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[Hentai Video] Tentacle and Witches – Episode 2 – I’m Wet With Pool Water

Release : Sep/30/2011

Normal student/protagonist Ichiro Tachibana had a secret.
His teacher Yuuko lived in a house atop a hill once inhabited by a witch, and what’s more she herself was also a witch.
One night, Ichiro decided to go up to Yuuko’s house to peek at her using magic……!

PIXY presents a long-awaited second episode of the school collapse lust tentacle anime series, Tentacle and Witches!
This time, Ichiro asks for extreme sex on bed, in a pool and even in a to Yuuko sensei and Lily!

Chapter 2 Story
Ichiro becomes a naughty monster when his sexual impulse grows strong. To suppress his libido, Yuuko sensei gives him a good blowjob in the morning.
On the other hand, Lily regrets a little about what she has done to Ichirou, and agrees to have sex with him in the pool…
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This video has been removed.