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Tokyo-Hot n0199 – The Days Of The Model – Anna Fujisawa

This is the third series of ANNA FUJISAWA who gets the popularity in wonderful style and slender leg. A difficult and hard road waits by becoming famous though ANNA is a model who is marketing. ANNA cooperates to using body for the lascivious demand of the cameraman and the sponsor. The woman of the majority of model wishes was buried finally the body thorough grope. Please enjoy seeing the appearance that the prospective model is insulted and degenerate mercilessly. The first job of model of ANNA is the taking picture as on stewardess. The cameraman ordered to the assistant to grope her body when lewdness is insufficient for ANNA. The pussy of ANNA is violently groped by the open leg pose though she dislikes it. ANNA ejaculates “Please stop it”, however, the rotor toy is taken out and the pussy is stimulated more violently. And compulsion fellatio is made by next. ANNA desperately holds a fat cock in her mouth and a large amount of saliva drips and is thrown. And mouthful cum shot is made by force. The next request is model of jeans even ANNA has no time to be tired with hard job of model. The reputation is also good because of beauty leg and it is rush of the offer of belonging exclusively from the staff. An exclusive model cannot be refused though two men attack ANNA who is pleased. ANNA is slide down jeans till knee and compulsion finger fuck is made at backing style. Moreover, she is fucked at the bending and standing back posture. The cock is thrown in to the mouth of ANNA who faints in agony loudly and it is compulsion fellatio. Fucking is continues at the woman on top and backward woman on top posture. ANNA refuses violently vaginal cum shot as to say “No goodness, it gets pregnant”. However, vaginal cum shot is forced and a large amount of semen flows backward immediately after the cock was pulled out. Then, cameraman inserts the cock at the missionary posture, too. ANNA is made acme compulsorily by the powerful piston. Violent of the piston increases further and ANNA ejaculates for it. It shifts to backing posture and suddenly ANNA shout madly as “Please poke more and more”. Then, it is the vaginal cum shot after a violent piston and when the cock is pulled out, semen is flow backward and between groins is made dirty with it. The next job of ANNA who exhausted by vaginal cum shot is model of swimming wear. Though ANNA makes compliment to the sponsor after taking a picture ends, sponsors erected cock and were waiting for ANNA to come. ANNA salutes to sponsors and starts fellatio politely one by one. And, another cock turns over the swimming were in the middle of fellatio and it ejaculates in the bust. Semen of total 6 is launched to the bust and ANNA expresses gratitude in every cum shot, saying that “Thank you”. Next, it moves to the bed so that other sponsors may taste the condition of the pussy and it begins fucking. Whenever the cock is inserted by missionary posture one after another, ANNA calls repeatedly “Please make me mad”. ANNA is fucked one after another at the back posture and love juice gushes from the pussy and it twines around the under hair. Though ANNA who is fucked at the side, woman on top and back posture violently opposes vaginal cum shot as to say “I’ll get pregnant”, the vaginal cum shot is made by force. When cock is pulled out, semen doesn’t flow backward and the vagina swallows all semen. However, another cock is immediately inserted also in heartlessly at the back posture. Another three cocks make continuous cum shot to the bust while ANNA is fucked at the missionary posture, and also it is made vaginal cum shot. A large amount of semen flows backward when the cock is pulled out. However another cock is immediately inserted, and the semen that flows backward is pushed back into the vagina. And it is vaginal cum shot again after violent piston. Another cock is inserted again immediately after semen flowed backward to the ostium of the vagina after the cock is pulled out. There is cum shot to the bust by the other cock while ANNA is fucked and vaginal cum shot is made by force as well. After the fact, ANNA who exhausted with expressionless is made open leg pose and pussy has been expanded by the finger. It is a pitiless group cum shower party there. Semen of total 4 is launched and crotch is covered with the semen. It ends by image of ANNA who mutters as “My best regards in the future” with downhearted. The woman who runs away to the model’s unexpectedly hard work is caught and the fucking of reeducate is made. It captures no matter how it runs away and insulted. Finally, the pussy will be destroyed and power to run away disappears.(This is a complete fiction.)

Format: Matroska
Duration: 01:20:12.454
File Size: 824.2 MiB
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Audio: Vorbis 45.0 Kbps CBR 2 channels 48.0 KHz
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