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Tokyo-Hot n0416 – The Slut Teacher – Arisa Kanzaki

ARISA KANZAKI is a female teacher of a preeminent style with dynamite tits. However, she enters about the campus at every step recently and a strange action such as search of one’s lost article stands out. Is she the criminal in case of theft that happens frequently? The humiliation play is immediately made in order to confess. Then, body of ARISA reacts immediately. It spouts a large amount of love juice and joy juice that becomes cloudy, also a large amount of urination and she becomes half mad. ARISA who was made acme many times drives recklessly. The appearance that she become lewd and entreated vaginal cum shot and to want to drink semen is must see. The principal who doubted ARISA who looks for the lost article in the school calls her to stop. ARISA who was treated like the criminal of the robbery declares that caretaker’s man is a criminal. It unclothes the clothes of the janitor and examine, but the thing like the evidence does not come out. On the other hand, the body of ARISA is examined, too. ARISA reacts gradually when she is made taking off clothes and is examined in the pussy by the open leg pose. The finger fuck was made, and the finger is put in anal also and she ejaculates greatly. Immediately aftermath, ARISA who gets excited sucks principal’s cock. It is a way of lechery unworthy of a clergy. It is a problem greater than the theft. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The cock is also inserted in the anal after the following woman on top posture. ARISA entreats cock into the pussy while panting. Other teachers are called and the cock is put in the pussy & the mouth and three holes are closed. The pant of ARISA becomes intense and the ejaculation continues. And, the cock is put in the pussy while anal is skewered at backward woman on top posture. Cock is thrown in the mouth, too and ARISA cry in a body lean back for three holes fuck and is driven in immediately before the faint. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. In addition, fellatio is made after other teachers gather and they touched and licked body of ARISA. She sucks the cock one after another by standing fellatio. It is finger fuck at the same time and she is made female ejaculation. Immediately aftermath, semen is poured one after another in the mouth. ARISA who poured semen of five totals joyfully drinks everything up and got great satisfaction. She made PISS SHOT while sucking on the way. Afterwards, ARISA who exposed the disorder shamefully will be treated as teachers’ slave. After the image scene, it is a pussy attack by teachers. It is a finger fuck & clitoral stimulation by the open leg poses. In addition, rotor & vibs toy attack. ARISA ejaculates by the shrill voice, goes into convulsions the whole body, and blows a large amount of love juice. Then, ARISA was put her panty in the mouth and the mouth is closed with the packing tape. And, it is electric massage machine attack by the lift hip up pose. Immediately aftermath, a large amount of love juice gushes. The power as the actor of veteran surprise is a masterpiece. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. ARISA spouted the cloudiness joy juice and faints in agony when she was poked at bending and back posture. The groan voice is raised in the continuing back posture and she got acme and vaginal cum shot was made at side posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock inserted and semen was injected and semen injected at bending posture after she was poked at back posture. The third cock inserted at missionary posture at once and semen injected at bending posture. In addition, other teachers gather and fucked ARISA one after another. It is not easy play that inserts only the stick and injects semen but it is devil play that stimulate inside of vagina many times after insertion and pours semen into uterine ostium is made. Eight shot at missionary posture and two shots at back posture. The pussy is drenched in the semen of ten totals. Immediately aftermath, Cuzco inserted by the open leg pose. It is exposed in the vagina that is smeared with semen. In addition, a splendid parabola is drawn and it a large amount of incontinence while joyfully licking Cuzco that semen drips. Immediately aftermath, she was hold in his arms and it a large amount of urinates again with the backflow semen poured away. The public morals of a campus are disturbed when there is such a lewd female teacher. ARISA is recommended the retirement after she is made the cleaning of the floor made dirty by her urination. It was the ARISA in the pet house at the school the next day. There is a sign that the janitor who was doubted with a criminal by ARISA made in the cage. The sign indicated gMeat Slave, Slut, Bait is Semenh. ARISA might be loved forever by not only teachers but also students and is likely to keep being made vaginal cum shot.

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Tokyo-Hot n0414 – The Pussy Caster – Yumi Hirayama

The weather caster YUMI HIRAYAMA who always keeps smiles is the draw in the TV station. Because it wants to be healed by a pretty smile with full of the amiability, audiences to see a weather forecast are increasing rapidly. However, the work uses physical strength more than expected. The body is requested by the director in spite of before it broadcasts and made fuck and she cannot refuse it and fucking. In addition, on business of the interview of the baseball player of the third-class baseball team that entered irregularly, she is enclosed by sweaty players and become a mockery without can refuse it. The reality of popular weather caster is women who has a loose groin and immediately permits bodying. In fact, YUMI was a foolish pussy caster who only read with smile the prepared manuscript. The woman has flirted with the director before it broadcasts. The skirt is rolled up while rehearsing and pants are full views. Then the cock is thrown in to the intraoral by the director who gets excited. YUMI begun to suck the cock by standing fellatio though she opposes a little. However, it becomes broadcasting time during fellatio. YUMI reports the whole country the weather forecast by the mouth in which the cock was put immediately before. And, after it broadcasts, the body is groped again. Clothes are opened and the nipple is stimulated. Also she is made taking off the panty and stocking and the pussy is exposed in the open leg pose. It is lovely & beauty pussy that seem not much used. The joy juice blots immediately when finger fuck was made and the pussy is drenched. YUMI voluntarily gropes the pussy and suck the cock while making masturbation at the continuing fellatio scene. In spite of the appearance, she is lewd woman. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy pulls the string when piton was made at bending, woman on top, M-leg backward woman on top and back posture. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, pussy is stirred by the finger and semen it begins to grub. In addition, the stick that become muddy by semen and joy juice is cleaned by mouth. YUMI beautifully sucks and takes the semen with a smile. YUMI goes to the report for the TOKYO HOT Eagles of baseball team that always keep bottom of table after the weather forecast. Players go into raptures because a suddenly famous weather forecaster showed up to the third-rate baseball team. The body is immediately groped and YUMI is made to take off clothes. And, she is suppressed by the open leg pose and is made taking off the panty, and the pussy appears. It is made finger fuck immediately and the joy juice gushes. The pussy is groped as the labia meat is picked with chopsticks and the rotor toy is put in vagina hole. In the next, vibs toy was inserted. YUMI gets even to the anal putting the toy and faints in agony. Furthermore, metallic apparatus is put in the pussy, a lovely pussy is enhanced, and the devil play of the electric massage machine attack is made at the same time. The massage machine is strongly pressed and it distorts between groins in ugliness and she got acme finally. Immediately aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the uterine ostium is exposed. Players who get excited by obscene spectacle that cloudiness joy juice blots on vagina road throw in the cock to intraoral of YUMI one after another and fellatio was made. YUMI fills desperately her small mouth and endures hard even if she is made the lick of three at the same time. Then cock inserted at missionary posture and piston continue at side, backward woman on top and back posture. The supervisor also appears there and inserts cock at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. Immediately aftermath, the backflow semen is scooped by the finger and made YUMI lick it, in addition, the cleaning fellatio is made. Then second cock inserted at missionary posture and semen was injected. Then cleaning fellatio was made after the backflow semen is scooped by the finger followed by supervisor and it made her to lick. Immediately aftermath, third & forth vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. And, it scoops semen by the finger, made YUMI to lick it and cleaning fellatio was made according to the theory. However, it has not ended yet. The player of farm gathered in succession. The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in pussy of YUMI of open leg pose one after another and the ejaculation in the vagina is forced. The semen of ten totals is poured in the vagina. Immediately aftermath, YUMI was hold in his arms and semen flows backward. In addition, the backflow semen is painted on the entire face and she becomes silent. After this, YUMI is expected the effect of improving morale all players and becomes the recognized meat urinal mascot of the baseball team. The baseball team placed bottom of league though the pussy is destroyed by the fucking & vaginal cum shot of every day, too. At the coming season, the team has decided the thing sold with one meat urinal mascot.

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Tokyo-Hot n0409 – Fuck Me – Yuki Ogawa

My lover is the chairperson of the big company. Though it was good to plead and to have gotten the president secretary’s work c. However, the second generation is a foolish president. It is really worst. Beautiful secretary of preeminent style YUKI OGAWA is completely at a loss to the president for the second generation like the difficult child. In addition, the fact to which the company was shipping defective goods comes to light. An angry buyer flocks and becomes tumultuous. YUKI determines the thing that becomes a blocking sacrifice in front of the buyer because of the company. Please enjoy the spectacle that beauty secretary is dug even up anal to say nothing of vagina and scatters. The president doesn’t have the motivation at all though YUKI tells the schedule to the second generation foolish president. He insists to do not working. Embarrassed YUKI let the president touch the tits and calms him like fondle the baby. Making a foolish president independent is promised with chairman’s lover. She cannot throw it out on the way. The love affair with last night’s mistress revives mind of YUKI at the same time. YUKI is flirting with lover in the bed. YUKI made deep kiss from herself and positively made caress. Then suck the cock. She sucks obstinately and the ball bag is politely licked, too. And she mounts on his face. YUKI rubs the pussy and plead for careful licking service. Then cock inserted at woman on top posture after six nine play. She blots the joy juice that becomes cloudy and pants when piston continues at backward woman on top, back, side and bending posture. And then it was vaginal cum shot. After the fact, she is asked a confirmation that look after the son. Then scene backs to office. YUKI recalled the promise with the lover and tightened the body though she feels the dislike in the president who behaves like a baby while touching tits of YUKI. Then men intrude into there suddenly. All the water purifiers shipped by a factory seem to have been defective articles. However, a foolish president only crouches frighteningly in the big deal of the company. YUKI enters between and tries persuasion, but the anger of men is not settled. They begin to grope Yuki’s body sooner or later. YUKI who is broken stocking and groped pussy determines the thing that becomes a sacrifice. Clothes are voluntarily taken off. And it is rotor & vibs toy attach by the open leg pose. The vibs toy is inserted by crawl on all fours and the piston is done. And she was made acme. The pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and YUKI got acme again. Immediately after, Cuzco is put in the uterine ostium where a large amount of the cloudiness joy juice stays is peeped. It is an obscene spectacle. In addition, after YUKI is made to suck of foolish president’s cock according to the men’s instructions, she made fellatio for menfs cock one after another. And then cock of foolish president inserted at missionary posture. The piston is severely done at bending, back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture and the pussy is greatly open. However, men suddenly insert the cock in anal. Anal also becomes slightly open with an intense piston. In the next, the cock is inserted also in anal at the time of being inserted by back posture. It is closed in the mouth and the disgrace play of simultaneous three holes fucking explodes. In addition, the cock is inserted also in the pussy at the same time while being skewered anal by the backward woman on top posture. Immediately aftermath, cock is pierced also in the mouth and three holes are bullying at the same time and she struggles. And then first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, second cock injects semen at missionary posture. Then third cock is immediately inserted in anal. The complainers who crowed at the same time force the ejaculation to mouth of YUKI. Total 11 semen is launched to the mouth while being stimulated anal and she is made the cleaning fellatio in addition. Immediately aftermath, the third cock explodes by accident in the anal. And fourth cock inserted in the anal and semen was injected. Immediately aftermath, anal that vomits a brown liquid while doing the slack shrinkage is grubbed with the finger and she faints in agony. Then notice of the company bankruptcy arrives there. Yuki made dirty by semen becomes a grim expression. The collar is put on to YUKI by men and is made to crawl in crown on all fourth after this and takes around the whole country for the apology to buyers. On the other hand, the second generation foolish president is left another company by chairman’s father and assumes the position of the president. In addition, beautiful woman secretary seems to be provided.

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Tokyo-Hot n0407 – The Irritated Slut – Miyuki Matsushita

The world’s biggest Korman Sisters Holding Inc is bankruptcies. Investors who were expecting a high return know that even principal doesn’t return and rage. Anger to the fund manager MIYUKI MATSUSHITA is not calmed down. MIYUKI who says good thing and attracts customer and partly collected money under pretense of love falls into the predicament. The mercy pardon is not needed to the joking woman who severely had good time by investor’s money. The body is offered and be absorbed in insulting. It will be made to compensate taking the whole life to never say the good thing of the condition. MIYUKI does the sales talk with great confidence in the pussy fund briefing hall. The amount of the investment rises gradually, too. It succeeds in drawing out the large investment and the briefing ends successfully. And, the customer who invested one billion tokens is called in another room after the briefing and the story of a special investment of five billion tokens that promises a high return is begin to talk. The customer gets excited hearing when there are an incidental article that can freely play with body of MIYUKI. She alluringly takes off clothes and appeals. She becomes a stark-naked and started the masturbation. The pussy is groped by the customer by open leg pose and she feels it more. And the one leg raises high to made Y character balance. The softness of the body is emphasized. Immediately aftermath, she is made finger fuck and the joy juice is gushed. And it is standing fellatio. Even if the head is suppressed and the cock is put in the interior of the throat, sucking is continued hard. Then cock inserted at woman on top posture. Labia meat adsorbs the cock at backward woman on top & back posture and it seems to be very pleasant. As expected, it is worthwhile that drawing out the investment of billion token. The vaginal cum shot was made then after piston was made at side and missionary posture. Immediately aftermath, the customer promises the investment. Business that uses body of MIYUKI succeeds. The image scene is placed and the next scene. Three men who is not calmed down anger gather in reception room of Korman Sisters . All amounts of money invested is come to nothing at the same time as the company’s failing though it is promised that the principal crack would not happen. MIYUKI who was brought is denounced by men and cornered. Men who can not calmed down anger take off clothes of MIYUKI and caress her whole body intensely. MIYUKI can not oppose and panty is made taking off by the open leg pose and finger fuck was made. Immediate aftermath, she is sucked the dildo and drools. And, the waist is lowered in the dildo and it inserts by woman on top posture. The appearance from which the dildo is put in and out in the vagina is stared at. In the next, it is the rotor&vibs toy attack by the open leg pose. MIYUKI is made to stand and the vibs toy is put in and out by Y character balance though MIYUKI goes into convulsions the whole body and supplicates pardon seriously. The joy juice that becomes cloudy is poured away and the lower half of the body goes into convulsions. Afterwards, MIYUKI is made to the open leg pose and got acme after inside of vagina is severely stirred with the vibs toy. Then cock inserted at standing back posture after fellatio. It is hard piston continue at woman on top & M-leg woman on top posture. Also cock is inserted on at lift hip up posture. Blood goes up to the head by the long time piston by shameful pose and she suffers with red color face. And it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted at woman on top posture and semen is injected mercilessly though MIYUKI intensely opposes. Anal that moves in the middle of the injection is obscene. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at back posture and vaginal cum shot was made. However, it has not ended yet. MIYUKI is suppressed by the open leg pose. The company that the investor was managing is immediately before the bankruptcy in this failure. All members of the staff who were angry gather and they inserted cock to the pussy one after another and ejaculate in the vagina. The semen of 11 totals is injected in the vagina and vibs toy inserted in the vagina after that. It is intensely stirred and the lower half of the body is gone into convulsions while pouring away of the compound liquid of cloudiness joy juice and semen and she got the acme. After this, MIYUKI is engaged in the work that is left a new fund in which semen is saved in the pussy in the company that gained reemployment and is made vaginal cum shot by the customer every day. However, MIYUKI fails in the operation of stored semen due to insufficient preparation and she got pregnant. It seems that she is going to work by sex club that are specialized in a pregnant woman until childbirth.

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Tokyo-Hot n0398 – Fucking in Isolation – Akari Mizuno

It is an emergency. A passenger who is infected with the cause of a disease virus had stepped on the plane. A passenger and the crew are temporarily isolated and are examined. Slender beauty AKARI MIZUNO who is tall with beauty leg is a cabin attendant who is to be the nearest this passenger. There is a doubt of infection. The thing that AKARI is an unexpected erotic body turns out when the captain immediately checks her body. This is a serious situation to disturb the public morals in the plane. It is not a commotion of infection. It is not likely to be able never to work on a plane if source of erotic is not cut off. AKARI is isolated and was taken the captains’ body checks as soon as having gone out of the plane. The beauty dynamite tits is exposed when the uniform was taken off and it made excited. The cause of the disease virus has the report to be easy to dwell in a voluptuous & lewd body. Men immediately start the investigation of body of AKARI and begin to lick the ear and the nipple after made deep kiss, and it is finger fuck. AKARI is attacked clitoris by the rotor toy at the same time, and she feels with loud voice and got acme. At the moment she got acme, finger of captain stung in vagina is strongly tightened. She is sensitive in being lascivious. The thorough investigation is necessary for her. Especially, infecting of the intraoral the mucous membrane is feared. The cock is thrown in the mouth and AKARI is made fellatio. After ball bag is politely licked, the cock is inserted in the pussy at standing back posture. It is a check on the mucous membrane in the vagina. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy when piton was made at backward woman on top and woman on top posture. AKARI seriously feels it though it must be an investigation. And then vaginal cum shot was made at standing back posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected at missionary posture. Result of investigation, there is a possibility to be poisoned in the bacterium though there is no viral infection. AKARI will be immediately taken to the special inspection room. It is an expert of the woman’s body investigation to have waited. She is made taking off clothes and is made a stark-naked. In addition, it is rotor toy attack by open leg pose after a thorough check of anal and the pussy by standing back style. In the next, vibs toy was inserted. And it was intensely stirred and she ejaculates. In addition, the pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and she is made acme compulsorily. AKARI is suppressed and finger fuck was made though she rages and opposes many times. The joy juice that becomes cloudy drips even to anal. In the next, the test tube is deeply inserted and it is checked in the vagina. A large amount of joy juice gushes to the vagina road. Then Cuzco is inserted. The opening of uterus is full of the cloudiness joy juice. Result of investigation, it turned out that the cock treatment was necessary. Then cock inserted in the vagina at the M-leg woman on top posture. Labia meat is voluntarily expanded while being made the piston at the standing back, back, side and bending posture and she made shame pose. The infection of the lewd bacterium is almost certain. There is a possibility that it is violated in the brain, too. The inspector who took a situation seriously made vaginal cum shot without minding that AKARI opposes it. The vaginal cum shot is a medical practice that roots out the lewd bacterium. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected at missionary posture. However, the amount of absolute semen is insufficient. It is medical facilities where men infected with disease-causing germs enter that Mizuno brought in order to stamp out lewd bacterium thoroughly. The specific medicine extracted from semen is necessary for AKARI. She is immediately suppressed by the open leg pose. Men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the vagina one after another and made the ejaculation in the vagina. Then, it ejaculates continuously aiming at pussy that becomes muddy by the lift hip up pose and the semen of eight totals is poured. Immediate aftermath, she was hold in his arms and was excreted semen. The cloudiness joy juice and the compound liquid of semen gush with an obscene sound. An unexpected fact comes to light after this. It was not a specific medicine of the lewd bacterium but the semen of infected patients with the fucking poisoning virus that was injected. AKARI show a fucking poisoning symptom as well as lewd bacterium infection immediately. It is necessary to fucking & vaginal cum shot tens of times a day to suppress poisoning. However, the underwear fee seems to be unnecessary because the lower half of the body is always exposed to make fucking immediately.

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Tokyo-Hot n0207 – Fan Thanks Day – Saori Mizusawa

A new sacrifice SAORI MIZUSAWA who is RACE QUEEN and has enthusiastic body was caught. It gets excited by the appearance to smile with the leotard that sticks to the body. It is a customary fan thanks day today. It is a day to grant request of all fan who always assists. Fan of SAORI is people who do not satisfy it with the handshake and the autograph session. There is no refuge place in fans’ extreme demands anywhere though the SAORI is driven in to the limit. SAORI smiles in front of fans on that day of fan thanks day. SAORI holds out and satisfies demands that escalate gradually of fans who asking “Show smile, show tits and show hip”. Though the first stage is ended in the place where it strips SAORI naked, the second stage is begun immediately. Fans who gather surrounding SAORI with the erected cock and compulsion fellatio is made. The president of belonging office tries also to achieve fans’ extreme demands. Fans’ cock are thrown in to mouth of SAORI who is made sit on the sofa and turned one after another and finger fuck is made at same time. In the next scene, SAORI is taken to another room and has one of the fans fingered the pussy at the backing style. The president also joins there and the vibs toy attack starts. The toy is inserted on at lift hip up posture and SAORI is at the mercy of extreme unbelievable development. After the vibs toy attack at open leg pose, clitoris is violently stimulated with the vibs toy and she is made acme by force. Then, the original toy that installed vibs toy on the head of the electric drill appears. It is a dangerous article to which the pussy might be destroyed. However, funs curry on the attack mercilessly. A high-speed piston of the electric drill attacks the pussy and SAORI ejaculates much. When peep the pussy by the Cuzco immediate after, the opening of uterus keeps greatly open the mouth. Then, president inserts the cock at the standing back posture. It is fan service to show the fuck to the fans. The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes from the pussy and fucking continue at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture. The appearance that the pussy is violently poked by the cock and a large amount of joy juice drips down of shame is exposed in front of fans. Though SAORI opposes to say “Don’t put out inside”, president injects semen into vagina deeply at the missionary posture with saying “It is safe because it is a physiology”. When the cock pulled out, semen flows backward and the blood of a large amount of physiology mixes with semen. However the thanks service to fans continues without any interval. And next is fucking with funs. Fans who get excited insert their cock alternately though SAORI seriously opposes as saying “I don’t hear” and she is violently piston at missionary, side and back posture. The cock closes her mouth immediately after she was made to say “I love cock” compulsorily. The piston is violently made at the many posture as standing back, backward woman on top, woman on top and lift hip up posture and SAORI is really exhausted. Even if it is said by the president, “Receive the vaginal cum shot of the fan” as the following fan service, she can barely be said, “I don’t like” in a small voice. But first vaginal cum shot is made after violent piston at the missionary posture and other cock insert in at once. After fucking at the bending posture for long time, another cock made vaginal cum shot at the back posture. In addition, another cock inserts at missionary posture without rest and vaginal cum shot is made. Immediate aftermath, semen is raked out by the finger. And powerful finger fuck makes SAORI to get acme compulsorily. Last is group cum shower party, all the funs are gathered. SAORI who is made lift hip pose has been expanded her pussy right and left by the finger and semen is poured to there. SAORI is made to say “Thank you. Please pour it more” compulsorily. A large amount of semen of total 15 is splashed one after another and SAORI gradually loses the voice and the expression stiffens, too. Then the compulsion excretion of semen in vagina is made at the end. The appearance that exhausts the mass of semen while making a disagreeable sound is so exciting. Fan thanks day is decided to doing every day by managing the president of the office. SAORI will immediately become a splendid meat urinal due to making vaginal cum shot every day. A high-quality meat urinal is manufactured by effectively using the material of woman. An advanced technology of the TOKYO HOT is super.

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Tokyo-Hot n0128 – A Saleswoman – Remi Oomiya

The target of insult in this time is REMI OOMIYA of sexy sales lady of insurance. The contract of insurance cannot be taken as thought though externals are erotic atmosphere. REMI who has not get good results for the business was received guidance from her supervisor who asked REMI to use her body to get contact, however, faced destination was a den of insult, called TOKYO HOT Corp. Though the contract was to have been taken by the taught technique, she was fucked by the brute who save up semen and her character is destroyed. If semen is not refreshingly discharged so that the customer may consent to sell the commodity of high priced, it is useless. The devil brute of TOKYO HOT Corp say not carrying insurance if there is no privilege, and compels insult play to REMI. Both legs are bound after compulsion masturbation and many of brute’s fingers are pushed into vagina hole. In addition, the finger is pushed also into anus hole and REMI only groans for hoot of brute like forgot to get contact of insurance. The wall in the anus rubs obstinately by the anus attack with vibs toy, and the vagina jar stir and also clitoris attack with rotor toy was made, She is looked down in the woman who has act only as for the reproductive system and erogenous. In addition, the strange, disagreeable color love juice has begun to blot from the pussy and the anus in the attack with a fat vibs toy. In addition, the toy attack to tow holes by the vibs toy while hips meat was slapped at the crawl o fours extended over a long time. Next, after the vibration of the electric massage machine overcomes the clitoris that a lax attack, female ejaculation is drained off by a high-speed finger fuck. The muscle the inside of the vagina and in the anus slackens like having become no use and finishes expanding a violent two hole attack that goes out of the ordinary groove. It is the compulsion fellatio that bound to hand in back in the next scene. Four men surround REMI and cock is inserted in the mouth by turns. It gets excited by the appearance sucked hard though the throat seems to be closed by a fat cock and to be suffocated. In addition, REMI was made fucked while rubbing wet vagina meat in urine after it compulsion urinates. The attack of the vibs toy and the electric massage machine might be effective, vagina jar reacts to the piston of the cock as rubbery elasticity. The pussy discharges mucus into consecutive insertion. A large amount of mucus discharged by the pull of the string to the cock are the proofs of the learning of making a man pleased by the body and the progress of the technique as sales lady of REMI is shown. However, the anus attack by the backing style begins because the service of the anus is still insufficient. The three cocks are inserted in the anus one by one. Whenever it feels humiliation in abnormal Anal fuck and the cock is pulled out, the waist is dropped to the floor and she is not drawn up the knees, brute compulsorily completely opens the anus and the anus fuck continues. The mucus that became cloudy began to blot from the anus hole though REMI ejaculated to insertion. In continuously, they moves to the bed and fuck at the woman on top posture. Then it is vaginal cum shot after backward sitting, and missionary posture. After semen of three is injected in the vagina, then they made cum shot directly into anus by anus fuck. In addition, the love juice compulsorily blown became impure yellow. It is glaring as human dignity collapses. The last is cum shower party. Semen of total 13 is discharged into the mouth, in addition, the semen is collected with the injection syringe and gives a compulsion enema. It gets excited greatly for anal of REMI who blew the bubble of semen. Though REMI was success to contract by the pussy, anus and the mouth in this time, it will expect it in the future of REMI who finds the new land as the vaginal cum shot slut at the same time as knowing something about the world. I will cancel insurance in which it is joining now and apply for the insurance of the high priced one as pussy/anus simultaneous insurance of contract all one’s life. The chest and cock swell with the expectation from now on.

Format: Matroska
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Tokyo-Hot n0054 – Anal Fucked Teen 2 – Miki Sakai

A super-lovely girl appears again in the TOKYO-HOT! AYAKA KANEKO who looks like a Japanese famous and ages is more less 20 ages. The illusion contents of this time is insult story in the high school that brute group went on and on, blaming whatever they liked as masturbation, hand rub service, 6 fellatio simultaneously, raw fuck, vaginal cum shot and facial cum shot for AYAKA who attend to mission high school. Moreover, the long content of 83 minutes including change clothes as 3 times. It became the content of the looking answer 120% though it had divided into two by the convenience of the net. AYAKA just like the famous Japanese is the No.1 popular girl in the school. She absorbed in the masturbation at the sofa of uninhabited and even it is unexpected or inevitable, upper brute found such AYAKA. It was the start of her unluckiness. The brute got such her weak point and insult her body as they like. They blame her pussy much by finger and force PISS SHOT after she got the acme. It is the PISS SHOT scene to open the labia major. Please enjoy it by 2 angles. The following scene is hand rub service, she was rubbing cock while making fellatio at the sunny spot and it is so wonderful to see. When she tasted semen in the mouth, she mentioned while smiling that it is delicious after saying it is salty. The AYAKA with bloomer was appeared next. It was hard fellatio scene. AYAKA sucked cocks one after another totally 6 cocks with smiling. The cock will be erected 150% if you see the AYAKA who suck the cock while rubbing cock by both hand. Afterwards, two thick cock inserted into her mouth deeply and she was choked while hanging down slaver. It is so excited to see for especially sadist fun. And there was PISS SHOT scene again with bloomer style by the two angles. Please enjoy as well. Next, insert vibs toy into the pussy hole that exposed fully by the lifting her hip up posture. It should be seen that her pussy hole made gaps clearly. The sentence of brute more heat up and entered toy insult play. Clitoris and vagina was blamed by the finger and pussy was insulted by the 7 toys as hair brush, vibs & gourd, muddler, writing brush, hook, vibs and rotor toy and so on. The world where the meat wall of the pink color extended to a full screen is spectacular. Moreover, the close up scene of the blaming clitoris shows very powerful scene that never showed before. The last insult play was using the vagina mirror with illuminator to show the uterus. The scene also reaches the most interesting part and AYAKA with school swimming suit appears. The nipple and crotch part was cut by the scissors and show from fellatio to fuck scene on the desk. Double fellatio started at the once and shift to 69 play. It is ver recommended scene that she licks glans very carefully by the tongue. Wondering if such lovely face slut licks the cock. The fucking start from missionary posture, and shift to modified side back, Woman on Top and Doggie Back posture. AYAKA screaming every time poked and utter lovely pant voice. There is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture from Doggie back, the real vaginal cum shot that semen leaked out from cramped pussy is so wonderful. The other brute starts raw fuck instantly. He shows joint part for AYAKA at the missionary and Bending posture, and she screaming “Do it more” repeat ably at the Doggie Back posture. The mouthful cum shot was made at the end. And Sakurai speculum appears to expose her pussy. The TOKYO HOT is best site that make insult for such lovely slut.

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Two tourist in anal fuck busty asian

Two tourist in anal fuck busty asian
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Duration:20 min
Two tourists, lost in the huge Tokyo, decided to ask for directions from a tiny, busty Japanese girls. The girl was sensible (even a couple of words in English she knew), and very curious. Molodushka she went with the guys and asked for it to guests – a cup of tea … Since then, it all started, and finished a good group trachoma baby, but those members who are in his native Japan, she had never seen.
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Tokyo-Hot n0069 – 25 sperm covered all – Riho Matsuoka

RIHO MATSUOKA 19 years old who was the high school student just until recently appears. Because she was a student until recently, the school uniform appearance is suited very well. TOKYO HOT complete reproduces her free and easy school life. The schoolboy who cannot concentrate on study on the coattails of her increase rapidly, an embarrassed teacher witnesses the masturbation of such schoolboy, and the insult of the name of reeducating is begun. Because this is TOKYO HOT, there are raw fuck and vaginal cum shot can been as usual. And addition, her pussy was made confused by the simultaneous fellatio for four cocks, hand rub service, insertion of foreign substance, 4P promiscuous sex play, Piss shot, continues cum shot into anus hole from anal fuck and 21 continues semen shower to her pussy. RIHO who put on the schoolgirl costume is cute and have very lovely face but head is a little insufficient. RIHO starts masturbation in none of that are at the supplementary lessons time after school. She might surely have been done masturbation at the toilet during time in the school days. It is sure to be found out when masturbation is done in the place in which it works diligently to study. It has been found as expected by the teacher who rounds the patrol. The thing that her pheromone kept being anxious and the number of schoolboys who were not able to concentrate on study increase between teachers became a problem, and teachers decide to punish her. When it begins to stimulate the tits and pussy, RIHO begins to pant in a lovely voice. Teachers who get excited make compelled fellatio and push three cocks into her mouth deeply one after another. And slaver begins to overflow and dripping down. The head teacher of the stark naked appears when playing with by three people and supplementary lessons of the sex education begin directly. There is no wrong thing that already gets excited by the appearance to suck four cocks obediently. Then, it is a hand rub service and fellatio for the schoolboy who is not popular most in the A disgusted student is comforted by the spirit of the volunteer that followed by the before. Thick sticky semen is splashed into her mouth by the devoted technique. Please get excited again by the semen that drips from the mouth. The following are the insult foreign substance insertion time of our special product. A slightly big major labia was opened and she was absorbed in the insult play as finger fuck and rotor & vibs toy, and afterward the super close up picture of pussy hair, its hair hole and her joy juice that overflow from her pussy can be seen by the microscope of our new weapon. It gets excited though what is not understood somehow when even here is large why. When the excitement culminates, the raw cock is completely inserted into he pussy at the standing back posture and bullied violently. It rushes into 4P play with the cocks in both hands when becoming missionary posture. You may be excited again to see the RIHO who is tasting cock by the pussy while sucking the cock in the mouth. RIHO does not stop fellatio service even fuck is continuously at the woman on top posture. The head teacher appears there again, and inserts his raw cock into anus hole. The screaming and the pant come in succession and the excitement level reached max, and he made cum shot into her anus hole. It is wonderful to see the anus hole is cramped with twitching. The following teacher also thrusts a thick cock into the anus hole immediately, and made violent piston. Then it is second cum shot into anus hole to RIHO who makes ugly faces and faints in agony. And, there are mouthful cum shot and vaginal cum shot continuously to treat RIHO as public toilet. In the final finish, students made cum shower that aims to her pussy. It applauds for the devil play that 21 thick cum shower covered her pussy. TOKYO HOT in which a cruel thing is done really every time is so wonderful !!

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Tokyo-Hot n0065 – Sluttish Race Queen – Hitomi Aizawa

23 years old HITOMI AIZAWA(assumed name) who has acted Race Queen by the some model production for several years ago appears to TOKYO HOT this time. Actually, she is not adult video model but real model of entertainments, it is always feel admiration for the staff of TOKYO HOT because made such a good slut to appear. HITOMI has a wonderful long leg and is the slender beautiful lady, but we have bullied HITOMI because only pride of having done the Race Queen is very high. We made vaginal cum shot, raw cum shot to anus, bully simultaneously by three holes, 4P play, semen shower by the tens of brute and so on for the insolent HITOMI. This story starts from the place of which HITOMI of Race Queen who belongs exclusively to Super-MAX has made sales promotion to the TOKYO HOT Sports editorial department. When HITOMI was in the sofa of the editorial department after her sales promotion has done in general, she had been to begin to have dozed in the sofa because the one of staff said to her to take a little rest because the manager recalled some business and leave there meanwhile. To tell the truth, it was plotted that brute sent away the manager and conspire to punish insolent HITOMI. Suddenly the four cocks of editorial department staff surrounded sleeping HITOMI and threaten to suck their cocks. HITOMI desperately sucks the cock that thrust into her throat deeply and she was forced to make squeeze service by hand afterward. HITOMI makes an effort as to squeeze cock violently and to make fellatio desperately in order to make ejaculation, that thing might be never thought when she was Race Queen. The word that he mentioned during squeezed was very unique. The following take off the panty and tinker the clitoris and the vagina by the finger fuck. The enlarged clitoris is large can call NO1 up to now. And, the finger enters into the vagina that opened splendidly, initially finger was inserted one by one and is surprised for the pussy where five fingers are completely inserted at the last. HITOMI is such lewd slut who faints in agony with much pleasure when big vibs toy thrust into pussy and anus, and stimulate clitoris by rotor toy. When the pussy is damped, it is raw insert so that the cock of four people may examine the condition of her pussy. HITOMI who was given rejoice every time thrust, and one brute inserts his cock in the anus hole and poke violently. And, other staff who get excited also insert their cock in anal. The spectacle that violently made the piston poke while pouring the hoot on HITOMI who pants though it insults gets so excited. They move to the bed and start 69play after one brute confirm the well-set condition of the pussy at the face to face/backward woman on top posture. Another person participates to insert his cock to anal during careful pussy licking service was made, and it starts of plural play. Two cocks are licked while inserted at the woman on top posture, and another brute insert his cock to anal, then two brute make compulsorily piston poke. Especially, the simultaneously cock bully to three hole as the pussy, anal, and the mouth is seems real hard-core porn. It is what became possible doing play that the woman in Japan is not defeated at foreign countries either. The scene to compel fellatio to HITOMI who was so exhausted by the devil poke at the doggie back posture is one of the best scenes. The end of plural play starts from raw cum shot into anal hole at the missionary posture, and more made just as they like as facial cum shot, vaginal cum shot and so on after that. It is so wonderful that the pussy and anal are cramped in. There is a semen check in the vagina with a familiar “Speculum”, too. In addition, it greatly one doesn’t end here. There is tens of sperm shower while made to bully by the vibs toy and etc. To sprinkle the stinky and dirty semen one after another to HOTOMI who writhes and suffers, and it has a good feeling in it that she utterly loses her face of teacher’s career Let’s root out conceited slut by the plural play and semen shower !

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Tokyo-Hot n0058 – Anal Fucked Teen 2 – Miki Sakai

The content that makes it specially present for holiday week(Golden week) is MIKI SAKAI of 19 years by doing of our staff made the negotiation in the town and got approval. Many of our fun might have the wonderful experience with her who performed with her private clothes at the last time. This time she put on the high school uniform and the act that she had been actually doing in the high school student age was reproduced based on her testimony. It will be not accepted that such lovely girl trifled with the brute. Therefore, our staff punished MIKI on behalf of brute at the people. At the beginning, it shows with the reproduction video what kind of prostitution MIKI in the second grade of high school was doing. Brute were played as a half killing by the exactly similar to “Sexy Touching pub”. MIKI was really young slut at that time. She was not allowing to insert the cock though all processes from the suck to rub service by her crotch as sham fuck was done, Oh my god ! What a fine state of affairs! When the light interview was done, the matter that will make anger of the brute come out one after another. In this case, we should make punishment to her instead of brute in the world and then put off her school uniform and start to blame her tits. The tits that are good tension and shakes heavily that come from youth will bring so much exotica. When the nipple is rubbed roundly, she pants in a lovely voice. Then his hand expands to her pussy and start finger fuck. The lewd sound that comes from her pussy will make much excitement. Next, another reproduction scene is shown. MIKI who had grown up in the shopping street in the downtown in Tokyo was getting the pocket money from brute in the shopping street for the suck and the hand rub service. MIKI who put on the school uniform suck and made hard hand rub service was cost 5,000 JP yen. It seems that it was very easy part time job for MIKI. When the hourly wage is certainly calculated, it is a doctor and work at the lawyer level. It becomes impossible to do certainly usual work when experienced such an easy work. To be reborn of MIKI who is always doing such a thing, it is made to sit on a sofa at the M-leg posture and the pussy training is started. After all, does our staff want also only to play with her pussy?? The real intention and stated reason is putting out, at the first, let you see deliberately looking in the vagina with the speculum. The place where the opening of uterus is greatly open is clearly understood. Next, by using kaleidoscope, please confirm the condition of vagina wall when the cock is inserted in. It blame from the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously to the anus hoe with the brush and Dildo. The vagina and anus hole are blamed with vibs toy, and made hard finger fuck at the end, the milky joy juice dripping out from the vagina. When the toy blame ends, it is fucking time at the last. They are mutually uplifted by the 69play, the raw thick cock is suddenly inserted in not the pussy but anus hole. It is not a wrong transaction but the place where the anus is attacked aiming is villainyWhen the condition of Anus is confirmed a little, then thick cock inserted in her pussy to make MIKI to pant at the Bending, modified side back and side posture, and made MIKI to screaming at the doggie back, monkey back, face to face woman on top and backward woman top posture. At the end, MIKI was poked violently at the missionary posture, and the brute who was half killed put the grudge and made facial cum shot to the MIKI. After thick cock brute also made facial cum shot to MIKI then another brute insert his raw cock to MIKIHe made the vaginal cum shot at the end while seeing her face that becomes pasty by semen. After all, the punishment means vaginal cum shot on the TOKYO-HOT style? It is cruel, because nothing is secured even if getting pregnant by this. The scene where MIKI made confused is taking shower at the end is feeling that cannot mean indescribable. The case of prostitution involving high school girl and brute of MIKI SAKAI is settled by this !

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