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Tokyo-Hot n0403 – The Three Hole Fuck – Kaori Misaki

It is fresh game! KAORI MISAKI is a young student with a diminutive and super-pungent body. The innocent expression at which it looks up seeming to apologize made excitement. It drives recklessly too much this time and it has opened out forbidden young anal though it is man’s dream that develops young pussy of girl who doesn’t know anything by original intention. It is a cruel treatment of anal fuck in the young girl who is deeply skewered lovely pussy and suffers. It is only Tokyo Hot that such devil play is seen. KAORI of transfer student was asked that she made immorality with a teacher in a former school closely by the principal at the transferred school. The teacher of immoral other party has been resigned and divorces finally. The principal is angry at the carefree manner that is going to settle a past just to change school. It is a young slut who seems an original intention so but is very formidable. A cruel treatment is necessary for such a cruel woman. KAORI who was made taking off panty and to expose clean shaved pussy is peeled off skin that seems sensitive of clitoris by open leg pose and added intense stimulation. And finger fuck was made. And the joy juice oozed out in the ostium of the vagina. Then it is fellatio time. It is the considerably polite fellatio that seems to have been taught the teacher of the immorality partner severely. The spectacle where a small tongue crawl ball bag and lateral stripes is pungent. And then cock inserted at standing back posture, and vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture after she was poked at woman on top and missionary posture. The semen that spills from the ostium of the vagina is taken by the finger and it is made to lick. Immediate aftermath, she is made cleaning cock by standing fellatio. To tell the truth, KAORI did not move in as a student and invited as a live teaching material to teach sex to other students in practice. The chastity belt is immediately installed in KAORI. The thing to use the pussy excluding the practice of fucking is a prohibition. And, both hands are bound and KAORI is left in the before start lesson. Students who have come to school are greatly astonished to transfer student’s appearance. It is a message of the principal that it may keep favor in body of KAORI. It is a chastity belt between groins though students get excited and have taken off clothes of KAORI. Students give up the caress to the hole and the cock is thrown in to the intraoral one after another and fellatio is compelled. Kaori is made to suck a cock by with being incomprehensible and semen is continuously poured one after another to the face. The semen of 13 totals hits the face directly. Semen also scatters to the hair and face was become muddy. She is driven in the state that eyes are not opened. The to teach facial cum shot succeeds safely. In the next, the principal passes the key to the chastity belt to one student and the following starts. The student to whom the key was passed removes the chastity belt of KAORI who exists in the with the other three and begins to grope her body. After the attack of the rotor toy, finger fuck was made by the open leg pose. KAORI who drips bubble joy juice is stabbed finger also in the anal. It the next, vibs toy is inserted in anal and pussy. The clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine at the same time and she is made acme. And the cock inserted at missionary posture. The hard piston continued at the bending, side, back and woman on top posture. Also cock inserted into anal at back posture. The intraoral is closed with the cock and the insult play of simultaneous three hole fucking is forced. In addition, anal is skewered by backing many times and the anus that extended greatly is miserable. And vaginal cum shot was made at side posture. And second cock inserted at once and semen injected at backward woman on top posture. The third vaginal cum shot was made back posture. In addition, the fourth injects semen into anal in the bending posture. The backflow semen that becomes muddy in brown spills from anal. And, it is PISS SHOT at the last, KAORI squatting down on the desk and made urinate. It is dumbfounded to the spectacle to which a large amount of urination mightily gushes out from pussy contrary to a quiet atmosphere. School refusal problem school girl changes school in great numbers every day in this school. The principal has it become kindly and rehabilitate tenaciously one by one. It finishes them up in the fucking slut. KAORI is one of those, too and she is sent to the sex club of the school operating directly after she is trained and is made to work.

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