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Rush / 2010 – Lucas Entertainment /

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal, Big Dick
Length: 02:18:19
Starring: Shay, Avi Dar, Ace Rockwood, Brian Bodine, Jesse Martin, Johnny Angel, R.J. Alexander, Sami Damo, Shane Frost, Spencer Reed
Directed by: Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Description: There’s a secret room located in the city. Accessible with a special key that gets passed from one fuckstud to the next, men can indulge in their deepest and darkest fantasies once inside: “a room where anything goes.” In the midst of NYC’s most popular pick-up spots, Spencer Reed, Avi Dar, Sami Damo, Brian Bodine, and six others discover the famed lair of lust, giving new meaning to the term “instant gratification.” With 5 hardcore sex scenes and over 2 hot ass pounding, the latest from Lucas Entertainment will leave your head—and loins—feeling the RUSH!

Scene 1: Avi Dar & Shane Frost
Upon entrance of his newly discovered den of iniquity, Avi Dar throws down the key that brought him there and pounces on a nude and alert Shane Frost. Avi shoves Shane’s stiff pole into his mouth, and he lathers it in a dense layer of spit. Shane, in turn, buries his face into Avi’s groin determinedly. Soon Avi rolls his new boy into a backward somersault in order to play with his smooth pink hole. Avi enters Shane from above and rams him rough, before bending him over to plow him doggy style until they both send their sappy loads flying!

Scene 2: Spencer Reed & Brian Bodine
The key drops once again, at the hands of tattooed jock top Spencer Reed. It’s Brian Bodine’s sculpted ass he’s after, and it’s clear from the bulges in their CK briefs that his wish is about to come true. The two muscle studs get down to a sumptuous makeout, leaving no centimeter of skin unattended. Spencer slurps Brian’s upward-curving sausage and Brian takes his turn on the mammoth Spencer as well. Spencer excitedly shoves his face into Brian’s ass before finally giving him the fucking they both have been fantasizing about, until he shoots into Brian’s mouth and Brian cums across his chiseled stomach.

Scene 3: Sami Damo & Shay
Swarthy and handsome Sami Damo is pleased to meet the scruffy and frisky Shay, who’s ready with his boner out in the secret lair. Sami tugs Shay’s rod and allows him to explore his torso with his tongue, and then feeds Shay his cock in return. The pair collapse into a natural 69ing and Sami goes to town, choking down every inch of his new Israeli friend. He kisses and moistens Shay’s tattooed ass before launching a full-tilt fucking assault from every possible angle. Sami fucks Shay with all the strength of his perfectly sculpted frame, smacking Shay’s ass with his rock hard physique up against a wall to a stunning climax.

Scene 4: Ace Rockwood & Jesse Martin
Ace Rockwood ferociously kisses the compact and muscular Jesse Martin in the mysterious red room, and Jesse drops to all fours in order to properly fellate Ace’s giant-sized cock. With his smooth and supple butt in the air, Ace can’t keep his hands—of his mouth—off! Squeezing and spanking, Ace backs Jesse’s round ass up onto his raging hard-on and plunges deep for the fuck of a lifetime! Jesse cums hard from the overwhelming action and Ace keeps plowing that hole until he bursts across Jesse’s beautiful bubble.

Scene 5: Johnny Angel & RJ Alexander
Unlike the boys who came (and came!) before him, RJ Alexander decides to keep the key instead of discarding it, and after his encounter with Johnny Angel, we can see why he wants a return visit. Tattooed Johnny strips with RJ and they eagerly exchange blowjobs without a moment’s hesitation. Johnny pushes RJ against the wall and dives tongue-first into his exquisite rump. Johnny spreads RJ’s legs apart and, for lack of a better term, dicks him down like an animal in heat! RJ gasps in disbelief as Johnny goes deeper and harder at an accelerated pace. Johnny jackhammers RJ’s ass and bounces him across the bed until he erupts from the heat… and the RUSH!

File size: 1.4 GB

Device Bondage Classic – Dainty Feet (Calico)

Though Calico’s feet are punished non-stop, the rest of her body does not escape. A latex breath control hood with a tiny hole in it combined with a tight metal collar makes her keep her breathing slow and measured lest she suffocate herself by breathing too fast. cyd makes the predicament unbearably awful by slapping her hard over and over in all the most tender and sensitive places on her body – the soft flesh of her inner thighs, her armpits, the tops of her breasts and elsewhere until her skin is bright red with angry looking welts.

Calico shows extreme self-control, mentally mastering her body and getting herself to breathe in a controlled manner. For this display, cyd rewards her with a vibrator, allowing her powerful orgasm after orgasm until her legs are shaking and spasming from coming so hard.

Genres: bdsm, bondage
File: wmv

File size: 359.7 MB