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Young British Shaggers 1

Year: 2011
Country: UK
Genre: Twinks, Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Cocks, Uncut Cocks, Masturbation, Cumshot
Duration: 1:32:29
Directed by: Michael Burling
Studio: Load XXX, Rentboy UK
Starring: Josh Frey, Jesse Magowan, Kyle Wilkinson, Taylor Wade, Nickie Smiles, Kade Montana, Tyler Manson, James Radford

These Young British Shaggers just can’t keep their hands off each other. Just one look – and these horny young boys fall into each other’s arm for a passionate session of boy / boy rumping. Josh and Jesse are two extremely cute twinks. Relaxing on the sofa, the two fall into each other’s arm and kiss intensely. Josh can feel his big cock hardening in his pants and, standing in front of his pal, he lobs out his big dick. Jesse is on it in an instant – it fills his mouth as he tries to cram as much of it in. He licks the shaft and squeezes Josh’s balls and encourages Josh to return the favour. No second invitation is needed as Josh slips his finger into Jesse’s tight hole, readying it for a hard stretching session with his thick dick. Kyle sits on his front step waiting patiently for Taylor to arrive, and when he does, he wastes no time in dragging the blonde cutie up to his bedroom. He immediately plants a passionate kiss on Taylor’s mouth before slipping his tee-shirt up and gently kissing his stomach. It’s not long before Kyle reaches into Taylor’s trousers and hooks out his young cock, swallowing it greedily. Then it’s Taylor’s turn to eat cock and, with slow methodical thrusts, he devours the hardening teen muscle. The lads go top to tail for a lustful 69 before Taylor slips his cock between Kyle’s cheeks and deep into his boy hole. His slender frame pumps his mate’s arse until they are both ready to burst – and burst they do, all over Kyle. Kade is looking for his pal. Next-door neighbour Nickie informs him that he’s gone out, but he’s welcome to wait in his flat. No sooner is Kade inside the door than Nickie plants a sloppy kiss right on his mouth. Kade likes the of ​​being seduced and tumbles into bed with the teen neighbour. These two cuties are soon trading cocks until Kade gingerly lowers his tight butt down on Nickie’s rather large dick. Once he’s fully impaled, young Nickie bucks his hips and gives Kade a ride that he won’t forget in a hurry. Finally, Tyler and James are up for an afternoon of boy-hole bashing. The two trade tongues before Tyler sinks to his knees and gobbles on James’ big dick. More kissing ensues before James bends his young pal over, spreads his butt cheeks, and eats his arse. He can’t get enough tongue into Tyler’s hole so he swaps tongue for dick and eases his oversized cock into the tight and willing twink hole. Tyler pushes back as James thrusts forward and, after some sensual lovemaking, the two boys pop their loads. Teen holes are plowed and stretched in four sensuous lovemaking scenes with eight body splatting cumshots!

Format: AVI
Video Codec: XviD
Audio: MP3
Video: XviD ISO MPEG-4, 720×576, 1:32:30, 1649 kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3, 44100Hz, 121 kbps VBR, 2 channel

File size: 1.1 GB

Little Asian Transsexuals

Brand new young Thai Ladyboys hit the roads from the villages they were raised, making their way to the big cities in Thailand; where handsome and rich foreign men are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Featuring Dow and Lily! Come watch four hot ladyboys who have cocks smoother than Thai silk!
New straight from the tin Thai kid came to the capital!

Year: 2011
. Genre: ladyboy, teen, all sex, barebatsk
Length: 2:23:46
Directed by: Darren Morgan
Studio: Third World Media
Cast: Lyn, Lilly, Dow, Vikki

File size: 2.8 GB

Young & Innocent 2 / 2001

Year: 2001
Country: Russia
Genre: Europeans, Twinks – Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Length: 01:51:06
Starring: Dennis R., Artem V., Andrey Sh., Vitaliy Us., Artem K., Vladimir R., Uris V., Vasiliy Uk., Dimitry Ld., Uriy Or.
Studio: Dolphin Entertainment
Directed by: Adam Russ
Description: Young & Innocent 2 contiues unrolling cute, sweet Russians-as-sex-objects, becoming very appealing to Eurotwink lovers. This movie showcases several amazingly cute models, in particular the movie’s star and coverboy Dennis B.
At the film’s beginning, Dennis B. and his friend Artem V. throw a festive holiday party at their apartment for all their boyfriends. The invited guests are all basically boyish, uncut cuties of various shapes and sizes.
The film starts with a catchy pop song, with lyrics in Russian. Our two party hosts bounce around decorating the tree, playing to the music, looking adorable.
Blond lovers will adore Dennis B. He has a nice body, sweet face and pretty cock. His roomie Artem V. is a handsome brunet, who has a really cute ass. This is a good thing, because we see lots more of it when Dennis B. mounts him up and gives him a pre-party screw.
Soon the guests arrive, and the fun begins. Over by the window, supre-cute Artem and Volodya share some intimate chat over glasses of champagne. Soon they are kissing and undressing. Colodya slowly toungues around Artem’s beautiful cock, which has a shiny wine-colored head. Soon, Volodya’s shaft slides right up Artem’s butt. Artem is so turned on, he milks out his own load with his partner still inside him.
The third scene crackles with our host Dennis B. strutting his top-man skills with party guest Andrey S. The camera loves shooting the blonde boy. It captures him throwing his energy into Andrey S’s body over his kitchen countertop.
Next scene, Urily is a cut, preppy smoothie with a strong, dimpled chin, who is paired with ballcap-wearing Yurily. Urily entices Yurily by getting on all fours, displaying his big, curvaceous hips and hot ass. Yurily bangs the boy, and shoots his own juice all over the bottom’s lower back.
In the bedroom, a cute evil-looking little blond named Dima L. orally services the undershirt-wearing Vasily Uk. Vasily is a good-looking guy with nicely-defined pecs pushing out through his tight shirt. Dima L. displays a talent never before seen by this reviewer – jacking-off by rolling his penis sort of cigar-like with both hands simultaneously.
Next, cameraman Vitaliy Us (another tight undershirt wearing boy) walks in on Uriy and Yurily, who are on the bed. They both attack the cameraman, getting him up, stiff and erect until he pops his cork.
Finally we return to the actual party. The boys have stopped screwing long enough to dance around all-cute with lit sparklers, popping champagne and eating cake. Cameraboy Vitaliy Us. films some of the revelers’ cuter moments. Soon, the camera-toting twink gets cornered on the counch by party co-host Artem V. where the boys kiss and suck each other to creamy finishes.
Fans of the Russian line of twink-boys will enjoy Young & Innocent part 2, in particular the studmuffin Dennis B.

File size: 743.3 MB

Billy Herringtons Body Shop

Year: 1999
Country: USA
Genre: anal, oral, group, mastrubation
Length: 1:23:24

Description: Billy Herrington is delicious. His cock is delicious. His butthole is delicious. “Billy Herrington’s Body Shop” (1999) is delicious. Director Chi Chi LaRue has created a flick that just drips with hot oil, sweat and cum. Mr. Herrington and his huge muscles dominate, but with an unexpected openness: Spike and David Pierre rim and finger-fuck him with abandon.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI

File size: 1.2 GB