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Let’s Insert! Let’s Do it by Rotation!

This is a CG collection about a busy girl who balances her duties as representative and total craven slut.

– Tons of scenes!
Thick, endless goobs of semen in the p**sy, in the an*s, spread all over her body.
Syrupy smears of cum dribbling from her insides as she devotes herself to service.

– Facial and cumshot variations!
Every scene has multiple variations prepared.
Overflowing semen causes different expressions from the girl. Check them all out!

– Pregnancy, swallowing, urination!
Who knows who the father is, she’s having sex with a ripe belly, guzzling p*ss and taking urine into her vaginal opening.

– Glasses variations and text/effects!
Toggle CG images on and off for glasses, sound effects and other elements.

A total of more than 600 CG images!

Semen overflows in scene after scene with high viscosity, with variations representing all sorts of moments in cum-time. See her smothered in dripping cum, change to variations with her face plastered, having sex with her bloated womb, urinating in her mouth and vagina… scenes of all are included.

File size: 578.2 MB