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Tokyo-Hot n0203 – Dynamite Slut – Yumi Ono

This is the second series of Dynamite slut YUMI ONO, extreme play of the former content was unforgettable. YUMI who has dynamite body is a biology teacher. The white robe and glasses amplify the lewdness atmosphere further. However, the fact to have with the pupil comes to light to the head teacher and other teachers and it becomes liability issues. YUMI is requested apology that offers the body. Insulting that continues unmeasured has gnawed at whole body of YUMI at a dash. YUMI is scolded by having with the pupil by head teacher and other teacher and attacked as it is. The cock is inserted into the throat deeply one after another by the compulsion fellatio and she is painful. In addition, she is caressed bust and between groin from the back by the head teacher and the pussy becomes slippery. Then, the cock that stiffened by the compulsion fellatio is inserted by standing back. The piston is done by missionary and backward woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy pulls the string from the pussy. The head teacher pulls out the cock once and makes careful licking service violently. The pussy that became sensitive by the fucking is violently licked and the YUMI ejaculates. And, head teacher inserts cock again afterwards. Then, it is vaginal cum shot after a violent piston to pussy where becomes slippery. The cock is pulled out and semen springs up to the ostium of the vagina. However, the cock is inserted again and semen is put back again in the vagina. Her rumor spreads in the school and she also is attacked by three caretakers. YUMI is attacked rotor and vibs toy attack after made finger fuck at the open leg pose on the sofa. YUMI is violently stimulated the clitoris with the rotor toy and ejaculates and got acme while vibs toy with the protuberance put in the pussy. The thick vibs toy is immediately inserted in the pussy after she got the acme. The toy attack continues mercilessly further though YUMI feels too much and falls down. And, the cock is thrown in the mouth at the same time as cane of the principal being deeply inserted in the vagina. The cock explodes by accident on tongue of YUMI. A large amount of semen makes in mouth YUMI dirty. And Cuzco inserts compulsorily. The bubbled joy juice fills the inside of the pussy and a lot of coagulating cloudiness joy juice stick on the vagina wall. The people of PTA arrive at the place where YUMI is shaking her body by the play of shame. YUMI will apologize in the group cum shower party in the next. Semen is compulsorily poured one after another in the pussy of YUMI of the open leg pose. The head of cock that immediately before the launching is pressing to the ostium of vagina and it ejaculates. In addition, the cock is inserted in the vagina and the semen is injected compulsorily. The semen of six total people is poured in the vagina. Additionally, three people launch semen to the thigh and four people launch semen to the palm. YUMI voluntarily paints semen of palm on the bust. Then, the teachers’ gangbang begins continuously. Three teachers attack YUMI and made fuck at missionary posture after compulsion fellatio. While she is fucked at the back, backward woman on top and bending posture, the mouth is closed by the other cock. The pussy is stirred by the cannon cock after posture is shifted to missionary posture and YUMI scream loudly. Then it is vaginal cum shot time mercilessly thought YUMI is violently opposes it. Thick semen immediately drips and drops when the cock is pulled out. And, another cock is immediately inserted. The vaginal cum shot is made again after poked pussy where filled with a large amount of semen. And, another cock inserts at the backing posture without waiting for the backflow of semen. Though expression of YUMI is painfully distorted to a continuous vaginal cum shot, it is another vaginal cum shot is made. The cock is inserted in the pussy that goes into convulsions again though the cock is pulled out after ejaculates and the inside of the vagina is stirred many times.

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:12:42.032
Video: XviD 1362 Kbps 640×480 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: Vorbis 45.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Language: JPN

File size: 783.5 MB