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Bad Boys (1979)

Year: 1979
Genre: Vintage, Bareback, Pre-Condom, Hairy, Facials, Cops, Group Sex, Orgy, GangBang
Duration: 01:09:28
Director: Tom DeSimone
Studio: Bijou Classics, Nova
Cast: Rufus, Johnny Dawes, Derrick Stanton, Dick Miller, Guy Di Silva, Steve Event, Guy Lane, Lenny Koto, Bill Leonard

Johnny Dawes stars as B.J., a runaway who seeks solace in the company of The Red Devils. But in order for B.J. to become a full-fledged member he has to be fucked by everyone in the gang. First B.J. is stripped and forced to suck some cock, then Dick Miller, as gang leader Tony, pushes him to the concrete floor of the lair and pushes his boot into his face.
The rest of the crew quickly undress as Tony shoves his curved stick into B.J.’s mouth and another man fingers B.J. with speed and precision. B.J. is thrown onto a ratty mattress and is pummeled by at least two dicks while the other guys vie for a chance to fuck his face. Tony and the gang all shoot a round of bullets on B.J.’s face and body. When B. J. finally ekes out a couple of drops of jizz he becomes a full member of The Red Devils.
The next day, two of Tony’s meanest henchmen, Skater and Anderson, break into a warehouse. They are caught by a security officer, the handsome Steve Event, who learns very quickly that these boys are not average crooks but violent sex fiends. Skater pulls a gun on Event and Anderson cuffs him to a support pole. They strip the guard, fondle his massive ball sac, tweak his nipples, and tongue his ample foreskin. Anderson greases up Event’s ass and goes in for the kill. Skater then takes a turn whiles Anderson jerks Event off. The entire time Event screams “no, no, no” and convincingly resists them. However, Skater and Anderson are not happy with just taking this man’s cherry, they want him to cum too – which he does even though he doesn’t want to.
When the contented sex fiends return to The Red Devils’ den empty-handed, Tony loses his mind and punishes the boys by forcing them to suck his cock and munch on his hairy ass. Soon after Tony has his way with Skater and Anderson, he punishes B.J. and two other boys for skimming some cash from a heist. Tony kicks B.J. and forces Dickface (yes, that’s his name) to suck B.J. off. Tony then commands Billy, who by the way is B.J.’s secret love, to sit on Billy’s face. B.J. and Billy sixty-nine before Tony grabs Billy and directs him inside B.J., barking at Billy to fuck him silly.
Later the boys devise a plan to turn the tables on their vicious boss and surprise, it involves taking him by force.

Format: AVI
Video: 640×480, 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~2090 kbps avg
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

File size: 1.0 GB