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Boy Butts

Description: In most fisting videos—except for the special inserts in the Falcon vids—the guys are either ultra butch and/or loathsome trolls being fisted by other loathsome trolls wearing rubber gloves. One stares at them in awe much the same way one would watch an anaconda swallow a pig, wondering how they can open up that wide and put away such an enormous object. For me, they were interesting but really never much of a turn on. That is, until BOY BUTTS came along. It is not just awesome but it stiffens the old woody to see young twinks taking bare fists up their kazoos. Amazing!
In the first scene we have Chad Adams, an All-American boy helping Jake Long unload a pickup and store some things in a shed. As Chad climbs a ladder to get something for Jake he discovers an enormous dildo—you know, the kind that could anchor a small boat. Since Chad is up a ladder his butt is available to Jake and he decides to show the boy what anal fun is all about. Inserting some fingers up Chad’s hole gets him all heated up. He gets down in order to suck on Jake’s upturned cock sticking out excitedly from its hairless crotch. (Jake will maintain this tremendous erection throughout the entire scene. You will too.) Then Chad’s back up the ladder for the whole fist. They finish with Chad lying on a mat taking Jake’s fist in the missionary position. Afterward Jake invites Chad over to his place where a few friends are gathering for the evening.

We cut to the guests. They are obviously pairing up. The first two to slip away are Eric Bradford and Brandon Black. Both guys are really young. Eric is a brunet and Brandon a bottle-blond. After settling down on a sofa, they suck on one another’s rampant dicks a bit before Brandon kneels on the sofa offering his ass to Eric. Using only lube (not the usual Crisco) Eric proceeds to work his hand up Brandon’s young butt. Brandon appears to be in such ecstasy that persons who have never been fisted will think they might give it a try. Brandon then gets on his back and Eric re-enters him. At one point he leans over to suck Brandon’s rigid dick while fisting him. It’s really hot and I’m saddened that it’s so short. Brandon cums while being fisted. Eric then licks the cum off Brandon’s belly and shoots his load on Brandon’s hole. HOT!

Mike Brandon is the next to leave the party and Will West follows him. West is the only daddy-type in the video. Thirtyish with a beard and a very hairy bod. Mike Brandon is not Michael Brandon—he of the big dick—but a twenty-something, slender, not handsome, but ultra sexy young man. Mike is showering when Will enters the bedroom. Will undresses to reveal a very stiff dick and goes into the bathroom. He fondles Mike’s ass and sucks his dick before drying him off and leading him back to the bedroom. Laying Mike on his back, Will proceeds to give him a loving rim job. He then inserts his dick into the lovely ass for a wild and wonderful bareback fucking. He pulls out in order to come on Mike’s hole and then inserts his dick back from whence it came…or cum. When Mike drops a load onto his belly, Will licks some up and then scoops up some to feed to Mike. WOW!

The final scene is a letdown after the preceding as one might expect. Blond Drake Scott is helping Rick Fernandi clean up after the parity. As one can assume from the name, Rick has black hair. He is extremely thin—one might say, skinny—but attractive nonetheless. He fists Drake who squats on a kitchen counter to ride the fist. Rick then fucks him bareback.

There are some nice extras. In one section we have a deleted scene. I wondered why the dildo Chad found in scene one was never used on him. Here in this delete we see it being put into him. It is huge! Jake then tries to jackoff into Chad’s mouth with the dildo still in place, and Chad is all ready for it, but Jake is unable to shoot, so I guess that’s why it was omitted. The previews for other films show a preponderance of hideous old trolls. Let’s hope HDK moves away from this and gives us more like BOY BUTTS.

Format: avi
Duration: 01:06:45

File size: 812.8 MB