJ his hard cock. DJ is right where he prefers to be and these two are giving him something he’ll remember. Payne finally puts DJ on his back so he can jack off as he watches Payne’s cock plow his ass deep. David tries to be sneaky and goes behind Payne and tries to bury his cock in the virgin hole. Payne isn’t quite ready for that yet and if he is, he has business of his own at hand as he fucks the hell out of DJ’s hot ass. When he sees that option isn’t open, David heads around and positions himself over DJ’s face and jerks his hard cock fast and furious. Somebody’s bound to cum and it won’t be long.
It all starts with David’s hot load as he shoots it all over DJ’s chest as DJ jerks himself harder and faster but Payne beats him to the draw. Payne pulls out and lands his own huge load all over DJ’s chest as it mixes in with David’s load and makes a puddle in DJ’s adam’s apple. Payne tells DJ to get in a more comfortable position to blow his own load and as soon as DJ sits up, he’s spraying a huge load all over himself and Payne and David urge him on. He’s covered in hot, juicy thick cum and it’s a wrap. Rewind and let’s do it all over again. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:34:19
Resolution: 640×352
Size: 0.751 GB

File size: 715.2 MB

Insex – Child’s Play

Video + full photoset

Release: 2004

When caroline returns to Insex, it’s all fun and games – with a sharp sadistic twist. She’s burned at the stake, treated like a doll, turned into an arts and crafts project (blood sports anyone?), and becomes a bulls-eye for water balloons. For the finale, she’s hung upside down. Her widened cunt becomes a fount. She is wet down and caned.

It’s cowboy and Indians time, and she gets to be burned at the stake. She looks so pretty and self-assured bound to the pole with a grouping of candles placed beneath her feet. But then flames are torched toward her feet. Not to worry, nothing catches fire but the matches tied between her toes.

As a doll, she’s tied so that she does the splits. Isn’t that what Barbie dolls are for? No problem for Barbie. But then weights are hung upon her nipple rings. Her clit ring is bound upward to her toes. Mr. Pogo takes this opportunity to pierce her. After an invigorating fuck, Mr. Pogo is propped that way, inside of her.

A beautifully executed hogtie begins the period of arts and crafts. Decorative pins are plunged into the soft pale flesh of her ass. Soon her ass cheeks are dual pin cushions. Handfuls of needles with little tinkling bells adorn her breasts. She breaks into a sweat. The needles on her ass are punched out, splattering blood. She gleefully licks her blood off the fist. It trickles down her breasts in bright red streaks. Blood is smeared across her mouth.

An inverted suspension seems right for fun with water balloons. But when a high pressure spray blasts her nipples and pussy, caroline seems not so filled with glee. A speculum widens her cunt into an open hole. A ring is placed in her mouth to hold open her second hole. Water flows continuously into her cunt from above, filling and flushing, running down her body into her face. She convulses periodically and water wells out of her cunt. This is the moment when the cane appears. A cane on wet flesh is wicked and evil – the perfect end game for an excursion into childhood. She is quiet at first, but then bursts into deep sobs. Her nipples are caned and tweaked. A leather strop goes into action, slapping her breasts. For a special treat, a vibrator with cute little rabbit ears is pushed into her cunt. But it’s too late, she’s balling and screaming by this time. Which only goes to show that child’s play isn’t always fun, except for the sadist, of course.

Format: avi

Duration: 00:55:11

Resolution: 320 x 240


File size: 576.4 MB

A Summer of Sex (1988)

Released: 1988
Categories: Anal/Oral Sex, Group Sex, Twinks, Vintage
Length: 01:39:24
Director: JD Cadinot
Studio: French Art
Cast: Daniel Laruso, Nicolas Taieb, Djemel Dixy, De Marcy, Jean-francois Chambon, Michael Martin, Tony Abrantes, Robert Roten, Elyes Ardini, Joel Duvernay, De Rives

French filmmaker Jean-Daniel Cadinot is a master of Euro-style sensuality, but this 1990 effort is not one of his better [ones] and features a cast of mostly Caucasian men, unlike his usual theme of interracial men fucking.

In this Cadinot film, 10 young men will be sharing a large house together for the summer in the countryside of France [actually, it’s in Bavaria]. Elyes Ardin and Daniel Laruso decided to spend their summer there. But, on the train, Daniel gets horny when he’s cruised by a uniformed conductor (Joel Duvernay). Joel gets his foreskinned cock sucked by Daniel in the train cabin, and wonderful close-ups present in-your-face cock-sucking. The two soon share a pleasant bike ride to their summer quarters, and later leave to go bike-riding and sightseeing.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Taieb (red-haired and thin) gets drunk from coffee that Elyes spiked and loses his inhibitions, only to stick tongue in his asshole (giving him an ass bath) and fuck him hard and deep, bouncing his butt all over the bed! Sightseer Daniel gets a flat and stops by a barn to fix it. He’s kept company by Michael Martin, who gives a very strong blowjob like a pro. Daniel then takes a ride on Michael’s foreskinned meat until erupting a big orgasm.

Back at the house, Diemel Dixy is feeling sick. The doctor palpates Diemel’s asshole and sticks a couple of fingers in, loving it well until he puts in his hardened thermometer and humps him like a rabbit. Michael gets Antonio drunk and takes advantage of him in the bedroom. This rambunctious coupling is filmed well as they suck cock 69-style and Michael humps Antonio’s tight ass. The next day, Elyes is sick, too, and the doctor returns and gives him the same treatment as Diemel: cock-sucking and a butt-fucking. More duos in the hay, or bed, or grass end this unfortunately predictable video by a director who’s done much better in the past.

Format: AVI
Video: 640 x 480 (4:3), 15.000 fps
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~160.00 kbps avg

File size: 712.0 MB

Joanna – Filthy Slut

Description: When devious Double O comes home drunk as a skunk full of spunk, jealous Joanna sends him to the shower. The horny porny pair are soon getting anything but clean as 00’s and his filthy slut lather each other up with lashings of chocolate syrup, eating it out of every crack and hole available. Hot, sticky and covered in goo, they fuck like wild rabbits at the height of bunny bonking season, topping off their sex dessert, swapping large helpings of fresh creamy cum

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:30:16

File size: 440.3 MB

Rudeboiz 9 – Fit Fuckers.

Rudeboiz 9 Fit Fuckers

Year: 2008
Country: United Kingdom, the Netherlands
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Twinks, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Cumshot, Sucking
Length: 1:43:40
Directed by: Simon Booth
Studio: Eurocreme
Cast: Rick Hunter, Kai Cruz, Callum, Robbie, Tyson, Karl Thomas, Blake Hardcastle, Mikey Ocean, Max Hilton

Description: Scene after scene of the hottest lads get off the street corners and bus stops as they get together and fuck themselves senseless, using throbbing, dripping cocks to ram into each others butts in real unstaged action. Getting their fill of hot cock as their balls explode with gallons of cum, covering the whole estate in delicious jizz. Don’t miss that awesome orgy, where 6 mates get together and flex their toned bodies to perfection as they grind their dicks into any open hole waiting to be stuffed.
SIX LAD ORGY!! These fit fuckers are certainly just that, buff young council boys strip off their trackies and fuck like rabbits, using big thick dicks to pound their mates hard and fast, lapping up precum and getting covered in spunk.
Detailed description in English
Scene One: Cute young Rick Hunter joins us from Rudeboiz 2 and teams up with stunning hard lad Kai. Both of these smooth chavs can’t wait to hook up, Rick taking his time to taste and see every ooze of precum from the everlasting fountain that is Kai’s thick and constantly hard cock. Cropped Kai is the perfect rudeboi, lean and mean, he fucks Hunter hard and fast, thrusting and grinding all the way into his smooth hole, letting him feel, and us see every thick inch slide deeper and deeper, his balls slapping against Rick’s. Cheeky glances at the camera will get you super hard and Kai grins right at you as he pumps his fuck mate into submission with his solid dick, switching positions so he feels every pound
Scene Two: Intense fuckfest between two hot lads!! These guys simply can’t wait to strip themselves naked and feed each other their big thick dicks, fucking faces and tasting cock!! Callum starts the scene and his hot cropped mate joins him, producing an almighty dick and plunging his head deep onto it, thick and nicely curved, it proves too big for Callums face, but Robbie has the favour returned with his mates straight dick being worked on. Slowly sliding down onto Callum’s dick, Robbie is stretched wide open, just getting used to an ass full of dick, he’s put through the fucking of a lifetime, watching his hole stretch and wrap around hot dick, your balls will start tingling as much as Robbie’s!! Taking as much as his tight butt can take, the look of pain turning to pleasure is amazingly horny, and the amount of spunk exploding from his dick proves how much he loved it.
Scene Three: Horny Tyson, with his broad shoulders and great sexy body gives cute Karl a real treat, using his thick cock to slowly fuck him, making his abs flex, showing his delicious tan-line and smooth body off to the best!! Each on keeps rock hard during the hard ass pounding until they can’t wait any longer and shoot hot loads, Tyson covers Karl’s hand and crotch with the tasty stuff whilst Karl dumps his thick cum over himself, saturating his abs in fresh spunk!!
Scene Four: Real council fuckers come next, with skinhead Blake and capped Mikey working each others bodies to the maximum, getting all the cock they can in their faces while jerking off their own throbbing meat. Blake thick veiny dick looks awesome while fucking Mikey’s chav face, his big cut dick getting nicely lubed up, shining with saliva.
Scene Five: June lad orgy!! The ultimate Rudeboiz fuckfest is here and will make you scream in ecstasy as you watch all these fit fuckers writhe around, getting mixed up into a complete boy orgy of hard dicks, wet mouths and wanton butts. Kai, Tyson, Mikey, Karl and Rick are joined by new face to Rudeboiz, Max, his buff young body with perfect abs and pecs giving way to a hot cock which is fought over by our young scally boys. Kai’s thick dick drips once more will flowing pre-cum, and we get a great view as he plays with it, lubing his dick before ramming down throat after throat. Spit roasting and daisy chaining, these lads know how to fuck and take dick like real council scum. Cumfests and spunk showers, these horny boys love every drop and don’t let any go to waste.
SIX orgies GUY! These healthy libertines of course only, and do fuck like rabbits, using a big fat cock to put them in the ass hard and fast, lapping up the passion and as a finishing sperm on the body.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: 720×400 (1.80:1), 29.970 fps, XviD Final 1.0.1 (build 35) ~ 1578 kbps avg, 0.18 bit / pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 192.00 kbps avg

File size: 1.2 GB

SOCIETY SM Apr 06, 2011 – Angelina Black

Angelina Black is a bit of a newbie as far as bondage is concerned, but that doesn’t stop Bane from pulling her down the rabbit hole… To ease her in, he forces her to strip, an act which should be second nature to her. Once she is nude, barefoot and vulnerable, he wastes no time in ordering her to lie on the ground. She obeys, all the while looking to him for approval like a puppy on its first walk… He blindfolds and binds her wrists and ankles and begins her indoctrination… He punishes her with his hand and floggers until she is fully aware of what she’s gotten herself into…In the next scene, he binds her with rope standing on wood to ensure that she is in constant discomfort. Her stretched out arms give Bane the perfect canvas to work on with his “tools.” He lays into her, with whips and floggers… after introducing our new little slave to ball-gags and nipple clamps… After she is nice and pink, he gives her one more “surprise”, ever heightening the fear and anticipation as he hums a little tune…. Bane then shows Angelina that bondage isn’t all bad, she can receive some pleasure, but as Bane isn’t here to pamper our slaves, he goes right back to pain. Electricity, Intense binds, hot wax… Angelina gets a lifetime of experiences in this scene…. In the final scene, we put her to the test seeing if she can please our camera man while still enduring excruciating pain at the devious hands of our Master… She proves to be worthy so she is allowed to cum, however she must wait until she has finished with the camera man. All in all, this is a slave we would love to use again…

File Size: 534 MB
Resolution: 790 x 444
Length: 00:49:00
Format: WMV
Pics: included

File size: 534.2 MB