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Lucas Kazan – The Men I Wanted

Directed By Lucas Kazan
Starring Jean Franko, Ethan Clarke, Samuel Dolce, Roberto Giorgio, Lucas Andrades, Alexy Tyler, Glenn Santoro, Mark Federico and Pietro.

The only thing that can upstage the physical bounties of Tuscany, as I found out from watching “The Men I Wanted,” is the cast of men director Lucas Kazan has engaged to play in this story. With his exacting care gently woven into every frame of this movie, the men, from various places around the world, all fall under the soothing, calming and immaculately picturesque spell of Kazan’s Tuscany, looking like ancient statues come to life on its antique countryside. Simpler than most Kazan productions, it is every bit as breathtaking for the sheer eye for beauty he displays again, as few others have the capacity to do.

A prime example of Kazan prettiness is Samuel Dolce, a ravishing European man with a flawlessly sculpted hairless body and dark features that could stop a hurricane in its tracks. This raven-haired hunk is lazing on a farm, fantasizing the various vignettes. The first is two men, starting this movie quietly, even before its credits, with three lovely solo scenes. There is Samuel himself, with a thick cock, as well as Mark Federico, a clear-eyed Adonis who peers into the camera with intent as he gets himself ready to blast, and then the plucky younger Pietro, a twinkier model than the rest of the men here, but one who is just as easily worshipped by the camera.

The first big scene, called “The Swimmer,” starts with Samuel opening his window to see Alexy Tyler at the pool. In a tiny white bikini, Alexy is a steely man with a very interesting sexual pull. His body is chiseled, dotted with unique tattoos in unlikely places. It’s his face, however, that manages to trump even his body. Even up close, it looks too perfect to be anything but the result of surgical precision, but hey, some men are just really genetically lucky and Alexy is one of them. Trying to rest poolside is Jean Franko, the energy-infused superstar with a hairy chest and overflowing devotion to lust. Magnetism should bring these two together, but it takes Samuel’s imagination. Standing in shallow water, the two begin to make out, cherishing immediately every pore of each other’s body with their hands and mouths. They retire to a blanket on the grass, with nothing but hillside behind them. Alexy, his enormous cock swinging around, blows thick Jean first, working so hard the veins are popping out on his neck, but Jean has too much inside him to just stand there, so he spends lots of the blowjob directing Alexy’s mouth and face-fucking him. The gaping blowjob ends in a torrent of cum that drips from Alexy’s chin. Only then can Alexy and let Jean attend to his cock. In mere seconds, Jean quickly sucks and jacks him off to conclusion. Back at the pool, Alexy sits on Jean and rides, crunching his abs as a way to gyrate on Jean. Alexy’s ass is amazingly able to fit all of Jean, so the bouncing and upwards fucking from Jean show no reserve. Alexy goes into a headstand so hot-blooded Jean can lick intently at his smooth hole before fucking him again, this time driving downwards into him. Alexy’s gymnastic stretching makes the position work so well, but Jean’s topping skills are spectacular. Jean has another big shot for the camera before the two can walk back into the hills with smiles.

“The Honeymooners,” by title alone, promises one of Kazan’s patented passion scenes. The duo here are strapping Roberto Giorgio, the gigantic Hungarian with the body that barely fits into clothing, and Ethan Clarke, a spikey-haired guy with an angelic face and a muscular body that actually matches Roberto’s. Love is definitely behind their grinning and stolen kisses, not to mention the serious business once the music swells and Roberto digs into Ethan’s jeans to produce his meaty cock. Roberto can often be a tentative performer, but Kazan has him absolutely sparkling here, delivering a fast-paced sucking that is as tickling as it is gulping. Roberto continues it even after he plants himself on Ethan’s chest so the latter can lick around his slightly hairy hole. Ethan gives Roberto a vivacious rimming, and this has Roberto finally deep-throating him. The two mix sucking and rimming in their 69 position, effortlessly comfortable with both tasks. Being on the bottom of that position is always tougher, but Roberto makes it easier for Ethan by thrusting at him from a higher position so that Ethan can manage his whole dick. Ethan drips out a cum-shot with Roberto’s fist tightly around his cock and then Roberto sits up to cream a splashy shot on Ethan’s navel tattoo. On a staircase, this dream team continues. Groping at each other with urgency, there is a lot of playful kissing to enhance the mood until Roberto goes down on Ethan again. Roberto then throws a leg up on the stairs and has Ethan plug his hole. Ethan starts immediately with a ripping pace, not afraid to make sure his position highlights his handsome frame as he burrows deeply into Roberto and stays inside to hit him with fast jabs. Roberto cranes his neck to watch Ethan the whole time, adding to their chemistry and Ethan’s desire to please. It doesn’t take that long for Ethan to work himself into a cum-shot, then cradling his lover Roberto, who again delivers a peppy blast.

I don’t like to state up front that a scene is my favorite, preferring to launch into a full explanation before doing so, but the third scene, “The Waiter,” is so outstanding, it takes its place among the finest Kazan has ever filmed. Sitting down to a solo meal is shaved-headed work of art Lucas Andrades, a Brazilian with ample ink spread all over his beefy frame, all of it pure muscle. His body is so that one might forget to look at his face, itself worthy of magazine covers in its quite expressive way, those almond-shaped eyes doing their best to pop out between sculpted brows and long lashes. Servicing … I mean serving … no, I mean servicing him in his own fantasy is Glenn Santoro, easily my pick for Hungary’s greatest porn treasure. Equally handsome in a completely different way (Glenn has a more dark-haired look to Lucas’ dangerous one), beefcake supreme, my only complaint being that he has shaved his usually mouthwatering chest hair to nearly nothing. The two dance around their attraction for a bit, until pinning each other in a doorway and undressing each other to their glorious pumped frames. I’m not overstating their combined heat, because before anything other than groping has occurred, Lucas has his first cum-shot, and it’s a dazzling copious one. Still on high, Lucas sucks Glenn, able to deep-throat him to the furry pubic hair with easy flair, especially when Glenn is lobbing giant thrusts at his face. Glenn coos breathlessly the whole time, but Lucas keeps quiet, focused entirely on blowing Glenn. The big-lipped sucker soon gets splashed with cum from a clearly thrilled Glenn before they use the table for something other than dining. Lucas bends over and lets Glenn work into his ass, the top adopting a dreamy harshness with his butt clenching so he can roar ahead into Lucas, staying firmly in place with his strong legs. Randy Glenn is able to go fully in and out of Lucas using his hands, and when this is shot form underneath, it’s absolutely luscious. Lucas gets fucked on his back, reaching his arms behind his head to show off his whole torso gloriously. Glenn rails at him with an even more feverish angst, a topping torrent that would polish off normal men in nanoseconds. But, Glenn keeps it going until he literally fucks the cum out of Lucas, who doesn’t have his hands anywhere near his dick. Glenn gets the last blast in a perfectly placed creeper working up between Lucas’ pecs.

The finale, “The Hitchhiker,” finally gives Samuel a chance to do something other than moon and pine. The glamorous model is riding a tractor down a barely paved road and picks up shirtless Mark Federico, no doubt because those magical eyes and drool-worthy frame are so intoxicating! Thanks comes in front of an old fireplace, where Samuel as Mark pulls out his cock and blows it. It’s an awfully thick dick, but Mark whips his head around it in an effort to take as much as he can. Various angles show just how much that is. He takes breaks from stretching his mouth by snapping the piece around and gazing into Samuel’s equally hypnotic eyes. Samuel blows Mark with aching aplomb, going at Mark’s manageable cock with such grand intensity, punctuating his peppy rhythm with some slow sucking. It’s Samuel who spews first, just from sucking his friend’s cock, and then he pulls a shot from a very pleased Mark. Samuel tops Mark, striving for the same immediacy that Glenn displayed, slicing through Mark’s tanned hide recklessly. What looks like merely a sustained set of thrusts is actually more difficult because Samuel is not in a comfortable full standing position, showing him to be a total pro. A much more position finds Mark taking it from behind, Samuel now fully able to go in and out of his velvety hole with sturdy forceful thrusts, many of them going all the way in and pulling all the way out. Depth is key here, and Samuel mines as far as he can go, and as long as he can go, stopping only when its time to plant some semen on Mark’s rump. Mark is given a chance to cum again and their scene ends with the same exhaustion that has marked the rest of the piece.

Lucas Kazan has never needed to do anything extraordinary to create extraordinary sex, the operatic plots and long group scenes always icing on his special movies. The proof of that is “The Men I Wanted,” which has no frills outside two staggering he-men per scene and their combined skills in working with his sumptuous style. Porn does not get more elegant than this.

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