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Infernal Restraints – November 26, 2010 Without Apology Rain Degrey Cyd Black

When the camera starts rolling, Rain DeGrey is already in tears. Cyd Black has her kneeling on the hard wooden floor and the position is anything but easy. Her tits are being squeezed in a tight metal contraption and her nipples have painful claps of their own. Just sitting through the continuing agony has her panting and gasping for air.

All Cyd is interested in is making Rain cry. He has so many different of clamps for her nipples and clit, and just as many horrifying devices. He does not need to say a word while he goes about his business. She does not get warnings or preparation. The only thing she can hear is her own terrified screaming.
File size: 403.9 MB

DivineBitches – The Adjustment of Wolf Hudson: Episode 3 "Aquaphobia"

Wolf Hudson’s genuinely terrified of water. Goddess Isis and him have such a connection (see Febuary 17th update) I put them together again for my own sick amusement on this 3rd day of training. The connection oozes from every scene. The sheer pleasure Isis’s gets from Wolf’s fear is intoxicating and shows in how horny and wet her pussy gets and she can’t help but touch herself! She punishes him throughout the day with heavy weights and clamps over every single sensitive part of his body. She flogs them off one by one yet he still chooses pain over touching the water. Isis doesn’t care though he needs to bath his goddess so she sits right on his face in the dunker then squirts all over. Then he’s made to fuck her in the tank while chained up. Any breath he takes is because Isis allows him above the water. The under water sex is fucking HOT! Isis’s gets hers then makes him blow his filthy slave load underwater. It’s the hottest underwater cum shot you’ll ever see!

Genre: Femdom, Domination, Extreme, BDSM
Studio: Divine Bitches/ Kink

File size: 792.2 MB


Moxxie has an intense love of bondage and pain, but nothing could prepare her for the kind of fucked up shit PD is going to do to her. He wants to keep her tongue out and her mouth open so he literally nails it to a post. He sprays fire all over her body, and she is terrified. She is such a stuck up cunt that she does not want to admit she is his whore. When the flames start dancing close to her face she changes her mind pretty quickly. He is going to make sure she understands her place before he takes the nail out.
He proves his point pretty well. When Moxxie is stuck in the stocks she is more than willing to be his cock-slut. She pretended she was above it all before, but now that she is bent over she is wet and horny. She is such a slut that she even gets indignant when that dick she “did not want” leaves her greedy cunt. She calls out for more when he leaves her empty. PD fills the void with an inflatable dildo and takes a vibrator to her clit. He works her out until he has had enough of her then leaves her there to contemplate what it feels like to be such a cheap fucking slut.
File size: 353.0 MB

Device Bondage Dec 02, 2010 – Tati Russo

Tati Russo is back, and this time we’re not playing around. We bind our cute little honey bunny on her knees with a dick stuffed in that tight pussy, and her hands wrapped to the metal. We gag her, and suction her nipples to wake them up a little. Tati takes a nice hard foot caning, though she has a hard time keeping quiet.
Now that her nipples are good and sensitive, we pull off the suction cups and prick Tati’s delicate skin with a Wartenburg wheel.
We run our wheel over her red nipples, inner thighs and even her clit. More nipple torture, you say? Of course. We mousetrap those tender nips, then clamp them with our strongest clamps and add a ton of weights. Tati’s nipples are stretched to ludicrous lengths, while she stares down at them, drooling and terrified. We rip a powerful orgasm from her trembling wet cunt. And then we add more weights…

Studio: Device Bondage / Kink

File size: 232.8 MB

May 12, 2010 Sister Dee, Claire Adams

Year: 2010
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture
Length: 00:57:31

Description: Sister Dee thought she was about to have the time of her life with Claire Adams, but things did not go according to plan at all. SD had not even finished uncoiling her rope before Claire turned the tables on her, and she has a few of her own about how this date should go. SD may not admit it but she is a real pain slut. She may complain about everything happening to her, she may even scream and beg for it to stop, but Claire knows that underneath that terrified and tormented exterior is a bitch just begging to be beaten. The fact that each new stroke or lash makes SD wet means there is no denying it. Her hot body is screaming to get fucked and Claire is going to oblige.

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: MP4
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AAC
Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280 x 720, 1441 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kb / s tot, stereo (2 / 0)
File size: 647.0 MB