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DirtyBoy / 2010 [ Eurocreme ]

Year: 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Twinks – Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Blonds, Cum eating, Double Penetration, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Shaved Pubes, Uniforms
Length: 01:42:18
Starring: Alex Cummin, Alex Stevens, Cameron Wilson, Jake Kelvin, Justin Scott, Lucas Turner, Luke Desmond, Marco Strutt, Thierry Lamasse
Studio: Eurocreme
Directed by: Simon Booth
Description: A night in London’s hottest clubs turns out to be a lot more exciting than sexy young blond studs Lucas Turner and Cameron Wilson expected in this hot new DreamBoy Packed with gorgeous, smooth bodied twinks hungry for a good time and plenty of cock ramming, ball sucking, ass pounding action!! There’s no limits to where these boys will get off, from the dance hall to the bathroom, they just can’t get enough fucking and they’re not going to stop until they’ve pumped their creamy loads across each other’s willing faces!!
Handsome Russian hunk Alex (Lucas Turner) has been dumped by his boyfriend and now he’s determined to have a good time, whether he’s working or not. He doesn’t have to look too far when cute, fresh-faced twink Alex Cummin finds him alone!! Unable to resist the boy’s sweet pouting lips and high, tight bubblebutt, soon Alex is stripping off to reveal his broad, muscular shoulders and enormously thick cock!! Dark haired Kiwi boy Alex is just the perfect height to bend over and take that lengthy piece of meat deep inside his willing ass, loving every inch of it as he grinds himself down on it and then rides it until he blows!
Blonde haired and blue eyed British boy Danny has one night left in London before he goes travelling and he’s going to make sure it’s a good time! Things gets off to a flying start in the toilets as he takes a long, piss in the urinal only to find sexy dark-haired scally boy Luke Desmond admiring his cock! It doesn’t take long before Luke’s doing much more than just staring, when he get that fat cock between his lips and services it with a long, langorous blowjob before the two squeeze into a cubicle and Danny gets his smooth, puckered ring fucked hard and nasty and Luke holds the boys legs up against the wall! There’s a horny facial cumshot as Luke blasts his load across Danny’s face as making the boy cum with his own cock deep inside him!!
Hairy French beefcake Thierry Lamasse can be a demanding boss and he always gets what he wants, including new boy Justin Scott’s perfectly sculpted and smooth bubblebutt!! Butch and broad, Thierry really takes on the dominant role in this scene, ordering Justin to suck his deliciously thick and meaty dick, which the tanned gym bunny eagerly does. It’s a horny sight watching the stud deep throat his boss’ entire fat shaft and love every moment as pre cum and spit drip off his chin, before laying back and getting his legs spread, ready for a pounding as the older man talks dirty, telling him just what he wants him to do!!
In the vip lounge, anything goes, so when three sexy young super hotties start getting down to the filthy threesome, no-one is stopping them!! Eurocreme exlcusive Alex Stevens displays his beautifully toned and tanned torso as his two equally horny friends get their kit off too! New boy Jake Kelvin has one of the most amazing bodies we’ve seen for a long time, with every muscle rippling and flexing with each movement he makes, his smooth, pale skin looking so silky smooth you just want to lick every inch of it! Even better he’s an enthusiastic and hungry bottom too, so he can’t wait to ride the monster cock that comes springing out of Marco Strutt’s bulging pants, while sucking on Alex Steven’s raging boner, before letting the boys switch!!
After a night of hard partying and very hard fucking, the two blond boys Alex and Danny finally meet and it’s lust at first sight!! Danny takes the delicious Russian bartender back to his apartment for a final night there of filthy, hardcore fucking! After seeing the enormous man meat Alex is packing in his underpants, Danny is more than happy to let the big, broad boy push his toned thighs apart and slide his colossal shaft inside Danny’s cock hungry pucker, slowly so that the boy can savour every inch as it slips deeper inside him than any cock has ever before and then begins to slam his ass hard, pumping the length of his boner in and out, making Danny buck and whimper in pleasure!

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This video has been removed.