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Bareback Crush (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Rimming, Fucking, Anal Sex, Bareback, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Facial, Group Sex, Twinks, Brunette, Cum Shots
Duration: 01:52:42
Director: Keith Miller
Studio: Helix, HotStuds
Cast: Aiden Mychals, Tyler Berke, Colby London, Ryan Conners, Felix Russo, Jake Heartnett, Trevor Laster, Dustin Revees, Lee Paine

Get ready for a new era of twink bareback sex. If you liked Bareback and Beyond, Bangin Boys Bareback and Horny Ass Fuckers, you’re really going to love Bareback Crush. The twinks are hotter, the action is intense and the close-ups are sharper than ever. Its 2011 and our boys are upgrading wet, raw & double penetrating sex.

Scene 1 (Aiden Bangs Tyler Raw)
Tyler and Aiden have been wanting to get together for awhile and we finally made it happen. They were immediately glued to each others bodies. Aiden’s intent is to drive Tyler wild, biting and pulling on the boy’s nipple rings with his teeth. This technique seems to work on Tyler, who squirms and wiggles as his big shaft nearly breaks though his hot black briefs. Aiden realeases and swallows Tyler’s big boy, before he returns the favor and pulls out Aiden’s big boy from his super hero briefs. He shoves the entire thing down his throat. The hung jocks then end up in an ass eating 69 position, each of them getting their holes wet. Aiden is especially talented with his long tounge that tickles and moistens Tyler’s pretty little hole, moistening and opening it before shoving his huge raw prick in. The tight rosebud gets an immediate bareback pounding from the get go. Aiden decides to take full advantage of Tyler’s wanting ass. Tyler is happy to take it, stroking his cock until he shoots his boy juice all over his toned torso. Aiden pulls out and gives him a hot facial, leaving the stud smiling and satisfied.

Scene 2 (Colby Rides Raw)
Horny students Colby London and Ryan Conners, are in the mood for bareback. Making out in Ryan’s bedroom gets the boys heated, and their clothes come off quickly. Ryan wraps his juicy lips around Colby’s cock for a stellar blow job, then he flips him right around and gives the edgy twink the rim job of his life. Ryan doesn’t just lick butt, he munches like its his last meal. No words are necessary from Colby. His moans and facial expressions say, “fuck me raw.” Colby squats over Ryan’s third leg and takes it all in bare. He grinds his boy butt hard into Ryan’s lap, grunting with pleasure. Ryan slams his incredible dick into Colby’s hairless hole, until he can’t help but spooge all over it. With the stretched opening covered in creamy cum, Ryan slides his cock right back in to thoroughly seed the satisfied boy slut.

Scene 3 (Felix Loves Jake’s Cock)
Felix and Jake are down for some dirty afternoon bareback fun. These horny twink studs don’t fool around and get straight down to business. Jake removes Felix’s pants to reveal a hot jock strap and he goes right to rimming and fingering the boy’s exposed hole. He shoves one, two…even three fingers deep and hard into Felix’s bottom, driving the young slut into a frenzy. He pulls out Felix’s fat cock and swallows it whole. Jake then flips him around for some more ass play and rimming until he’s ready to shove his raw torpedo into the Felix’s teased opening. That’s when things get really hard core. The intensity and speed of the butt slamming here shows that these boys are not new to hard bareback fucking which continues until Felix ends up with a super thick, hot load on his mouth. The latin lovers kiss, sharing a taste of the creamy jizz.

Scene 4 (Bareback Threeway)
Dustin is our resident bareback boy whore, and in this scene he proves it. Horny, young tops, Ryan and Trevor join him in their blue jeans for some sexy warmup foreplay. Dustin’s “body is a wonderland” for the horned up studs. Getting intensely hot and bothered, that he cannot resist cock any longer, and swallows both hung hotties cocks at once. Its always exciting to see Dustin suck dick as passionately as he does. Ryan gets a taste of the twink’s ass, readying it for his big raw dick. Ryan lubes up and slides in the tight hole, much to Dustin’s pleasure. After a few good pumps doggie style, its Trevor’s turn. Dustin hops on top of his wonderfully thick cock, stretching his boy hole even further, then boys take turns pounding the hungry ass harder and harder… before the main event. With their bodies over lapped and cocks aligned, Dustin takes a seat, his twinky butt taking in both huge tools, one of the hottest bareback, double penetration events ever. You’ll be glued to your screen until Dustin’s gets exactly what he wants.. his cumhole used and abused.

Scene 5 (Dustin Tops Lee)
Although we’ve never seen it, Dustin can top bareback almost as well as he bottoms. We’ve paired him with a hot manly otter, Lee Paine who is more than willing to take some raw twink dick. Dustin wastes no time stripping him down to his sexy plaid underwear for some skin on skin contact, then its Dustin on top for some 69 action, where Lee gives his boy balls a nice juggle with his tongue. Then Dustin spins Lee’s swimmers bod around and briefly prepares his hungry hole for hard slamming. What follows is an intense flip fuck with Lee fucking Dustin’s wanting slut hole, and the two flipping again in a gratifying inverted position, that allows Lee to spank and play with Dustin’s smooth bum while getting a raw mounting. Dustin barebacks his man-toy until he shoots a creamy load in and around Lee’s used hole. A definite must see!

Scene 6 (Trevor Takes Colby)
Colby is in the mood for some uninhibited bareback fucking, so he gives his friend Trevor a bootie call. Trevor is game and shows up with his huge pole already begging to escape his jeans. Colby lets the juicy pole free, and gets it wet with the back of his throat, while Trevor prods then tongues the twinks’s eager hole. When Colby can’t fight the urge any longer, he sits down on Trevor’s thick cock and takes it all in. Trevor plunges his raw monster deep into Colby’s tight little ass, which is an impressive sight. The ensuing skin slapping, barebacking involves Cody being flipped and slammed so hard, you’ll worry for his insides, but he’s just fine. If fact, he spreads his cheeks and begs for more. This scene is so intense, and hot you may not make it all the way through, but make sure to pick up where you left off on your next visit.

File size: 1,7 Gb
Format: AVI
Video: XviD 960×540 29.97fps 2026Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

CorbinFisher – ACM0929 – Wesley & Austin (Wesley’s First Time)

For lean, mean, fightin’ machine Wesley’s first time, we needed someone who could take the blows – and blow back. That spells Austin to me!

Wesley and Austin kiss passionately. Austin gets Wesley’s shirt off so he can kiss Wesley’s tight abs and chest. That’s not enough for Austin. He gets right down to sucking Wesley’s cock. He strokes it and swallows it down to the root. He tickles Wesley’s balls as he sucks his dick.

Austin is so turned on, he starts stroking his cock as he sucks. He pulls his big dick out and jerks, his mouth filled with Wesley’s cock. He tells Wesley to suck his cock and Wesley goes to work on Austin’s big dick. “Oh yeah, right there,” Austin says between moans.

Wesley slides his lips up and down Austin’s shaft, then sticks that big dick back in his mouth. It’s always hot to watch a guy suck his first cock on camera. And as a bonus – Austin tells Wesley he wants him to eat his ass. Wesley goes to it with gusto.

Austin can’t wait to be fucked now! Wesley sticks his dick inside him and bangs Austin’s ass doggy-style. Austin’s loving it. He yells with pleasure as Wesley pounds him.

Wesley says Austin should ride him. Austin slides down Wesley’s pole in a reverse cowboy. Austin rides that bucking bronco for all he’s worth. Both of them are moaning deliriously. Who wouldn’t be – getting to dick or be dicked by such hot guys?

Austin gets flat on his back in a missionary position. Wesley rams his dick inside Austin as far as he can. Every muscle in his body is bulging as he fucks Austin. Austin strokes his cock as Wesley pumps faster.

As Wesley rams into him at top speed, the intense fucking causes Austin to blow a huge load all over his abs. The amount of cum he shoots out is amazing!

Wesley pulls out and blasts his load all over Austin’s cock and stomach. Both guys breathe heavily from their exertions and kiss. I’m not sure who the winner of this bout would be – I’ll call it a win-win!

Length: 202 MiB Duration: 15mn 12s 451ms
Video: VC-1 at 1 787 Kbps, Aspect: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 30.000 fps
Audio: WMA at 64.0 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

File size: 202.2 MB

Shadow Lane’s – London Derrieres

Starring Andi, Leia-Ann Woods,
Jadie Reese and Keith Jones

Three spirited British ladies travel to Las Vegas to raise hell and wind up getting their panties lowered repeatedly in the process. Andi is nominally in charge of the merry and rambunctious group, having made the travel arrangements and bearing most of the responsibilities of the trip. She becomes annoyed with both of her companions for taking cell phone calls 24/7 and disturbing the peace of those around them.
Andi takes Leia Ann Woods over her lap and smartly applies a pink suede-covered leather paddle first to Leia Ann’s trim and shapely, jeans-clad buttocks, then to her scantily covered, red-thonged rear, and finally to Leia Ann’s trim, toned, spectacularly beautiful bare backside. All the while, Leia Ann’s phone continues sporadically ringing, increasing Andi’s ire. She wears out her arm on Leia Ann’s ballet-trained bottom.
In this all jeans-clad scenario, Jadi Reese is the next lady to get spanked by Andi, first over her faded jeans shorts, while lying across Andi’s blue-jeaned thighs, then on her lacy white bikini panties and finally on her ample, bare, London derriere with a solid wooden paddle. With her blonde hair hanging down and her magnificent cleavage displayed to advantage in a tight white tank top, Jadi Reese is all woman as she braces herself for each smack while over Andi’s lap.

Spanking and Bare Foot Tickling in Baby Dolls

In this wickedly entertaining scene, Jadi Reese alternately bare bottom spanks and bare foot tickles Leia-Ann Woods for using altogether too much profanity for her taste. Leia Ann doesn’t know what (the fuck) Jadi is talking about and responds accordingly. So Jadi deliberately stops spanking Leia Ann and begins to tickle Leia Ann’s naked heels and soles with her long, tapered finger nails instead. Leia Ann becomes convulsed in giggles and groans, unable to stop laughing and writhing in excruciating tickle agony! Leia Ann “mercies” and Jadi kindly goes back to spanking Leia Ann instead of tickling her. The spanking is good and hard, but infinitely preferable to the tickling! But Leia Ann is too naughty and impertinent to be easily reformed and the smart brunette continues to use coarse language in front of at her traveling companions. Again, Jadi finds she must resort to tickling Leia Ann’s bare feet in order to enforce proper discipline. Again, Leia Ann goes nearly mad from the tickle torture. We can’t say how many times this scene switches back and forth between spanking to tickling, but we can guarantee that the devastation of Leia-Ann by the merciless Jadi Reese is complete!
Andi also manages to annoy her traveling companion, Jadi Reese, by swearing constantly instead of using better words. So Jadi gives Andi the same discipline menu that she offered Leia Ann: over the knee, bare bottom spanking, to be followed by bare foot tickling, to be followed by more spanking, to be followed by more tickling, and on and on, until the lesson is learned that a “Yes Ma’am” is better than a ” God Damn!”
Andi is spanked until she feels like she can’t take another swat, then she is tickled to insane squeams by the ruthlessly sharp-nailed Jadi, then she is spanked again, as an actual to the tickling, until the spanking becomes so severe that Andi begs for more tickling, but that is even worse! It’s a vicious cycle that the irreverent Andi can’t seem to break. She just loves to cuss! But if anyone can tame her, it is Jadi, with a combination of bare handed, bare bottomed spanking and sadistic enough tickling to make the viewer squirm just watching. All three ladies look a treat in their ultra sheer baby doll p.j.’s. and the smack bottom and barefoot tickling reaches an exciting crescendo of wriggling, writhing and girlish squeals of distress.
Switch ups occur during the action with the irreverent Andi and the provocative Leia-Ann both being soundly spanked on their bare bottoms and mercilessly tickled on their bare soles, heels and toes, twice by their righteously indignant traveling companion, Jadie Reese. Bare in mind that all of this goes on while all of the girls are clad in totally diaphaneous babydolls.

American and British Style Discipline featuring Keith Jones, Leia-Ann Woods, Jadi Reese and Andi

Keith Jones joins the ladies from the UK in the role of disciplinarian when Leia Ann Woods, Jadi Reese and Andi start acting up and carrying on at the hotel where he has placed them as his guests. Naturally, he decides the only way to respond is to corporally punish them all, first by taking them over his knee, then by bending them over and smartening them all up with a cane!
Irresistible in her extra short plaid skirt, pink panties and stunning pink ribbon-tie high-heeled pumps, Leia Ann Woods displays the lissome, leggy silhouette that made her an international fetish star. Keith takes the time to spank her heart-shaped bottom on her panties before peeling them down to bare her exquisitely firm and satiny cheeks. Keith then proceeds to match her backside to the color of those ultra pink panties with an old-fashioned, over the knee, hand spanking.
After her panty-warming, Leia Ann Woods is hand-spanked nude by Keith for getting three sheets to the wind and dancing on tables in the casino of the hotel where he has placed the girls as his guests.
Keith Jones straps a nude Leia Ann Woods for behavior unbecoming a lady while his guest at a local hotel. Jadie Reese and Andi observe.
Lusciously voluptuous Jadie Reese is spanked in a green silk dress and pale-green full-seated panties by Keith Jones. Presently her full, shapely bottom is bared for a hard, hand spanking.
Jadie Reese is strapped nude by Keith Jones for running up huge room service bills while his guest at a Vegas hotel. The English girl protests her innocence but the numbers don’t lie so she must feel the doubled leather belt on her soft, vulnerable bare bottom.
Sophisticated blonde UK cougar Andi is spanked on both her thonged and bare bottom by Keith Jones.
Andi is just as culpable for the bad behavior of the group as the others and therefore she comes in for a nude strapping from Keith as well.

Caned Chorus Line

3 wild English girls paint Vegas red and Vegas returns the compliment, British style, with a sound nude caning a piece from Keith Jones.

London Derrierres delivers superb action, lively dialog, and a degree of unselfconscious abandon that only real spanking enthusiasts bring to the scene.

Running time: 78 minutes.

File size: 727.2 MB

This video has been removed.