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TsSeduction Jul 13, 2011 – Morgan Bailey and Roue

Studio: TsSeduction / Kink
Genre: Tranny, bdsm

Morgan Bailey will seduce her man by any means necessary. Once she has him, there is little he can do to escape. She has had her sights on a sexy all semester and finally her plan to get him on her massage bed is all coming together.

You really can’t see behind you in a massage. Sometimes the massage can be so good, so sensual that you can’t tell what part of the body the massage therapist is using to you – is it her hands, her elbows, her forearms…she could be stroking anything while you close your eyes.
Morgan takes full advantage of her slowly getting him naked, rubbing him down,teasing him by grazing the sides of thighs, just brushing his cock with the back of her hand while he gets harder and more willing. He has no that Morgan has her own cock. No that is, until she plunges her dick between his ass cheeks and sends him soaring, feeling like he is going to be split in half by her 8 inches.
The transformation from total confusion to lust is obvious when Morgan flips him over after pounding his ass, and he just succumbs to her luscious tits and cock. The chemistry changes entirely in this shoot and you witness a man going from scared to pure desire for cock and cum.

The scene finishes with a member request for some hot ass licking.

File size: 447.1 MB

This video has been removed.